Hogan Gidley on Macron's 'special relationship' with Trump

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INGRAHAM: I am Laura Ingraham. Welcome to Washington for "The Ingraham Angle." This week begins with major stories ranging from insanity to possible terrorism. We're digging to get the real story behind the driver who mowed down pedestrians on a crowded street today in Toronto. Plus, despite the left narrative that migrants don't come here for handouts, we will tell you about a shocking new report on the number of immigrants now on welfare. Also, black conservatives are speaking their minds and the pc police are in total freak out mode. Wait until you hear Tom Arnold's insane rant. Trump fires back against critics who seem to fear he might actually make historic deal with North Korea.

But first Trump versus the GOP again. That's the focus of tonight's "Angle." When will they learn? More than a year into President Trump's first term, you would think all the Republicans would understand that the only way forward is to unify behind his agenda. It's resonating with the people. It's bringing international foes to the negotiating table, and it's having a positive impact on the economy. Some Republicans cannot help but lend aid and comfort to the president's political enemies. As Trump slowly but surely begins to remake the GOP to be more responsive to working-class Americans, the globalist wing of the party is still in total denial. The old guard's resistance to Trump, of course, big shocker is being amplified by a media machine that's been trying to take him down since he first came down the golden escalator. Watch how uncomfortable some of these Republicans are when pressed about whether they would support the president again in 2020.


SEN. BOB CORKER, R—TENN.: Any Republican senator that hasn't been conflicted over this presidency is either comatose or is pretty useless.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Prepared at this point to support the president for reelection?

SEN. BOB CORKER, R—TENN.: I haven't thought about that election. You know, it's way too early.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: No, it isn't. Not to say you support the head of your party.

SEN. BOB CORKER, R—TENN.: It could be a completely different world by 2020. We have a 2018 election first.


INGRAHAM: Rather than rallying behind the president and a show of total unity before the midterms, some of the party end up giving the media what they want, a story line about a divided GOP.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln's time is centered in the South and Trump is a guy from New York. Alien territory, the conservatives.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This reflects a division not only within the party, but within his own administration.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Would you rather have the Republican Party of Paul Ryan or Trump?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is no choice. It's the Republican Party of Donald Trump, which is why Paul Ryan is leaving.


INGRAHAM: The truth is if you want to see real disunity, look at the Democrats. They have no real leader. They have moved so far left, they left America and they are reduced now to either silly antics or stammering in their attempts to rile up their base.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALI.: It's a scam. The tax bill gives 83 percent of the benefits to the top 1 percent. They tried to call it a middle-class tax cuts and yet 86 million middle-class families will be paying more taxes.


INGRAHAM: We will bring in an interpreter next time. The Democrats, come on, they are so desperate. They have now sued the Trump campaign, Wikileaks, and of course, the Russians over Hillary Clinton's loss in 2016.


UNIDENTIFIED CALLER: Donald Trump's been saying for a year plus this is all about sour grapes and it's because you lost the election. What says that better than the Democratic National Committee suing them and saying you lost us the selection. Like David Axelrod saying it's a waste of time and resources.


INGRAHAM: Now, of course, it is. The Democrats can't even agree on a political strategy. Tom Perez andthe DNC are filing lawsuits while other prominent liberals are shaking their heads. Fretting over there reelection process. Senator Claire McCaskill told the "St. Louis Post Dispatch" that the DNC lawsuit is a silly distraction. Congresswoman Jackie Speier hardly a moderate said this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I actually think this lawsuit is ill-conceived. I'm not very supportive of it.


INGRAHAM: That is what real disunity looks like. Beyond the blaster and the media attacks on the president, Trumps reelection numbers, check them out. They look pretty good. They mirror those of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at about the same point in their presidency. Today's Gallup reports that among registered voters, 37 percent believe Trump should be reelected. That is the same percentage that that Barack Obama should be reelected in 2010. At one point, lower than those who supportive Bill Clinton. Last time I checked, both Obama and Clinton were reelected for a second term, right? Here is another leading indicator that the Democratic National Committee might be in some trouble. They took out a $1.7 million loan in February. They are fundraising, it is pathetic. There Republican national committee took in $39 million in the first quarter alone.

Do you think that might be because of the president? Of course, the president has some work to do. He has to grow the populist movement, take his message to unfriendly territory, and sell it. That means even in states where he didn't win. Grow his base.The Democrats are in perpetual teardown resistance mode, Trump should be perceived as a doer. He is, a leader who will always defy and drain the swamp will not be defeated by it. That's what he was elected in the first place.

All the president needs to do is just a focused on what matters, growing the economy, returning more power to the people, fighting corruption along the way, and refusing to be distracted or detoured by the constant and tedious demonization game of Washington and the seemingly endless pointless investigations. I know that's easier said than done but he needs to do that. Listen to all the naysayers. Trump's reelection prospects and those of his party are on more solid ground than the media or his critics would have you believe. That's "The Angle."

Joining me now for reaction in New York is Monica Crowley, a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research along with Juan Williams, cohost of "The Five." Great to see you. Juan, you wrote a column lately about the GOP disunity and cited Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Lindsey Graham, who were trying to protect Bob Mueller from any type of firing or other adverse action by the
executive branch, by the president specifically. Thom Tillis has always had a wisdom, in his wisdom. He has never liked President Trump. Terrible on the issue of immigration, bad on the trade issue as far as Trump is concerned. Why are we surprised that Thom Tillis and Lindsey Graham, they are not populist conservatives, are doing this Mueller deal. That is not surprising to me at all.

JULIAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: It should be. Thom Tillis votes with the president 96 percent of the time, Laura, and it's not just Thom Tillis and Lindsey Graham. You often, you have to recall the chairman of the judiciary committee is Chuck Grassley. Iowa, a longtime Trump supporter, he said he plans to bring this to a vote this week. In his committee, no matter what Donald Trump has to say, no matter what the Senate majority leader has to say. He thinks it's necessary. What Thom Tillis said, speaking to other Trump supporters and evidence of a crack finally in the uniform, stonewall Republicans have given Trump and made the Republican Party into the party of Trump. Thom Tillis said if Hillary Clinton was in the White House and there was some talk about firing a special prosecutor, Trump supporters would say it was hypocrisy.

INGRAHAM: Juan, it's a fantasy. This is what the liberals have been begging for Donald Trump to fire Bob Mueller. This has been a story line that the left has been pushing for months and months and months and Monica, I want you to jump in because Thom Tillis who said courage is when you know you're going to do something that's going to anger your base, sitting in a Senate office. The same people who criticized me for filing this bill would be absolutely angry if I wasn't pounding the table if the bill was directed at protecting the special counsel looking into Hillary Clinton. I actually am someone who believes that the executive actually has the authority to fire someone in the executive branch. I'm not saying it would be politically wise. I don't think it would be, but the idea that Congress can insulate an executive branch member from firing by the chief executive is frankly unconstitutional. I think Mike Lee is right about this. It's ridiculous. Not talking about whether it's politically wise. It's not constitutional in my view.

MONICA CROWLEY, LONDON CENTER FOR POLICY RESEARCH: That's right. We are talking about a separation of powers issue. Frankly, it's all the conversation happening in the media and in Washington, D.C. The same swamp that Donald Trump ran on draining and actually won on draining. If you go into the country, Laura, as you and I do. Juan does as well. The American people are not talking about this. They are not talking about Russia and Bob Mueller and this insane never-ending investigation. They are talking about the state of the economy. They are talking about the effect of the tax bill. They are talking about jobs, increased wages.

They are talking about illegal immigration and necessity for the Trump wall to be built. Talking about increased national security given the fact that this president refuses to appease America's enemies. They are talking about issues that directly affect them and their families. They are not talking about the whole range of issues that directly affect them and their families live. They are not talking about these kinds of issues at all. For the Republicans in the Senate and the House and so on, they are real profiles in courage. We still at this point, running away from the president who is the leader of their own party.

INGRAHAM: Juan, the Gallup poll says the president had 86 percent approval rating among Republicans a year ago. He has 86 percent approval rating now. To me, that's pretty good. I don't know, I guess you could have 96 percent. That would be great, 86 percent is pretty darn good. And I think most Republicans know that the excitement is not with Thom Tillis. Nobody knows who is. The juice and excitement is with Trump. All the tweets and everything, they like that he is fighting for the average person. That's why the Democrats don't know where to go. Bernie Sanders said, "The business model of the Democratic Party for the last 15 years or so has been a failure. People sometimes don't see that because there was a charismatic individual named Barack Obama." His point is without Obama, where are the Democrats?

WILLIAMS: I think they are fine. The thing that you missed in that calculation is that you have fewer people identifying as Republicans. They become swing voters, independents and the like, with Donald Trump in the White House. Right now, it's the case that Donald Trump is it, in the real clear politics average, 41 percent approval, 54 percent disapprove. That is a real way to going into the midterms.

INGRAHAM: That's where he was before the election. That's the numbers before the election.

WILLIAMS: It hasn't gotten much better -- you mean, the 2016 election, Laura?

INGRAHAM: Yes. Before the election he was at about 39 percent approval. Overall approval rating of all voters. I don't know how much it means. Rasmussen had him at about 50 percent in the daily tracking.

WILLIAMS: I would say look at the averages, look at the real clear politics average. He is clearly way underwater in terms of --

INGRAHAM: My point is do you think Bernie Sanders is wrong? Bernie Sanders is making a point that the working-class voters have been left behind by the Democrat Party. He is actually trying to speak to the working-class voters which is why he had these huge crowds.

WILLIAMS: He is a Democrat, Laura. He is looking to appeal to people and offer a populist appeal that has a lot --

INGRAHAM: They went with the Clinton. They went with the Clintons and they still --

WILLIAMS: -- the Democratic Party, but I am talking to you about a populist appeal to the people you were identifying, the working class. When you ask the American people should Robert Mueller be allowed to complete his probe, it is like 70 percent. There is not even an argument, Laura.

INGRAHAM: I think the president wants them to conclude his probe.

WILLIAMS: If that's the case, then why don't the Republicans act say let this investigation come to a normal end.

INGRAHAM: It's not their role.

CROWLEY: This was not the will of the people to have this president endlessly investigated. Laura, the president talked on the campaign trail about the forgotten man and woman, the working class, the disaffected Democrats. The Republicans who elected Donald Trump, disaffected Democrats and ten key swing states that elected Donald Trump. He's been delivering for them, poses an existential threat to the swamp, the media, the establishment on both sides of the aisle, and that's why they have endlessly tried to attack and destroy him. When the Russia collusion narrative falls apart, as is already doing, they will try to find something else. This is a president who puts on a suit of armor every day and keeps plowing through, delivering for the country.

WILLIAMS: Not one election since 2016 where you say you know what's, Republicans have over performed because of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is actually an albatross at this moment on every Republican -- from Pennsylvania 18 to Alabama to Virginia governor's race.

INGRAHAM: We've got to go. Thank you. Great segment. Mark the tape. I want that sound bite. Remember when the fearmongering on the left warned us that president Trump would isolate us from the world? That we would have no friends. Instead what we have witnessed his growing alliances with leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron and he is the guest of honor at the president's first state dinner tomorrow night.

Let's discuss this and other issues with White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley. Delighted he's with us. How are you doing? I want everyone to see that Hogan has an actual journal. I mean, I love that. You have an actual book. Not a laptop. You are writing down like a real old-school, someone preparing. I love that. I miss it. I hope you're taking notes. Tell me about this Macron relationship. I love it. They were all trashing Trump because he was going to offend the world. Now the world wants to come here and meet him.

HOGAN GIDLEY, WHITE HOUSE DEPUTY PRESS SECRETARY: They thought the Barack Obama apology tour was the way to get friends and allies. Turns out it's the exact opposite. He is growing relationships. France has been with us forever. One of the first trade deals we ever did quite frankly was after we signed the declaration of independence. It was with France. He has only gone to make this bigger and better. They are close friends. They talk all the time. Their relationship couldn't be better.

INGRAHAM: This is The Huffington Post headline in November. You're going to love this. Let's look at it. It only took Trump one year to trash America's global reputation. The Los Angeles Times, May 8, 2017. France's election proves America has an example of what not to do. No one ever calls these people on this stuff. We had this ongoing -- yes, OK. A never-Trumper wrote that.

GIDLEY: Another self-loathing Republican.

INGRAHAM: They're not Republicans. They never really were. The so-called experts were wrong before the election and not who they are again. And they just keep -- they keep having gigs on tv, columns and The New York Times and Washington Post. But this relationship with Macron, he's an interesting cat for Trump to be a pal with. He's kind of putting the signal up for the move in France to put expedited process on removal, deportation of immigrants in France. He's not a populist like Trump. He is more of a globalist, immoderate globalists. How did the two have this personal relationship?

GIDLEY: There are some similarities. You heard Macron make the comment that he used the phrase make France great again, he used it the other day.

INGRAHAM: With the flood of migrants from Germany?

GIDLEY: Well, the point is they were both former businessmen. No one thought they could win this election. They are trying to do things differently. It's interesting because they don't agree the Paris climate deal. They don't agree on the Iran deal. The president is adamantly opposed to that --

INGRAHAM: That European trade deal too which Trump doesn't want.

GIDLEY: Exactly. So, there are major differences, but they have a good relationship. Close personal friends. The president said today we are close personal friends. He's a good friend of mine. They have a great relationship.

INGRAHAM: But Macron wants the president of the United States to stay in Syria longer until ISIS is crushed. The president's instinct and what he campaigned on is that America is not going to stay bogged down in these places where we have no real political solution, military solution, excuse me. So, will that relationship have an effect on the president's ultimate decision to stay in Syria. Everything we know about France's relationship, sending technology and so forth to Russia and the relationship with Iran, the Iran deal. That's what folks are worried about here.

GIDLEY: I think a lot of people were worried about when Trump took over as the president, that Washington, D.C., would shake Donald Trump. The exact opposite has happened. Donald Trump has shaken this town. I think these relationships are similar. Everyone says what is Trump going to do? Is he going to (inaudible) foreign leaders? He does not. He's the best negotiator we have. He comes the table and tells what he wants. Of course, he wants to bring troops home, but he wants ISIS to be crushed. And he wants to create an environment there to which ISIS cannot ever rear its ugly head again. Remember, the last administration created ISIS. This president wants to end it.

INGRAHAM: Well, he shouldn't have signed the omnibus. That was his instinct. He was right on that. That omnibus was not Trump's negotiating and that was Paul Ryan, et cetera. Hogan, thank you for being here. Up next, the latest on the driver who killed ten pedestrians in Toronto today and then stunning new numbers punch a huge hole in the liberal myth that your tax dollars don't support legions of immigrants. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: This is a Fox News alert. The latest on the deadly rampage by the driver who mowed down pedestrians in Toronto today. Police say the suspect is Alek Minassian. They arrested him minutes after the carnage occurred. At this hour, the death toll stands at 10 with 15 others injured. Some in critical condition. Police say that based on the witness accounts it was very clear the driver deliberately hit people driving along the side of the road there. For analysis, let's bring in former LAPD detective, Mark Fuhrman, and counterterror expert, Aaron Cohen. Gentlemen, another day, another deadly attack on pedestrians. This time in Toronto. Mark my want to start with you. Alek Minassian, the last name is an Armenian name. Armenia is overwhelmingly a Christian nation. People are jumping to Islamic terror. We don't know a lot more yet except we do know his name, 25 years old. Witnesses describe a scene where he was deliberately driving into those pedestrians. Your initial reaction.

MARK FUHRMAN, FORMER LAPD DETECTIVE: Well, I would offer this. This is a terrorist act. They terrorized the most defenseless people out walking, shopping, families. It is terrorism. Just because we don't have a computer memory of the suspect, contacts or a clear declaration by ISIS, it doesn't mean it's not terrorism. This is terrorism. Possibly with a mental defect, but what terrorist does not have a mental defect?

INGRAHAM: Aaron, we are waiting for more information from the authorities in Toronto. This is, this was devastating. The men who were interviewed on local Toronto television, they were in tears for what they saw it, including children, women, the elderly. Some of them could not speak at all.

AARON COHEN, COUNTER TERRORISM EXPERT: Yes, I mean, and I'm going to partially agree with Mark. He is a master detective, and he's been around for a long time. There's definitely some prints here that closely resemble the mosaic of terrorism. I wouldn't go so far as to directly stamp it as an act of terror. The way we would look at, in Israel, and the reason being is I don't see it fundamental, political or fundamental or ideological motivation yet. You said that the attacker had, it was reported he was Armenian. I agree with you it's predominately Christian country. They are not directly associated with terror, as we are in Israel with how we investigate terror. There is no doubt this guy was in a specific place for a specific reason to do direct harmonic crowd of people, (inaudible) a very crowded, popular part of Toronto.

I have been in and out of there for the last two months doing different training projects. What I did notice is that the vehicle was rented which is a terror red flag. The fact of the individual came out of the car and from what we've heard was waving some type of object around. We don't know if it was a gun or some weapon. That's another red flag. But what I will say is the way that you investigate terror and what I'm not seeing from the Toronto police services here. The way you investigate this type of attack at the beginning really sets the tone for a proper terror quality investigation. If you don't treat it as an act of terror early on, it affects the tone of how the investigation is carried out. That's what was concerning. Reluctant to call this terrorism. Whereas in Israel, everything is a terror attack when it involves attacking a large crowd of people, and then you can deduce backwards. I don't know if Mark will agree but that's kind of where I come out.

INGRAHAM: Let's listen to what the mayor of Toronto said earlier today. Already talking about inclusivity. Mark, I want you to react. Let's watch.


JOHN TORY, TORONTO MAYOR: This is the time when this community should come together. I hope that we will remind ourselves of the fact that we are admired around the world for being inclusive and accepting and understanding and considerate.


INGRAHAM: Mark Fuhrman, the inclusivity word pops up again.

FUHRMAN: I don't think this is a time to try to include all people and be gracious to all types of religions and thought process. I agree with Aaron totally. Let's handle this is a terrorist act and I think that's the way the Canadians should be handling it. Move backwards if it's not.If you miss something, try, trying to move the ball away from it so you can be politically correct, you could miss something huge. Possibly a wholesale that's completely under the radar.

INGRAHAM: Aaron, Mark, thanks so much. Stunning new pictures of the burden that immigrants put on American taxpayers. Not want to hear from the mainstream media. Figures from the Census Bureau analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies show the percentage new immigrants receiving food stamps has nearly tripled in the last ten years. The number of immigrants on Medicaid has gone up almost as much. The author of this study, Steven Camarota, joins us in the studio, and columnist, Paul Reyes, is in New York. Gentlemen, great to see you both. Steve, here are some key findings. New immigrants remain twice as likely to live in poverty. New immigrants on Medicaid increased by 11 percent. The share of new immigrants living in households receiving food stamps tripled. That's from 2007 to 2017. Immigrants have been here five years or less. Critics say you are using inappropriate controls. The Cato Institute criticizing the study that you exaggerate the cost of immigrant welfare. That was from last year or two years ago. They are going to say that.

STEVEN CMAMAROTA, CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES: One of the interesting things, immigrants are much more educated. Used to be one-third of new immigrants had a college degree. Now it's about half. We thought of immigrants became more educated, they would do a lot better. But in fact, we have found is there is still about as likely to live in poverty, these new arrivals, and use welfare rates. They average income is not higher. The share that has a job is quite a bit less both in absolute terms and relative to native-born people. So they are not doing as well even though they are a lot more educated. It's a very puzzling finding.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: Raul, I think Americans are very generous and welcoming and compassionate. And yet we do have an enormous problem in inner-city America still with homelessness among veterans, fatherlessness, broken homes, opioid crisis. There is a lot culturally, socially, economically we are dealing with. So how do you refute what Steve says about just the trajectory of government dependence on the part of new immigrants?

RAUL REYES, ATTORNEY AND COLUMNIST: I would say I do not necessarily refute what Steve is saying. I look at his data points from a different perspective. For one thing, as you touched on, we are talking about new immigrants which he defines people who have been in this country for less than five years. Now just in general terms, I would encourage you, ma'am, or many of the viewers to think back to say when they first graduated from high school, after they first got married, their first few years after college. For most people, those first five years of war and they were starting over or beginning a new phase of their lives wasn't necessarily an indicator, a successful indicator of what their life's trajectory was going to be. So we may see some undocumented illegal immigrants on government services, but that's not a reflection of the long-term trends.

And second, obviously it's a contentious issue. People have very strong opinions on both sides. But just as a point of law, our government, our Congress made certain policy decisions. For example, the government decided with programs, for example, like the Children's Health Insurance or things like food stamps, that they were available to all children regardless of immigration status. So when we do see immigrants and undocumented people using these, they are entitled by law.

INGRAHAM: We get all that. We get all that. They're entitled by law. But we are trying to have the conversation based in facts, because what we hear on immigration, and I hear what you're saying. But when we talk on immigration, a lot of people get the sense that all new immigrants coming the United States are either going to be the valedictorians of their class, they're going to be rescuing cats from trees, they're going to be coming up with a cure for cancer. Maybe some of them actually will and that's fantastic, but overall we have to make some hard choices. We only have a limited budget. We have a lot of obligations to our elderly, to our sick and poor who are native born. So the question is how do you divide up those dollars? And Camarota, you can respond now to Raul's comments.

CAMAROTA: Yes. The bottom line here is that we know that about half of all immigrant households are using the nation's welfare system. And that's those who have been in the United States on average 20 years. Welfare use does not go down over time.

INGRAHAM: Are you talking about real welfare, are you talking about Social Security, you talking about Medicare?

CAMAROTA: We're talking about all programs, cash programs, Medicaid, health insurance for the poor, food stamps, public housing. If we look at all that, 51 percent of immigrant households who have been in the United States for 20 years access that programs. It's 30 percent for the native-born. So that really is a problem. And it isn't just a problem for new immigrants, and that's been getting worse. It's a problem overall, including for the well-established.

INGRAHAM: Raul, you can respond, last word.

REYES: Sure, going back to your point about the facts. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, for example, which administers the food stamp program, they pointed out last year that immigrants make up about nine percent of our population. And yet the percentage of people who are receiving food stamps of the immigrant population whom is only four percent. So right there we see that immigrants are using these services at disproportionally low levels relative to their overall numbers. And there are lots of other bipartisan studies that confirm these types of results.

INGRAHAM: All right, guys, thank you so much.

REYES: Thank you.

INGRAHAM: Fantastic segment.And by the way, liberals' heads are exploding as Kanye West commends a black conservative. What's happening there? We're going to debate the left's intolerance on intellectual diversity next.


INGRAHAM: You want to know what really seems to terrify a liberal? A black conservative, especially a black conservative speaking his or her mind. The most recent example began when hip-hop superstar Kanye West tweeted on Saturday "I love the way Candace Owens thinks." Who is Candace Owens? She is a popular conservative commentator. And that set off liberal Twitter with comedian Tom Arnold tweeting something so profane even he ended up deleting it. A comedian deleting something from Twitter because it's obscene, that's when you know things have gotten totally out of hand.

Let's discuss the perils for black conservatives speaking their minds with FOX News contributor Kevin Jackson in Phoenix and former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer Michael Starr Hopkins in New York. Great to see both of you. Let's start with you, Michael. I watched the Candace Owens speech, and I think we don't have time to play all of it. But she basically was giving a talk on the college campus where she said think for yourself. You are not a victim. Don't act like a victim. You can do whatever you want. You have two hands, you have two feet, you have your eyes, you have your mind, you have your independence. You are not owned by any political party. That was basically her message. And Kanye sends a tweet, I like what she is saying. He was all over by Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and more. Why is that the reaction to intellectual, ideological diversity?

MICHAEL STARR HOPKINS, ATTORNEY: Let me start with Kanye and then I can talk about Candace Owens. Kanye West, the reason people are laughing at Kanye is because of the intellectual dishonesty here. On one hand when Kanye West said that George W. Bush didn't care about black people, conservatives were in an outrage. Now that Kanye West says he loves Trump, now he's conservatives' lovechild. I think that's the first problem. But when it comes to Candace, let me talk about a different issue with Candace. My issue with Candace is that she wants to rewrite history. She wants to ignore the history that got us to where we are today and walk all over the civil rights icons that allow her now to be able to say the things she does.

INGRAHAM: She wants to walk all over it? What are you talking about? She wants to walk all over civil rights icons?

HOPKINS: By saying that African-Americans are whining, by saying Black Lives Matter activists --

INGRAHAM: No, she is not saying everybody. She's saying, and I thought she was really positive. I don't know her at all.

HOPKINS: I have seen multiple clips of Candace. And I'm not talking about just the Black Lives Matter speech, but things that she said on HANNITY tonight, things I've heard her say before.

INGRAHAM: Again, again, the left says all sorts of horrifically hateful things about people 24/7. A black conservative gets up and says think for yourself and she might as well be Hitler, honestly what people are saying about her.

HOPKINS: I also get to criticize her, and I think that what she is doingis being respectful.

KEVIN JACKSON, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Hey, Laura, I would like to jump in here. I would like to jump in here. First of all, I am proud that you were able to find somebody that wants to come and argue that black people should be monolithic and all think the same.

HOPKINS: That is absolutely not what I said.

JACKSON: How dare Kanye West actually stand up for Candace Owens today when he said something different about George Bush? George Bush was a very different person. Kanye West can have an opinion that differs over time just like anybody else. And standing up for Candace, who said nothing -- nothing Candace said -- by the way, college campuses would never let me or Larry Elder or some of the people on. I am shocked they lead to Candace on because with all due respect to her, I would go teach those kids a lesson that they would never forget.


HOPKINS: Nobody is scared of you just because you are a black Republican.

JACKSON: You are the perfect example as you sit here and try to talk over me, you are a perfect example of a person who comes on here and says it's what she says. Candace has an opinion that most blacks America agree with, that we are individuals. We are not monolithic. We don't vote Democrat because people like you decide what that's we are about. Laura, here's an interesting thing. I will come off this segment and there will be more white people that will call me a race traitor along with the cadre of blacks.

HOPKINS: And I will get up here and get called all kinds of racial slurs by Republicans.

JACKSON: White people call me a race traitor because I don't want to toe the line. What Candace is exposing is the day of Democrats demagogue the political spectrum and having black people go for this nonsense when it has gotten us nothing. Those days are over.

INGRAHAM: Hold on, Michael. I'll let you respond. I just want to play soundbite. It's amazing, radio talk show guy, radio host named Ebro commenting on all of this. And Michael, maybe you can respond.


EBRO DARDEN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Multiple times through the conversation he said I just want to lead with love. I just want to be about love. And I said you are a liar. You are a liar because the people you are aligning yourself with aren't leading with love. Kanye west, quote, "I love Donald Trump." Obama was right. You are a jack -- and you showed it again this weekend.


INGRAHAM: Your reaction, Michael?

HOPKINS: I don't have any disagreement with that. You can't say you want to lead with love and then have a president he says that African countries are a word I won't say on air, that when people are protesting, when white supremacists are protesting, that they are part of the good guys.

JACKSON: You're just talking point central.

HOPKINS: Talking point central?

JACKSON: Have you been to Africa? I've been to 22 countries in Africa.

HOPKINS: Why can't -- why can't Republican break 10 percent --

JACKSON: You've never been to one of them. And Donald Trump was exactly right. Let me tell you what's going happen. Donald Trump is going to get more of the black vote. First of all, we're going to get it in 2018 and shock the daylights out of you. Then in 2020 he is going to get more of the black vote that's going to absolutely --

HOPKINS: So that's what, seven percent?

JACKSON: Who care.

INGRAHAM: He got nine percent last time, which was better than Mitt Romney

JACKSON: Laura, the problem with guys like him is it doesn't matter. What's funny about this, the conversation this man is having right now is he is saying I don't want black people to even consider voting for Donald Trump. You know what they'll also do. They will I don't want black people to think Donald Trump is worth anything and then he'll criticize him because he doesn't have black people on his cabinet.

INGRAHAM: Michael, respond. Let's let Michael respond.

HOPKINS: I take Donald Trump at his word. Donald Trump throughout his entire career, whether it be the Central Park Five -- you can say it's nonsense, but everybody has a job to do.

INGRAHAM: Lowest unemployment rate among African-Americans I believe in history. More opportunity in manufacturing. Take it away from race for a second. Michael, we have more economic opportunity coming into America today because of what he has done. That will do more to lift people out of poverty, give them opportunities, than anyone. And you tell me that stopping illegal immigration, flooding the inner city with drugs and guns isn't going to help minorities?

HOPKINS: You guys actually with a straight face believe that Donald Trump is good for black people and racial relations? You honestly believe that?

INGRAHAM: Yes, he is.

JACKSON: As a black person I will tell you that he is.

INGRAHAM: Because he is breaking the stranglehold that the Democrat Party has on minority voters.

HOPKINS: Trump has had no respect for black people, for the black community.

INGRAHAM: You know you are afraid.

HOPKINS: Kevin, black people are being used by Donald Trump, people like you are being used --

INGRAHAM: We have to go. We are out of time. But Michael and Kevin, guys, you are both really smart, and unfortunately we are out of time, but I would love to have you back on radio. I would love to have you both back, but thank you, both very well-informed. And we are going to have another shocking example of liberal censorship on campus coming up in our "Defending the First" series. Meanwhile, President Trump responding to critics of his planned summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un. We're going to tell you what he said, and a top foreign policy expert weighs in, next.


INGRAHAM: President Trump fired back at critics who claimed that merely with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would be a major concession. The president tweeted, "Wow, we haven't given up anything." Meanwhile Kim recently announced he's suspending missile and nuclear tests.Let's discuss the meeting's prospects for success with "TIME" magazine's foreign affairs columnist Ian Bremmer. His new book "Us Versus Them, The Failure of Globalism," I have my copy tabbed, Ian, it comes out tomorrow. You can tell I am still in my mind in law school. I actually have yellow tabs on your book.


INGRAHAM: Ian, it's great to have you. This really is, I think with all the investigation mania going on and all the daily food fight we see in Washington. This could be, could be, an unbelievable development. And there is a lot of ifs, but for the president not to get even a modicum of praise or respect for the fact that we are at least taking a different approach to North Korea with all of the predictions of global unrest and he's going to start World War III, this is something. This is quite something.

BREMMER: Trump deserves credit on this. It was the fact that he was willing to push hard that brought the Chinese to the table supporting U.S. driven Security Council resolutions and squeezing them on sanctions. That concerned the North Koreans, it got them to show up at the Olympics. It got them to be willing to engage with the South Koreans. The Chinese have summits that they have never had before, and also agreed to suspend missile testing and nuclear testing without offering anything from the United States. We have offered them a summit. They want that. It provides legitimacy. But if you ask who has done more bending so far, the North Koreans or United States, it's clearly the North Koreans. That's very far from saying we are going to get to denuclearization on the part of Pyongyang, but absolutely there's more of a chance that we see a breakthrough today than there was six months ago.

INGRAHAM: Now, you made an interesting tweet, you sent an interesting tweet about the Nobel Peace Prize. Tell us.

BREMMER: Only the fact that if it were true that Trump was able to not only get the North Koreans to the table but come to a resolution that actually got us away from nuclear missiles pointing at each other, that he would deserve a Nobel much more than Obama did when he got it at the beginning when he came in and didn't do anything. It's a politicized price. We have known that for a long time. I do believe that there's more of a chance we end up blowing each other up, but I also think there's more of a chance that we get to a real resolution. I think people need to understand that so far, on North Korea, the signs of been more positive.

INGRAHAM: For the madman theory, or whatever it is, calling him rocket man. The Democrats, let's just play a few of these sound bites. The Democrats have gone absolutely bonkers leading up to this announcement about the summit. I think we have some. Let's watch.


REP. MAXINE WATERS, (D) CALIFORNIA: One of the things we have discovered about this new president is he has no clue about how to deal with foreign matters. He is dangerous, and he should not be talking with this kind of bluster. And I am hopeful that somebody at the White House will pull his coat and tell him to stop it. This is not that way to lead this country.

SEN. CHRIS MURPHY, (D) CONNECTICUT: He is doing none of the things necessary to achieve a real diplomatic breakthrough on North Korea.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a mess that North Korea has created but President Trump has made it more difficult to deal with.



BREMMER: He has made mistakes on foreign policy. North Korea so far is not one of them. Again, we've had both a Democratic and a Republican president over the course of the last decade that has allowed the North Korean situation to only get worse, more nuclear capabilities, more missile capabilities, more cyber capabilities. Finally we get the Chinese to the able, we get the North Koreans to the table. On balance, since Trump has come in, despite the fact that he doesn't have foreign policy experience, we have more opportunities with the North Koreans than we had before.

INGRAHAM: Ian, I want to talk about your book, which I've been able to read bunches of. You grew up in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and you talked about how in Chelsea, middle-class area, and how people like many parts of the country before Trump I think especially, people are angry because they feel like no longer is it just hard work and an education and you're guaranteed to get ahead. The globalization, people feel, has failed them, worried more about other countries than it did what was going on here at home. Tell us.

BREMMER: I wish it was a middle-class background. That would've been aspirational. It was the projects, it was a working-class background. And there were no globalists. There were no capitalists that I grew up with because they had no capital. And I think the reason why so many people are willing to vote against the establishment in the United States is because they feel like both on economics, on culture, on security, on technology, on every issue that the establishment left and right has been talking about that they have been left behind. And I have seen a lot of people over the last year, year and a half, been willing to blame Trump for the us versus them that we are facing right now with the country when in reality us versus them is responsible for Trump.

INGRAHAM: It would take about 20 years for us versus them, 25 years I'd say. The book is "Us Versus Them." Ian, come on radio this week. A really interesting read. We appreciate it. And you are not going to believe, by the way, the lame excuse colleges came up with to silence --


INGRAHAM: I love this section. It's called "Defending the First" series where we expose the enemies of the First Amendment, free expression, and thought. The latest target of campus censorship and the epidemic there is renowned professor emeritus Burt Folsom of Hillsdale College. An approval committee at Davidson College in North Carolina tried to ban him from delivering a lecture on campus. The committee's excuse, they claim the lecture would not be academic enough. Let's bring in Spencer Brown. He's a spokesman for the group that invited the professor to speak, Young Americans for Freedom. We have other stories to get to as well. They ultimately, Spencer, allowed him to speak on campus but not at that particular venue which is bigger and they put him off to the side somewhere. They said you can speak over here, the unwashed professor. What's going on?

SPENCER BROWN, YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM: That's exactly right. And I don't think it's any secret to you or your viewers that there's a real crisis in ideological diversity on college campuses. But what surprises us continually is the excuses that liberal administrators use in order to shut these speakers down. Here we have Davidson College telling that Burt Folsom who at one point had the number one bestselling history book in the country is not academic enough to speak on the main part of their campus, it's just ridiculous.

INGRAHAM: It's a fraud. And there's another hilarious story. Campus reform went out and they decided to interview students about sending troops to the border and immigration and so forth. Let's watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When president Obama did it, I felt that there was different coverage as to what the intentions were.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Where do you draw the line on who can be here or not


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: At a border I think most people would say.


INGRAHAM: The students didn't know that President Obama had actually sent troops to the border. So they were like well, when he did it. What is your take on the lack of basic understanding of whether it's the Constitution or basic, recent American history? It is a constant demonization of Trump or the propaganda machine on college campuses for like $50,000 a year a lot of these places.

BROWN: That's the real tragic part is these are students who are going to school allegedly to get an education, become well-rounded. And instead they're not learning critical thinking skills. They're not learning how to defend their ideas. They are just being fed this pabulum of leftist ideology. So what you see here is these students who don't know why they may support or oppose this policy. All they know that if Trump supports it must be bad. Whereas if you had asked it the other way around, if Obama had supported it, they would say was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

INGRAHAM: So that was at U.C. Santa Barbara. And so what you didn't show in this video is before, they didn't know Obama sent the troops to border. So they had to back into that. When he did it was necessary. It's classic. This is classic uninformed, God bless them, uninformed college students who learn it from the first time from some radical history professor. Then at G.W. University right nearby where we are, the Democrats, some of the college Democrats are not participating in some type of bipartisan discussion summit last week. They don't want to be bipartisan?

BROWN: It looks like the leftists are showing their true colors. And that is they don't want a dialogue. They don't want the free and open exchange of ideas because they know when that happens the best ideas rise to the top and the flawed ideas, the left's ideas will fall off. And so what you see here is basically their goal is to allow a situation only where leftist ideas are heard, because they know when conservative policies and solutions are offered, those are going to be the ones that students pick.

INGRAHAM: They are petrified. They are petrified of the debate. I've never seen anything like it. They are the most pusillanimous, they're petrified. And by the way, they said some members of the current executive board have hesitations about participating in events with conservative orgs.

BROWN: They're scared.

INGRAHAM: Petrified, that's all I'll say. Spencer, great to see you. Thanks for the update. We'll be right back.


INGRAHAM: Before we go we want to send our prayers and our best wishes for President George H.W. Bush, who is recovering tonight in a hospital. He was in the intensive care unit with a blood infection just of course a few days after burying his beloved wife, Barbara Bush. The entire Bush family, we wish you and him all the very best, very difficult time. And a quick reminder. Tweet me @IngrahamAngle. We always want to hear from you about tonight's show, what you want to see on tomorrow night's show. That's all the time we have tonight.


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