Turkish Airlines gets Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi to face off

Kobe vs Messi: Legends on Board is Turkish Airlines' lastest ad.

Kobe vs Messi: Legends on Board is Turkish Airlines' lastest ad.  (Turkish Airlines)

Turkish Airlines released a clever commercial that features Kobe Bryant and soccer great Lionel Messi competing for a kid's attention.

The ad --which was released to mark the appointment of Messi being named a "brand ambassador" for the airlines-- shows a pint-sized, autograph-seeking sports fan being lured back and forth on an airplane as Bryant and Messi each try to outdo each other with increasingly impressive tricks.

Messi uses fancy footwork to kick the ball in place. Bryant one-ups him by passing the ball through his legs over and over, while sitting in his seat.  There are also feats with cards and balloons.  We won't tell you how it ends, but you can watch it here.

[youtube ruav0KvQOOg]

The commercial will air worldwide late this year. Messi, the Barcelona soccer legend, joins Bryant and tennis player Caroline Wozniacki as official ambassadors for Turkish Airlines.

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If this doesn't boost sale for the carrier, a potential deal with Lufthansa might. There's speculation that Turkish Airlines may deepen business ties with the Germany airline,  which could mean increased access for both carriers into the lucrative Middle East and European markets.