A live parrot, a glass eye and a singular egg without the packaging were just some of the unusual items left behind by passengers at the end of a flight, a new survey reveals.

The travel search site Skyscanner surveyed 700 cabin crew from 83 countries and found that airline staff regularly discover bizarre items after passengers disembark, including a surprising number of forgotten pets, such as a parrot, falcon, frog and  tortoise, as well as abandoned personal items, like a written marriage proposal, dentures, underwear, a glass eye and a prosthetic leg.

Other random items found were an egg without the packaging, a bag of sand and a wedding dress.

“Many of us have left something behind when we’ve travelled such as a book or magazine," said Victoria Bailie, Skyscanner spokeswoman in a release. "I’m sure one or two items have raised a few smiles among the cabin crew.”

The survey also showed a host of more mundane essentials left behind, as well. Almost a quarter of crew have found a lost passport on board, while 23 percent discovered phones and 21 percent found books. 

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