Hilarious bad TripAdvisor reviews of US national parks

The U.S. National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary next year. As we get closer to the big birthday, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to pay sincere tribute to these 58 wondrous monuments to America’s stunning natural beauty.

But not now. Today, we’re focusing on the national park haters.

While many of the 292 million people who visited U.S. National Parks last year enjoyed the experience, plenty did not, and they aired their grievances on TripAdvisor. Some of their complaints were legit: long lines, rude crowds, paltry services, etc. But other complaints were, shall we say, a tad nitpicky — and often hilarious.

So as U.S. National Parks get set to turn 100, we’re kicking off the centennial celebrations with a gentle roast of our nation’s parks. Here are our favorite bad TripAdvisor reviews of some of the most-visited national parks:

1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Clingmans Dome), Tennessee

Sunrise from Clingmans Dome in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee on October 20, 2014


“Surprise, surprise. Ever open a package and expecting something you really wanted, only to fine out it was a tie or pair of sox? Same scenario here."
- MandSM from Parma, Ohio Apparently Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the national parks equivalent of a lame Father's Day gift.

2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Beautiful Landscape of Grand Canyon from Desert View Point with the Colorado River visible during dusk


"Seriously. It’s a hole in the ground. To me, it’s not spectacular, it’s not pretty. It’s a giant hole in the ground. There’s nothing to see from the top. YMMV"
— Jama J from Phoenix. That sounds like something the Grand Canyon would say to itself when it’s having a low self-esteem day: “I know I’m supposed to be a “natural wonder” and all, but I don’t see the big deal about me. I’m just a giant hole in the ground.”

3. Yosemite National Park (El Capitan), California


"It is a huge chunk of rock but that is it." — geoffviking from St Helens, United Kingdom. That’s not fair, geoffviking. You don’t see us Americans coming to your country and talking smack about Stonehenge. Wait a minute… we totally do. Carry on.

4. Yellowstone National Park (Old Faithful), Wyoming


"Better off looking at a spout from your elementary school water fountain."
— RiverBirch1967 from Santa Fe, New Mexico

5. Olympic National Park (Hoh Rainforest), Washington


"Its all trees, greenery so what don’t you find elsewhere? I don’t think this is something too great just another forest… Probably you have never seen greenery anywhere else if you are awestruck about these. I guess…"— udayverma. 

Actually, it’s not “just another forest”; Hoh is the only temperate rainforest in the lower 48 states. But udayverma is right in that it most definitely has greenery.

6. Glacier National Park (Avalanche Lake), Montana


"Very strenuous hike for beginners and people from Florida.” — Bubble914 from Titusville, Florida.

Coming soon to national parks: Separate trails for people from Florida!

7. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Kilauea), Hawaii


"Well, nothing was going despite all the talk of recent activity! We were eagerly expecting lots of fire and sound. There was only a plume of smoke for the 2 hours we were there." — Vcat13 from Pune.

Just shows you how good we have it in America when people complain about a volcano that is NOT spewing deadly, destructive hot lava.


8. Bryce Canyon National Park

"Pretty landscape, but freezing in April and no wow factor since visiting the Grand Canyon a few days before."— CeeRose from Northampton, United Kingdom. The Grand Canyon should read this review on one of its low self-esteem days

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