Star Traveler: Country singer shows off her anniversary destination

Star Traveler: Country singer shows off her anniversary destination


Though Kellie Pickler's first album paints her a "Small Town Girl," she may very well be an island girl at heart. The country star talked with Fox411 and dished on her romantic anniversary getaway of St. Lucia.

Pickler, 25, got her career jump started after making it to the final 6 on Fox's hit singing competition show "American Idol". Taking advantage of her new found fame, the country crooner released her first studio album "Small Town Girl" which debuted at number one on the Billboard Country Album charts and number 9 on the Billboard 200. Pickler followed up with a successful self-titled album and is preparing to take her latest work "100 Proof" on the road.

The three-time CMT Music Award winning singer is married to songwriter Kyle Jacobs and recently celebrated their one-year anniversary in the lovely Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Pickler gives tips on what to do on the island to ensure both a romantic and exciting vacation with your special someone:

Kellie Pickler: Well my husband and I just got back from celebrating our one-year anniversary and we went to St. Lucia and it was so beautiful. We stayed at this little place called the Ladera, and it's basically three walls, and the fourth invisible wall is overlooking like a rainforest in the grand pitons. It's really, really beautiful!

What did you guys do for fun?

Kyle and I are very adventurous people, so, we love to go out and try new things. We went zip lining for the first time, which was really, really fun. And we went climbing up the grand piton, the mountains, and we went deep sea fishing. We didn't catch anything but a sunburn, but we had fun doing it. We basically took a day to go mingle in the town with all the people there, the islanders, and it was so great. Big country music fans down there, everyone loves George Jones. Everyone greets you with a smile. It's so wild to be somewhere so beautiful and you know the people there aren't caught up in the hustle and bustle and all the stuff in the world that's crazy and not important. They're caught up in each other and caught up in the beautiful weather. Just good people all around.

So you would describe yourself as more of an adventurous vacation-goer or a lay back at the beach kind of vacation-goer?

I like to do both. I mean I will never turn down a trip to the beach to just go be lazy and read a book. But I do like to do more adventurous things. When there's stuff to do I'm going to be out doing them.

What did you think about the food?

Oh the food was amazing! All the food was so great, it was locally grown, and so it was really, really fresh. All the fish was caught fresh that day, great seafood. I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat other meat. I eat fish, of course. But all the locally grown produce is amazing. You just kind of have to try everything because if you think you're not going to like it, you never know, you might love it.

What are the top 3 things you recommend that people should do?

Oh you definitely have to go zip lining. You definitely have to go climb the grand pitons, it's so amazing. It's about a 4 hour hike. But the same day that we hiked the mountain, an 80-year-old man was doing it as well and that just goes to show you that there's no such thing as being old. I've always said that being old is a state of mind. If you are capable of moving and getting about, then you gotta do it. If you get the opportunity to jump, you gotta jump.

Do you recommend getting out of the resort and going to see the countryside?

Yes! Anytime you go anywhere, where you're able to leave the resort and go live and see the way the people there on the island or wherever you're going. You should always take advantage of that because that's how you learn about other peoples' cultures and their way of living and you just come back a changed person anytime you go somewhere and try to adapt as much as you can to their environment and bring that back with you. I mean, I feel like I brought so much of St. Lucia home with me. And, I love it, I can't wait to go back.

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