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Grumpy wife’s Disney World picture goes viral

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Disney World may be the happiest place on Earth—but not if you have to do it alone.

A scowling woman was photographed staring directly into the ride camera while going through Splash Mountain at Disney World. Surrounded by happy, screaming passengers Jordan Alexander’s frown and folded arms stand out on the log flume ride. And it’s all because of her husband.

Wife got a little perturbed that I wouldn't accompany her on the ride.

“Splash Mountain’s my favorite ride. He is not a ride’s guy, but he promised me,” Alexander told Inside Edition.

But after a long day traipsing around the theme park, Steven, Alexander’s husband told his wife he was too fatigued to go on one more ride.

Alexander, who traveled to Orlando from their hometown near Syracuse, decided to ride the popular attraction solo—but she wanted to make sure her husband knew she wasn’t happy about it doing alone-- and have a little fun along the way.

“I was not happy,” Jordan said. But the disgruntled wife saw an opportunity in her disappointment. 

“I thought it would kind of be funny if my husband had a memento of how mad he made me. I practiced my face the whole ride. I wanted to get it right but I didn't have a mirror, so I just had to frown my brow, make a face, and just hope for the best.”

Steven posted the picture on social media two weeks ago and it’s since been viewed over 3.6 million times on imgur. It’s also spawned several memes seeking to explain his wife’s angry façade.

Here she is getting a hug from a touchy-feely John Travolta.

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Another shows her surrounded by shrieking presidential candidates from both parties.

If Alexander isn't enjoying the ride, the world's grumpiest cat wouldn't be amused either.

The couple has embraced their new found fame. Jordan even created a Twitter account called @AngrySplashLady which she uses to respond to fans and post new media hits. 

“Humor was one thing that kept us together through all of the hardships,” Steven Alexander told Inside Edition. “This picture is just another example of how we make each other laugh.”