Ready to go to the Ice Bar?   Maybe you’d rather zoom over Russia’s landscape at over twice the speed of sound  or take a Seawalk 128 feet above the ocean.

You can do all that and more aboard cruise ships these days as new ships offer activities never before seen at sea or on shore excursions. And because of the flurry of bad publicity in recent months, you’re like to score an especially good deal.  Booking a cruise—especially if you are a newbie—is one trip where a travel agent can help. the website for the Cruise Lines International Association, can help you find a cruise expert near your home.

The best part:  You may not even have to fly to reach your ship, not with more than 30 ports in the United States, from  Alabama to New York to Galveston  to Los Angeles and Seattle.

You’ll find activities on board for every age group from toddlers to seniors.  No wonder cruises are so popular with multigenerational groups! 

Here’s just a sampling of what’s new: