Away Game

Sex on the Beach...and Elsewhere



Something about travel inspires sex. It begins to explain the success of many honeymoons, some getaways, and “The Love Boat.”

I asked several couples to share their tales of the most romantic destinations they had encountered and, as it pertained, the most unusual places within those destinations where they had gotten intimate. The stories you are about to hear are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the not-so innocent.

Sex on the beach in Hawaii

I’ve probably hit my limit with unfounded theories but the fact that there’s long been a drink called ‘Sex on the Beach’ probably has less to do with the power of peach schnapps to inspire a cocktail and more to do with the beach itself. That’s somewhat confirmed by Trudy, who reports that the first night she and her fiancé were in Hawaii, they “walked down to a secluded little part of the beach and, just before sunset, he popped the question. Unfortunately, our beach adventures were cut short as we had dinner reservations shortly thereafter. Exactly one week later, on the last night of our trip, we grabbed a bottle of champagne and a blanket, and wandered back to the same spot.  Only this time, I made sure we did it right. There is nothing as romantic as having sex at sunset, in Hawaii, on the spot where you got engaged. Being able to actually look up at the stars mid-act makes it even nicer.”

Interlude, bench in Brussels

One could argue that using alcohol as a mood enhancer makes the evocative nature of a destination irrelevant - except when you’re in Belgium and you’re of the mind that “Belgium beer is the best in the world - but obviously very strong,” says Roger, who was in Brussels with his wife a couple months ago. “One night we went out for beer,” he recalls, and while walking home my wife got very frisky. We sat down on a street bench on a main road and began making out. It was late at night, [about] 3 a.m., so there wasn't much foot traffic.” Before long, Roger says, “we were off to the races.”

Back to Hawaii, somewhere near the ninth hole

Before she and her husband tied the knot, Joan headed off to the Big Island for what she describes as a pre-wedding honeymoon. “I needed to know that we could travel together successfully for more than a couple of days at a time,” she explains. The couple’s condo had a prime view of the ninth green. “After a few cocktails on the patio, and as darkness gathered, we decided that it might be interesting to test out having a little fun on the green,” Joan says. “It looked so inviting - beautifully groomed, flowers about, warm weather and more. So we took a beach towel and made our way there. It was lovely, romantic, exhilarating and crazy fun - until the sprinkler's came on and we had to make a dash for the condo.”

“Oh, he passed the traveling together test, “Joan adds. “We've now been married 18 years and golf together all the time, but have never returned to frivolity on the green.”

Hot tub, New Zealand

If you’re contemplating adventure travel, bear in mind that it can tap energy you were hoping to set aside for amorous pursuits. “My husband and I had an adventure honeymoon in New Zealand, traipsing the country from the South Island to the North Island for three weeks,” says Betty. “The New Zealand countryside is gorgeous but we were so tired at the end of the day there was not much honeymooning going on until we reached the Bay of Islands in the North Island.” It was on their second night, after some barhopping, that Betty and her husband headed back to their B&B where there was “a hot tub that was nestled amongst vegetation, seeming as if you were isolated in the middle of a rainforest. We enjoyed the best sex of our trip in the hot tub, feeling like we were all alone for miles, under the stars, the moon lighting everything around us.”

Ski gondolas, Vermont.

While at a prominent ski resort in Vermont, Jane says she and her husband ”found ourselves so captivated by the privacy and views offered by the gondola ride that nature got the best of us. Or, perhaps we got the best of nature. It was during the summer, so no cumbersome ski clothing or layers removal was necessary.” Vermont’s beauty has provoked repeat visits, says Jane, and the state “never fails to inspire us in one way or another.”

Along the Kancamangus Highway, New Hampshire

Leaf peeping evidently isn’t the only activity inspired by the Kancamangus Scenic Byway, which threads through New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Peggy and her husband were there several autumns ago for their honeymoon and while driving she “saw a beautiful stream - and a place to pull over, so I caught my baby's eyes and asked if we could stop and look at the stream. We found a little path that took us only about 20 feet from the highway. We walked for a few minutes and found a glen of pine trees - with a soft bed of needles on the ground. Between the sound of the rushing stream, birds singing, the cool crisp fall air, and the euphoria of being a new bride married to the best man in the world, I just couldn't help myself. So, I jumped my husband.”

Peggy adds that she and her husband “climbed back into the car, drove for about five more minutes and came upon a bull moose and a female moose. It was about as perfect a New Hampshire day as you could imagine. So, it's 14 years later and we still giggle when we think about it. And I'm still married to the best man in the world.”