If you're looking to travel back in time, you may want to fly with Delta Airlines. The carrier’s latest in-flight safety video is a tribute to all that is 1980's. 

Set to a soundtrack that could have come from a montage in any 80’s coming of age movie, the video features break dancing, big hair, scrunchies and classic 80’s staples like Atari, the original Teddy Ruxpin and Alf.

With celebrity cameos like Gerald Casale from the band Devo as an “energy dome”-wearing passenger and former basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the co-pilot, the video manages to cram in the best of a decade in a little over five minutes.

Adding a humorous angle to in-flight safety videos is nothing new. Delta’s holiday video went viral last year. And, more recently, Virgin America released a hip-hop rendition of a pre-flight safety video. This latest addition now takes its place in the growing compendium of tricked-out airline safety videos.

So sit back, relax and enjoy your flight as you help Alf with his oxygen mask, get stared down by lookalikes from glam-rock band Steel Panther and watch a Richard Simmons wannabe do the worm while a dead ringer for Steve Urkel steals his seat.

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It’s like playing a game of spot the '80s references. How many can you catch?

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