5 tips to make sure Fido is safe when traveling



The thought of traveling may be exciting, although the thought of your dog or cat in the kennel might be a different story. 

Animal lovers everywhere part with their pets for vacation, but you can bring your pet along with you for the trip. It’s certainly not the easiest option, but if you heed a few simple tips, you can enjoy your next trip out of town with all of your loved ones, pets included.

Visit the veterinarian

You need to consider whether your pet is in proper physical condition for the length and type of travel your trip entails. Bring your pet to the veterinarian and make sure that all vaccinations and tags are up to date. You will also need a health certificate for your pet. People will likely ask you to supply proof of your pet’s health throughout your trip. Ask the veterinarian about the health risks that may await your pet at your destination. Let your vet know the exact details of your trip and method of travel. Your pet might require a prescribed tranquilizer or particular diet before a flight. Certain breeds have specific requirements for a safe and secure journey.

Purchase an appropriate carrier

Before flying, you need to buy a pet carrier. The proper one depends on the type of pet you have. If your pet is tiny, and you can carry him or her on the flight, purchase a soft-shell carrier, which you can place easily beneath your seat. Don’t put a leash inside the carrier because that might tangle and disturb your pet. Always attach your contact information to the carrier in case of emergencies. Contact your airline to make sure your pet carrier is compliant.

Find pet-friendly hotels

Before booking your hotel, make sure it is pet-friendly. Online hotel booking websites often clarify whether hotels accept pets or not. Keep in mind that you might be charged more for bringing a pet.

Read the airline’s pet policies

Airlines vary on their treatment and acceptance of pets. Make sure you find an airline that is pet-friendly and meets your family’s criteria. After deciding on a company, look at direct flights versus connecting flights. Layovers can add undue anxiety to your already confused and anxious pet.

Pack appropriately

Try to bring as many of the amenities that your pet is used to at home, including chew toys and treats. Also make sure you bring enough food to last the entire trip because the brand you use might not be available at your destination. You will need to bring a water bowl with you for the times you’re away from your hotel. As an animal lover, you already know how to best care for and appreciate your pet at home. With the proper precautions it will be easy to do the same on vacation.