Adrenaline-pumping rides and cool attractions make amusement parks a summertime staple.

But it's easier than you think to get kicked out of a theme park.

We're talking more than the obvious like bringing hand guns and booze into to parks --or wearing t-shirts with offensive language.  

Want to dress up like your favorite Disney princess?  That's a major no-no. And before you grab that straw for your Coke, you better think twice.

Before heading to your favorite theme park, it might be a good idea to check out the website for a list of prohibited items.

For now, here are 11 things that could get you kicked out a theme park.

  • 1. Big coolers


    Drinking plenty of water between rides is important on hot summer days. But that doesn’t mean you should be carting around your own personal hydration station. Hard sided coolers are prohibited at Universal, SeaWorld and Disney. Universal also prohibits soft coolers larger than 8.5 in wide x 6 in high x 6 in deep.

  • 2. Dressing up as your favorite Disney character

    This one may have a few people scratching their heads as Disney World and its associated parks seem to push movie-themed merchandise around every corner. But did you know that, in accordance with park policy, adults who dress in attire that looks too similar to a real Disney character may be asked to leave? In June of 2012,15-year-old April Spielman was denied entry into Disney’s Animal Kingdom for dressing like Tinkerbell. Better save that full princess get-up for Halloween.

  • 3. Markers and paint


    Trying to become the next Banksy? Think again before unleashing your street art skills during your next visit to a theme park. Parks spend millions of dollars each year to maintain their facilities and keep grounds clean. Wannabe graffiti taggers are certainly not welcome at Six Flags parks where magic markers and spray paints of any kind are expressly prohibited.

  • 4. Straws


    It’s no surprise that most parks have restrictions on outside food and beverages but SeaWorld does not permit glass bottles, cans and straws inside the park for the safety of animals and guests. If you’re trying to sneak in a few straws, keep in mind that all bags and backparks entering the park are subject to inspection so probably left to leave your favorite straw in the car.

  • 5. Packing a picnic


    While small snack items are permitted at Universal Orlando, packing a full meal is prohibited. Per park policy, there is a ban on “picnic lunches” and “food that requires heating or refrigeration.” So if you want some really fancy food, plan to drop some dough at one of the park’s several eateries. For parents with very young children, baby food and formula is permitted at most amusement parks.

  • 6. Obscene tattoos


    Rocking a distasteful t-shirt may enough to get you out kicked out of many amusement parks but if you’re wearing something you can’t take off? If you have a tattoo that may be considered offensive, try a long sleeve shirt or you may be kicked out of a Disney park. They prohibit “obscene tattoos” but do not define parameters. Better safe than sorry- invest in some heavy duty concealer makeup.   

  • 7. Segways


    Segways are prohibited at many major parks including SeaWorld, Disney parks, and Busch Gardens. With winding paths, costumed characters and hundreds of kids running loose, theme park terrain is difficult enough to navigate on your own two feet, let alone trying to balance on a shaky, two-wheeled vehicle. A general Segway ban in theme parks is probably for the best.

  • 8. Cutting in line


    Unruly guest behavior can ruin a great day at the park. Six Flags defines several prohibited behaviors – including line jumpers. While it's not uncommon to have to wait hours for some of the most popular park attractions, there's no excuse for cutting other guests. So be patient-- or face immediate eviction.

  • 9. Wearing emergency personnel-style clothing


    It's fine if your dream is to be a New York City cop, but leave your fake NYPD shirt at home. Universal Orlando won't let you in if wear wear an item of clothing that says Police, Paramedic or any gear that looks similar to a uniform designed for an emergency staff member. Why? Parks want to cut down on confusion in case of a real emergency.  

  • 10. Being young and alone


    While most theme parks are designed for children, that doesn’t mean parents can just drop off the kids and wave bye-bye. Disney World prohibits unaccompanied minors under 14. SeaWorld suggests that visitors 13 and younger be accompanied by an adult but does specifically state that young kids will actually be turned away at the gate.  

  • 11. Feeding the animals


    Live animal attractions offer a bit of nature amid tons of artificial attractions but don’t get too close. These animals are kept under close watch so don't try feeding them your cotton candy or park hot dog and think you can get away with it. While Disney’s Animal Kingdom and SeaWorld offer visitors the opportunity to pet or feed certain animals under attendant supervision, feeding one of these animals on your time can result in swift eviction from Disney, SeaWorld and Six Flags

    And the same rules apply for visits to the zoo. One woman was recently banned from the Memphis Zoo after sneaking into a lion enclosure to feed the big cats some cookies.