Upgrade your beach gear

Summer has officially started and weather forecasters are calling for one of the hottest summers yet. With a scorcher of a summer on our horizon it’s time to pack up your favorite beach essentials and hit the sand running for some cool ocean relief.

According to the Clean Beaches Coalition, 2 billion Americans make visits to the beach annually. And since technology evolves as fast as the tides change, it’s time to reevaluate your packing list with some of these new and trendy beach gadgets.

Tote sand away 

Finding the perfect beach bag isn’t all about the brand names anymore, so put your Vera Bradleys and monogrammed LL Bean bags back in your closet. Hammacher Schlemmer just came out with the most practical tote you could think of, their Sandless Beach Tote will never fill up with sand. Made from the same material the military uses to keep sand and dust away when helicopters take off, it’s specially woven material acts as a one-way filter that stops sand from coming through the bottom and sides of the bag. Water also passes right through the bag, preventing any mold or mildew to build up inside. The casually designed bag also comes with a lifetime guarantee at no additional charge. Price: $ 29.95

Board-proof Games 

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Board games usually aren’t made for the beach, but UncommonGoods’ Beach Chess and Checkers can withstand the sandy environment. The chess board is printed onto one side of a burlap sack and comes with nautical themed wooden checker pieces. When you’ve reached checkmate you simply gather up your chess chips and stow them away in the burlap sack. “This is the most practical and useful item. Oftentimes, the beach makes us all resort back to old-time games that we use to play as children and it presents a good bonding moment between any two individuals traveling to the beach together,” Ken Wisnefski, tech expert and Founder of Webimax told

Hot coolers

Carrying a heavy cooler through the hot sand is never fun, but why lug the extra load when you can ride one in? Cruzin Coolers combine the traditional ice chest with the gift of transportation. Equipped with two back wheels and one front wheel, this half scooter half cooler will escort you and your cold beverages directly onto beach. “Not only do you not have to drag your cooler around but you have a cool ride and ice cold drinks for the ride,” inventor and CEO Kevin Beal told The cool new ride has evolved since it came out in the summer of 2005. Today it comes with bolt in motor assemblies and wattages up to 2000. Although cargo space can be limited in certain models, you can attach Cruzin Cooler Trailers for more room. Price: $449- $1399.

Waterproof Tunes

Listening to great music will always amp up your summertime fun at the beach, and although water and electronics don’t go together very well, the Ecco Terra Rugged and Waterproof Boombox by Ecoxgear will protect your music anywhere, anytime. The fully submersible, waterproof and shock resistant music player is the perfect solution to any fears of music water hazards this summer. The newly available boombox is universal, so it’s not just iphone specific.

The internal waterproof casing not only protects your music player but can also be used to store other important valuables like money, car keys etc. “Most importantly it protects your music and phone from all outdoor elements, it’s the only 100% waterproof boom box, it even floats speakers up, so your gadgets don’t sink to the bottom and you can still hear the tunes,” Greg Fadul, CEO of Grace Digital told Price: $149.99

Cool Cans 

If you’re looking for something more wallet-friendly, you can thank the geniuses at Pringles for inventing the new Pringles Speaker Can. Just by purchasing four Pringles cans and sending in your receipt and redemption form customers will receive a free Pringles speaker by mail. The battery-operated speaker plugs into any MP3 or similar music player and attaches to the top of an empty Pringles can, creating a perfect and portable boombox for the beach. The acoustics from the empty can will turn up your favorite tunes to 200-20K Hz.

Pringles recruited celebrity blogger Perez Hilton as their summer spokesperson of fun. Perez says you can make the most out of your summer fun by bringing music to the beach, “A summer playlist is imperative for hot summer days and especially for the beach, I’m always prepped with a great playlist,” Perez told So get popping and enjoy this fun and budget-friendly music speaker. Price: 4 cans of Pringles

Laid Back Picnicking 

Sitting comfortably at the beach all day can sometimes be tricky. First you might want to sit up to read or take in the scenery but then once the heat sets in you may want to lie down and take a quick snooze. Luckily the people at Picnic Time created the Beachcomber Portable Beach Mat with an adjustable reclining backrest. “Most chairs are just designed for sitting. The Beachcomber easily transforms from sitting to laying and every position in between, this is the most comfortable way to catch some sun at the beach,” Scott McCormack, director of sales & marketing at Picnic Time Inc. told Fully-padded and water resistant the light-weight mat folds together so it can be easily carried with and adjustable shoulder strap. Price: $44.95