Mueller's witch hunt: Is Roger Stone next?

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Lying pomposity, smugness, groupthink, I got it. I totally got it.


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Tonight, breaking news you will not get anywhere in the media. Roger Stone, Sara Carter, Dan Bongino, Gregg Jarrett, Jesse Watters, Jessica Tarlov, Sean Spicer, Joe Concha, all here with reaction tonight.

Now, the abusively biased media goes wall-to-wall to exploit the unhinged former advisor Sam Nunberg, who was clearly in the middle of a personal crisis and breakdown.

Now, plus, this is CNN, the fake news network, they actually travel to Thailand to interview a jailed Russia, quote, sex coach and prostitute who's claiming to have information about the 2016 election interference. Is fake news CNN really that desperate?

Also, brand new tonight, more evidence that the fix was in with FBI's Clinton email investigation. FOX News reporting right here that the Trump- hating FBI agent Peter Strzok was told about a possible breach to Clinton's private server but he never followed it up. That's dangerous.

Breaking now, Sara Carter has an explosive report about John Kerry. Now, the former secretary of state is now being investigated by the House Intel Committee for his possible ties to the codes and bought and paid for dossier and key Republican committee chairman are now calling, as we are, for a second special counsel to be empaneled to investigate the investigators in a severe FISA abuse and FBI bias.

And there is a potential tonight, a nuclear breakthrough with North Korea, dictator Kim Jong-un is saying he's willing to talk to the U.S. about giving up his nukes. We're going to tell you how President Trump is responding.

All happening in our breaking news opening monologue.


HANNITY: All right. Tonight, we have a brand-new example of just how despicably low the hate Trump media will go at every cost to try and damage this president. The corrupt and abusively biased press is exploiting former Trump advisor Sam Nunberg to help do their dirty work.

Never mind the fact that this guy, Sam Nunberg, was in the middle of what is obviously a complete and a total breakdown after getting served a subpoena by the special counsel Robert Mueller. The media didn't care about any of that. They cheered Nunberg, of course, cheering him on because he was attacking the Trump administration, during a series of really incoherent interviews.

Watch the exploitation.


SAM NUNBERG, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN AIDE: Why do I have to give them a personal communications? Steve Bannon, Roger Stone? Roger is my mentor. I email, Ari, with Roger 50 times a day.

For Sarah Huckabee, to start criticizing me, I would say, and I know you may not like the way I say it. She should shut up her fat mouth.

Sarah should shut up.

ARI MELBERG, MSNBC: Really you are in the eye of the storm.

NUNBERG: Sara should shut up. She should shut her mouth.

MELBERG: Let me ask you the important question --


MELBERG: Do you understand --

NUNBERG: And I'm warning her by the way to shut her mouth.

Roger may be very upset. A lot of people may be very upset. I don't think this has been done before.

They are not going to send me to jail. You know what, Mr. Mueller, if he wants to send me to jail, he can send me to jail and then I will laugh about it.

I think it be funny if they arrested me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE, MSNBC They're held in contempt of court --

NUNBERG: I think it would be really funny, really, really funny if they wanted to arrest me because I don't want to spend 80 hours going over emails I had with Steve Bannon or Roger Stone.

ERIN BURNETT, CNN: And talking to you, I have smelled alcohol on your breath.

NUNBERG: Well, I have not had a drink.

BURNETT: You haven't had a drink? So, that's not --

NUNBERG: No. My answer is no. I have not.

BURNETT: Anything else?



NUNBERG: No. Besides my meds.


NUNBERG: Antidepressants. Is that OK?


HANNITY: You know, you would think if Erin Burnett over at fake news CNN, if she smelled alcohol on Nunberg's breath, maybe she would have maybe not put him on the air.

But that wasn't the point of what the media was doing yesterday. They didn't care if this guy was literally melting down on national television because they were using him as a tool to attack the Trump administration.
It didn't matter if Nunberg wasn't making any sense, that he was contradicting himself or perhaps intoxicated because the media saw this as an opportunity to attack the president and they seized on it just like they always do.

Here's another point. While the mainstream media was obsessing over Nunberg's freak out, they completely missed huge developments in stories they should have been covering, like irrefutable concrete evidence of real Russia collusion. It's pretty shameful, a complete a disservice to you, the American people.

But we do know there liberal media in this country, they stopped caring about the truth, about facts, a long time ago. It's why the so-called facts first network, fake news CNN, they will go anywhere in the world to try and prove their Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory to be true. OK, I'm not making this example up. It's true.

From fake news CNN, they actually sent a reporter to Thailand. Why? To interview a jailed Russian prostitute/sex coach who's claiming to have information about 2016 election interference.

CNN couldn't bring in a camera in the prison. But here's what they reported. Did you miss this?


REPORTER: I just came out of this detention center, where I spoke with Anastasia Vashukevich. It was loud and hot, and chaotic. And talking through the bars, she says that she witnessed meetings between the Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska and at least three Americans who she refused to name. She claims they discussed plans to affect the U.S. elections. But she wouldn't give any further information because she fears she could be deported back to Russia.


HANNITY: Let me get this straight. CNN sends a reporter to Thailand to interview a prostitute/sex coach in jail who claimed to have the smoking gun about the 2016 election. Well, that's news, more like this is CNN.

Look, if you are surprised by CNN's latest stunt to prove the so-called Russia collusion, you should not be. CNN literally went dumpster-diving last month in St. Petersburg, Russia, outside of a building that was reportedly home to the troll farm that tried to influence the election.

You can't make this up. Take a look.


REPORTER: It looks like it's polystyrene wrappers for some sort of computer or electronic stuff that's been delivered there recently. In fact, we saw them taking out the boxes from what look like new computers that have been delivered there.


HANNITY: Little dumpster diving, let's see, sex coaches, prostitutes.

We have a news flash for CNN. If you want evidence of real Russia collusion, real crimes that are committed, you don't have to waste your time traveling around the world and diving in dumpsters and going to jail to meet sex coaches. It's right in front of your faces and has been for over a year.

We on this program, we have been exposing how all roads in this Russia investigation lead directly back to Hillary Clinton. She is at the center of everything. You have the Clinton bought and paid for Russia dossier, the lying dossier, Russian propaganda and lies. John Solomon reporting that, that Australian diplomat that started the Russia investigation, he has deep ties to the Clintons, involved in 25 million going to the foundation.

Then you got Sid Vicious Blumenthal, Cody Shearer, they were feeding anti- Trump dirt to the Obama State Department.

And tonight, we have a major new update for my investigative reporter Sara Carter. She's reporting at the House Intel Committee is now investigating former Secretary of State John Kerry and his possible role in the phone and completely unverified dossier.

And as we just told you, Kerry's State Department, they were receiving anti-Trump information from longtime Clinton allies. We will investigate -- are you going to investigate that, CNN? And former State Department official, remember Jonathan Winer, he is admitting he met with former British spy Christopher Steele. Plus, former State Department official Victoria Nuland, she said that Steele gave the State Department pages of information that she apparently turned over to the FBI.

So, here are the key questions. What did John Kerry know now? When did he know it? And did this information from Steele and Clinton's allies make it to his desk? The House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes, he did send a list of ten key questions about that dossier to former Obama officials, but it's unclear John Kerry is one of them.

Sara Carter will reveal all in a report coming up in mere moments.

And also right now, even more evidence that the fix was in for the FBI's corrupt Clinton email investigation. Tonight, Fox is reporting that that Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok, he was told that Hillary Clinton's private server may have been hacked but then he didn't do anything about it. Just more proof the FBI did not ever at any point conduct a real investigation that the fix was in, and it was very rigged for Hillary Clinton in the beginning.

We do know that Comey and Strzok and others -- they were drafting the exoneration statement months before interviewing Hillary Clinton and 17 other key witnesses. In that exoneration letter, they changed the language that said it was reasonably likely that Clinton's server was hacked and it was possible the server was accessed by hostile, foreign actors. Hm? Maybe Russia.

Think about it for a second. It was previously reported that five foreign actors had hacked Clinton's server. Well, we can guess one of them probably has to be Russia. Another being China. Possibly Iran? Was it North Korea?

All these people that had access to top-secret material. That means American sources and methods were revealed, which means American lives were then put in danger.

So, Strzok put his personal biases ahead of protecting Americans and American national security while Russia and others were literally looking page by page and stealing our national security secrets. What Strzok did here is beyond the dereliction of duty. It's crime.

Which is why we have to ask, how does Peter Strzok still have a job? And better yet, why isn't he being investigated?

We now have a mountain of evidence of bias and wrongdoing against Peter Strzok and so many others, and this is only new information to add to the list. So, it's time to hold him accountable.

We also have breaking tonight, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte and the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Trey Gowdy, they are making a joint plea to the Department of Justice, I'd like to join them, requesting the Attorney General Jeff Sessions appoint a second special counsel to investigate all this misconduct, all this bias within the Department of Justice and the FBI.

According to the request, the second special counsel would investigate FISA abuses during and after the 2016 election, including why the unvetted, unverified phony Steele dossier, how was it ever able to be used to obtain a warrant against Carter Page? How did that ever happen? As we said so many times on this program, the special counsel is needed. They can't investigate themselves. And it's the Attorney General Jeff Sessions's job, to make this happen.

Finally tonight, after decades of inaction and so much diplomatic failure that resulted in a nuclear armed North Korea, Clinton's bribery, Bill Clinton, didn't work, while I break your potential is on the horizon.
Talks between North and South Korea have been progressing and officials in Pyongyang are now reportedly opening -- open to renegotiating the denuclearization in the region.

Of course, the kingdom has also expressed interest in normalizing communication of the United States, has allegedly made offers to end nuclear ballistic missile tests, and, of course, this comes just weeks after the Trump administration enacted tough new sanctions against North Korea and months since President Trump moved a third carrier strike group to the region.

Here's what President Trump had to say about all of these new developments earlier today.


REPORTER: Do you believe that North Korea's recent willingness to talk is sincere or is it an effort to buy time for the nuclear program and to what do you owe this recent openness to talk?

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Me. No. I think that -- nobody got that.

I think that they are sincere but I think that they are sincere also because the sanctions and what we are doing with respect to North Korea, including, you know, the great help we have been given from China, they can do more, but I think they've done more than certainly they've ever done for our country before. So, China has been a big help. I think that's been a factor.

But the sanctions have been very, very strong and very biting, and we don't want that to happen. So I really believe they are sincere. I hope they are sincere. We're going to soon find out.


HANNITY: While these revelations may present and represent a potential diplomatic breakthrough, it's unlikely that the United States will hold bilateral direct talks with North Korea until Kim Jong Un gets rid of his nuclear weapons program. I say that move is highly unlikely. Beware.

Joining us now with reaction to all the breaking news tonight, Fox News contributor Sara Carter, NRA TV contributor and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.

Sara, let start with new news, and take it from there.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, what we know now is that the House Intelligence Committee has expanded to include in their second phase, which is the State Department, John Kerry. And the reason is, Sean, that there is new evidence that has been surfacing, part of it came out and Jonathan Winer's op-ed that was in "The Washington Post" and recently in a story published by the New Yorker, and expose with Christopher Steele, where it's actually -- they buried deep in the story, you'll see that Kerry was actually briefed on the dossier sometime during September 2016 or October.

So, Kerry was briefed after Winer gave his summary to Victoria Nuland and to Jon Finer, who was his chief of staff. Then Finer went and briefed Kerry.

So, how far did this go?

What the House Intelligence Committee and other congressional members along with Senate Judiciary want to know is how high up the change of the information on the dossier go? Was it just to the high level officials liked Kerry, did it go all the way up to the president? And I think that's why that's so imperative in their questioning, they ask if anybody had briefed President Obama on the dossier prior to January 5th.

HANNITY: All right. Let's go to the other news. Peter Strzok -- I mean, this is pretty amazing -- ignore the fact that he knew that Hillary's server was hacked. We know from James Comey. Top-secret, classified, special access program information was all on that server. We had heard five other hostile nations but specifically the reporting in 'The Daily Caller,' Russia, that Russia hacked into it of all nations.


HANNITY: Doesn't that put people's lives in jeopardy?

JARRETT: This is a guy, Peter Strzok, who decided apparently on his own, he encouraged other people, as well, not to do a damage assessment. That's a serious breach of national security and the FBI isn't doing a damage assessment --

HANNITY: Let's add to that. He also was the one writing the exoneration of Comey. He also was the guy that interviewed Hillary Clinton just days before they exonerated her. But they were exonerating her months in advance. They never did an investigation.

JARRETT: No, and she said, I don't recall up to 40 times. She could only recall her name and date of birth.

Look, Peter Strzok -- this is the beauty of the computer systems. We now know when and by whom Comey's exoneration statement was altered to clear Hillary Clinton. Of course, Peter Strzok is the one who launched the investigation of Donald Trump to try to frame him for something he didn't do, Trump-Russian collusion.

And here we are, you know, a year and half later, and there is still no evidence of it. The special counsel 10 months later doesn't have any evidence of it, either. You know, there were a lot of bad characters in all of this and I was glad to see today two but very powerful law and order chairman, Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy, call for a second special counsel.

HANNITY: Dan Bongino, we all watched in horror as this poor guy, Sam Nunberg, is having a meltdown on national TV but you got reporters saying, I smell alcohol on your breath, but they do it at the end of the interview. They don't stop the interview because it's anti-Trump. So, there a political component, using this guy who's incoherent, making contradictory remarks, just because it hurts Trump.

Your reaction?

DAN BONGINO, FORMER SECRET SERVICE AGENT: Yes, Sean, you know if he were to come on the air intoxicated or on some kind of mood-altering drug, and would have said anything remotely pro-Trump or had not aligned himself with a Trump-Russian narrative in any way, they would have scrapped it. I mean, this is clearly a bottom of the barrel effort here to attack the Trump team by any means necessary.

It was really one of the more disgusting things. I mean, I am no fan of the media, the left-wing media, that's no secret. But it was one of the more disgusting episodes I have ever seen in my 43 years on the planet. It was grotesque. They should be horrified at what happened.

HANNITY: Sara, and all your reporting, because you first broke that in fact the FISA warrant at Trump Tower had, in fact, taken place, you broke that story in March of last year. We've been following the story ever since.

Can you see any connection to dumpster diving in St. Petersburg, Russia? Do you see any role that perhaps the sex coach/prostitute in jail in Thailand may have had that you missed? I mean, you've fallen down on the job, have you failed our audience?

CARTER: No, I have not. I would be the first to go dumpster-diving in Russia or wherever to find a story. Look, the story is right here.

It appears the media, Sean, a lot of folks in the media, I will talk about CNN here, are having such a difficult time accepting the facts that they are going to extreme measures and is actually starting to look ridiculous. It's actually sad because they're not informing the public.

And a lot of the public, the part of the public that watches CNN, I know their ratings have gone way down, but there are people watching it aren't getting the full facts. And lawmakers are not being serviced, as well, with the facts, to make better decisions.

So, they don't need to go that far. They just need to look right here and start their own investigation and I welcome them to start following these investigations because I think they're going to go much further. I think they're going to lead to bigger, bigger stories, Sean. This is just the beginning.

Remember, after the IG report, looking at a possible special counsel, that could easily happen. More lawmakers are going to jump on that bandwagon and they're going to be asking for it.

HANNITY: It's way too slow for my liking but I agree, knowing a lot of what I'm pretty aware is coming, as you do.

I want to go back to the issue of Sam Nunberg and get your take on this. I mean, I'm trying to understand what the point was. They know he's contradicting himself, but they keep exploiting this guy.

JARRETT: CNN and MSNBC in particular were so giddy with excitement and their zeal to bring down Donald Trump, they were willing to take advantage and exploit and manipulate a guy who was obviously troubled. It was clear he didn't know anything because he was in early in the campaign in 2015.

HANNITY: He said he was in 2011. I've known Trump all these years. While he was flirting with it, messing around with it, he really had no intention to run.

JARRETT: Where was Andy Lack, Phil Griffin, and Jeff Zucker? Why didn't they call the control room after the first interviews and say stop it? Taking off our air.

HANNITY: Let me ask you, Dan Bongino, last question. When the server is breached and Peter Strzok an FBI agent knows it, and you have top secret classified special access program information on it, people's lives were put in jeopardy and he didn't do his job. What should happen?

BONGINO: You know, it's a travesty that Hillary Clinton wasn't indicted for this, Sean. I have some great contacts on this, first-hand information about that server given my prior line of employment. And it's not pretty.
A lot of people knew about this for a long time and the fact that they changed the language in that famous July 5th Jim Comey speech regarding what it say that it was reasonably likely, one from reasonably likely to highly probable or something like that, goes to show you that as this was an effort the entire time to exonerate Hillary Clinton, Sean, no matter what.

HANNITY: Well, they started writing the exoneration in May. I don't think our friends on the left care about the rule of law anymore.

All right, guys. Thank you, all. We appreciate it.

When we come back, the one and only Roger Stone -- if you haven't seen his show on Netflix, an expose on him, you got to watch it. It's very entertaining.

We'll get to that and much more straight ahead.



HANNITY: Did Russia give you this information or anybody associated with Russia?

JULIAN ASSANGE, WIKILEAKS FOUNDER: Our source is not a state party. So, the answer for our interactions is no.

HANNITY: You did not get this information about the DNC, John Podesta's emails, can you tell the American people 1,000 percent you did not get it from Russia or anyone associated with Russia?

ASSANGE: We can say, we have said repeatedly over the last two months, that our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party.


HANNITY: That was WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange back in January 2017 when we went to the Ecuadorian embassy in Great Britain, denying allegations that Russia gave him hacked Democratic emails. The mainstream media will stop at nothing to try and tie President Trump and his associates to all things Russia. Well, now, they're turning their attention to longtime Republican strategist, former Trump advisor, Roger Stone.

One headline from 'VICE News' reads: Why Roger Stone could be Mueller's next target in the Russia probe.

Here to respond is the man himself, former Trump campaign adviser, Republican strategist. He got a full feature for himself on Netflix.

Roger Stone, how are you, sir?

ROGER STONE, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN ADVISER: Sean, thank you so much for having me.

HANNITY: I appreciate you being back.

Let's start with Sam Nunberg, Apparently a protege of yours. I thought he was exploited. It looked like something was wrong. I don't know him that well, I don't know him really at all, it didn't seem right. He seemed incoherent, contradicting himself.

What was your reaction as someone who knows him?

STONE: Well, watching that interview was kind of like a cross between Howard Beale in "Network" saying I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take anymore, and an Andy Kaufman comedy routine.

Sam Nunberg is a talented guy. He's clearly dealing with his own demons.
But let me make clear, he is not speaking at my behest or with my direction. Yet, on the heels of Sam's interview, "Vice," "The Washington Post," MSNBC, and others, say that my indictment is imminent because I received hacked DNC material from WikiLeaks or Julian Assange, and I gave it to the Trump campaign and Donald Trump.

HANNITY: In advance of their release.


STONE: The problem with that Trump is I received -- I never received anything whatsoever. Let me be clear. I had no advance notice of the content, source, or exact timing of the WikiLeaks disclosures regarding the DNC or Hillary Clinton. I never received any material from WikiLeaks or from the Russian state or anyone else, therefore, I couldn't have passed it on to anyone in the Trump campaign. And I never discussed the WikiLeaks disclosures whatsoever with candidate Donald Trump or President Donald Trump.

HANNITY: Ever? You'd never -


STONE: Before, during, or after the campaign.

HANNITY: OK. Have you been subpoenaed by Robert Mueller?

STONE: I have not. But based on a 'New York Times' story of January 20th, 2017, inauguration day that said that my communications were, along with Paul Manafort and Carter Page, being surveilled to under a FISA warrant, I have operated on the assumption that some authorities have been monitoring my communications the entire time.

I have no evidence or knowledge or involvement in Russian collusion or any other inappropriate act.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this then.

I might be the only person in America that has actually interviewed Julian Assange five times. I did go to the Ecuadorian embassy. Some people like them, some people don't like him. That's irrelevant.

We know he is the one that put the emails in play. He them put -- he revealed these emails to the world. The question that I think we've got to ask ourselves, if Robert Mueller, if his mandate, which has now expanded even into the UAE and well beyond what is original mandate is. But if his mandate is to discover Trump-Russia collusion, where these emails came from, did they come from Russia, don't you think the first guy you might want to ask or try and get information from would be the guy that -- the one person on earth that you know knows where that came from, whether you like Julian or don't like Julian. That would be Julian Assange. I can say with certainty anybody else on the face of this earth would know 100 percent, but he would.

ROGER STONE, PRESIDENT TRUMP'S LONG-TIME ASSOCIATE: Well, when I said on MSNBC tonight that I did not believe that Julian Assange was a Russian agent and I didn't believe that WikiLeaks is a Russian asset, I think he is an honest journalist. No one has questioned the authenticity or the accuracy of any of the materials that WikiLeaks has released.

HANNITY: 11 years --

STONE: Their whole promise -- their false premise --

HANNITY: 11 years they've never gotten a thing wrong. That is a far better track records than the three major networks, MSNBC, CNN, 'Washington Post' and the New York Times. Not once that I have ever seen that they get it wrong.

STONE: That is exactly right. This entire narrative is based on a false premise from our politicized intelligence agencies that Julian Assange is a Russian agent. No, he is a courageous journalist who has an incredible track record for accuracy and authenticity. When you reject that at MSNBC, one commentator says, now Stone is moving the goal post. Not at all, I've been saying this for two years. I continue to believe it. The same people who tell you, there's no Meta data collection program on Americans or Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. They now insist Julian Assange is a Russian asset. I believe that is entirely false.

HANNITY: We all know that Peter Strzok apparently knew that Hillary's server in fact had been infiltrated by the Russians. Is it possible that maybe Julian Assange had sources? Up to five foreign intelligence agencies would have had access to her e-mails. Is it possible he got it from one source and the Russians did had it? Is it possible everybody had it, because she went to a mom and pop shop bathroom and broke the law and committed felonies in the process of not handling classified information the way it should have been handled?

STONE: More importantly, Sean, this whole discussion is meant to distract from the content of the disclosures.

HANNITY: Good point.

STONE: She show Hillary Clinton to be greedy, corrupt and distract from the fact that the Obama Justice Department and the Obama FBI utilized what they knew is fabricated evidence to justify legally the surveillance of the Republican candidate for President. This is an abuse of power that makes Watergate look like small potatoes. It's obvious the question that must be asked based on the FBI text messages, what did Obama know and when did he know it.

HANNITY: Well-said. What is your relationship like with the President? A lot -- I've always said to people, Donald Trump is his own man. Anyone that tells you any different doesn't know Donald Trump. He makes his own mind up.

STONE: That is entirely true. There's no Karl Rove in Trump land. He is his own strategist and word smith and damn good at it. I am a loyal supporter of the President. I think he is doing an amazing job given the deep state enmity and the two-Party opposition to him. Two million new jobs? A growing economy? Extraordinary.

HANNITY: Last question. This is personal between you and me. You said once that I was lobbying to be in the Trump administration. I never lobbied ever, nor would I have ever taken or did I talk to anybody about it. You remember saying that?

STONE: I don't recall saying that. But if I did, I stand corrected.

HANNITY: All right. No problem. Roger, listen, I'm just waiting till I get my own Netflix two-hour special. That would be a big day for me. Congratulations.

STONE: We can call it 'Get Me Sean Hannity.'


HANNITY: All right. Good to see you. Thank you. When we come back, Ed Henry. Big news. President Trump's battle against California's sanctuary state policies. Jesse Watters and Jessica Tarlov on some Democrats would have known ties with the anti-Semite racist Louis Farrakhan, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Big breaking news on President Trump's fight against California's sanctuary policies. Here with more, Fox news chief national correspondent, Ed Henry. What's happening?

ED HENRY, SENIOR NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Sean great to see you. In fact this is breaking just this hour. Fox News learning that the Trump administration has filed a lawsuit tonight against the state of California, charging that three recently passed state laws are interfering with federal immigration enforcement. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in California himself tonight declaring he is determined to enforce the law and reduce crime and is seeking an injunction to block the three California laws, including one that justice officials say is preventing private companies from voluntarily cooperating with ICE officials.

This confrontation of course comes shortly after Oakland mayor took the resist movement to a whole new level, warning potential targets that ICE agents were planning to arrest them around the bay area last month. The President struck back this week with a major court victory. A Federal Judge ruling, the White House can withhold a million dollar federal grant California, because of concerns about back stage Sanctuary City policies. Basically it's a sanctuary state right now. Giving refuge to about 2.5 million illegal immigrants right now.

On the other side of the country in Harpers Ferry West Virginia, several
MS-13 gang members were facing life sentences after they were convicted of restraining and killing a Virginia man who is believed to be aligned with a rival gang member. The gruesome parties, the man was stabbed more than 50 times after being lowered to a rock quarry. Then his body was dumped into a ditch while the MS-13 gang members tried to burn their own clothing to destroy the evidence. Bottom line, the attorney general is now leaving the door open to filing suits not just in California but all around the country, Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Thanks for that report. We appreciate it Ed Henry, the daily caller, they have an explosive record on at least seven house Democrats that have direct ties to the nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, the known racist, known anti-Semite. Listen to what Farrakhan recently said in Chicago.


LOUIS FARRAKHAN, ISLAM LEADER: White folks are going down. And Satan is going down. And Farrakhan, by god's grace has pulled the cover off of that satanic Jew. And I'm here to say your time is up. Your world is through.


HANNITY: Joining us now, co-host of 'The Five', and the host of 'Watter's World' Jesse Watters and Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov. Whose world is it going to be this week? We have to wait and see.


HANNITY: There was a photograph that recently was revealed and never came out in 2008. And that was with Barack Obama and Louis Farrakhan. It was a congressional black caucus event. The person that took was asked to hide that photo before the election. That photo would hurt Barack Obama's chances of winning?

TARLOV: I think it would have. It was when he was a state Senator, it was taken in 2005. I think it absolutely would have which is why it was obviously hidden there. I think that Louis Farrakhan should be, you know, booted out of any company --

HANNITY: God teaches me the white man is the skunk of the planet earth.

TARLOV: I don't think that is true.

JESSE WATTERS, FOX THE FIVE SHOW HOST: I don't know why Barack Obama is hanging out with him. He is more racist than Donald Trump. He hangs out with Sharpton, Reverend Wright.

TARLOV: He does not hang out with Reverend Wright.


I don't think Trump goes to church at all.

WATTERS: It's better than going to a racist church.

TARLOV: Listen. I'm not a fan of Reverend Wright or Louis Farrakhan. Al Sharpton --

HANNITY: How do you make the case he didn't know Reverend Wright when he was in the pews for 20 years? Can you just admit that when he distanced himself for Wright that was for political expediency? Just be honest.

TARLOV: Yes. I don't think anyone would admit that.

HANNITY: He really liked Reverend Wright's church but he can't admit it publicly?

TARLOV: Why are you laughing? Listen, I think's done as good as I can say that it was politically motivated. Obviously it work for him.

HANNITY: So you assumed he agreed with Reverend Wright?

TARLOV: No, I don't think --if you look at his policies and his presidency and the way that he ran this country, it had --

HANNITY: What if Jesse Watters, the guy next to you there, what if he hung out with somebody that the Sunday after 9/11 said America's chickens have come home to roost, not god bless America, G.D. America? What would you think of Jesse?

WATTERS: You wouldn't sit next to me. But all these seven Democrats sat next right to Reverend Wright and now sitting next to Louis Farrakhan.

TARLOV: I started out --

WATTERS: Louis Farrakhan said that Hitler was a good guy. When asked about it, Danny Davis, Democrat in the house, said Farrakhan was an outstanding human being. Would you imagine if a Republican in the house, white guy, was saying that stuff about David Duke?

TARLOV: Can you imagine in the President of the United States said there were fine people on both sides in Charlottesville?

WATTERS: Listen. The president has said imprecise things.

TARLOV: Imprecise?

WATTERS: He dated a black model for two years.

TARLOV: So what?

WATTERS: His son-in-law is Jewish.

TARLOV: He knows a black woman defense?

WATTERS: Jesse Jackson for years has said that Donald Trump has done great things for the black community. He is not taking pictures with Farrakhan as was Barack Obama.

TARLOV: So what do you have to lose? He called NFL players sons of B.S.

WATTERS: What does that have to do with racism? If you're going to kneel during the national anthem, it's unpatriotic.

TARLOV: It's yours first amendment right to protest, right?

WATTERS: I'm not talking about the national anthem. I'm talking about Barack Obama and seven Democrats taking photographs and hugging Louis Farrakhan who also said that white people deserve to die. Jews are my enemy. You're Jewish. Don't you think that is offensive?

TARLOV: What is insane about this, I began the segment by agreeing with you two and you're still weighing on me.

WATTERS: You started off so well. You are doing so well.

TARLOV: I think I'm still doing well. And I think I am winning about Farrakhan, I absolutely agree with you. I would add to it that I thought Jake Tapper tweeted out about the misogyny. This is a huge problem for a couple of the leaders of the women's March who are standing by him, you go saying we don't agree with all this language, but not publicly --

WATTERS: The people attended the Farrakhan speech.


HANNITY: I got a question. What if Donald Trump started his political career in a home of an unrepentant domestic terrorist and he wished he did more in terms of involve in the Pentagon bombing, New York City police headquarters in the capital and he wish he did more? What would you think of Donald Trump starting his political career in that person's house?

TARLOV: Are you talking about his father's?

WATTERS: No, Bill Ayers.

TARLOV: What are you talking about?

HANNITY: I had her on the ropes.

TARLOV: I'm killing it tonight. No, Bill Ayers --

WATTERS: You're cocky tonight Jessica.

TARLOV: I agreed with you guys. I don't know what you -- if you look at Barack Obama's policies and how --

HANNITY: And forget all his friends.

TARLOV: No, not all of his friends.

WATTERS: Look at his policies. Black unemployment, black poverty.

TARLOV: Oh my god. That is absolutely not true.

WATTERS: Black unemployment record low. Look at his policies.

TARLOV: The month after he is not there --

HANNITY: Black unemployment is down dramatically. We had an eight years in Obama, millions more black Americans, Hispanics Americans and poverty and on food stamps.

TARLOV: You mean because of Reverend Wright?

HANNITY: So his policies are all ears, millions more on poverty and on food stamp, wait a minute. So his policies failed the black community.

TARLOV: I would disagree with that so with black unemployment --

WATTERS: How do you disagree with facts?

TARLOV: The conditions that Barack Obama inherited from George Bush --

WATTERS: It is George's fault.


HANNITY: It's Bush's fault.

TARLOV: Why are we doing a segment about Barack Obama, Donald Trump is the president.

HANNITY: If the dog bites, the bee stings and your feelings sad.

TARLOV: Let us talk about Donald Trump. How about Stormy Daniels? Let's talk about -- you want to talk about all of Barack Obama's scandals. Let's --

HANNITY: Let's go with Monica Lewinsky.

TARLOV: Fine. I recommend her new book.

HANNITY: I can't wait to read Vanity Fair. I will go grab my copy.

TARLOV: She wrote a good piece.

HANNITY: I hate to say it? Winner?

TARLOV: Wait, no.

HANNITY: Jesse World, you live in it.

WATTERS: There it is.

HANNITY: Sean Spicer and Joe Concha next.


HANNITY: So according to the media research centers analysis of the January and February evening news casts on ABC, CBS, MSNBC, coverage on President Trump was 91 percent negative. Shocking. Here with reaction, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer and from the Hill Joe Concha. You are the number's guy Joe I will start with you.


HANNITY: So 91 percent is almost everything negative.

CONCHA: Nine out of ten stories. Before anybody says watch me research center is a conservative outlet. Pugh research did a similar study for all 2017 and came essentially to the same conclusion. What is troubling about this, we're talking not about opinion shows. We're talking about ABC, CBS, and NBC. The nightly news, supposed to be nonpartisan, supposed to be bias free. Remember 24 million people on average watch those shows at night.
So it still has influence, 24 million that is a lot. That is more than average for the World Series. When nine out of ten stories are negative towards an administration that is bias and broad daylight. What you have here is a President that is over 40 percent in the real clear politics average, over 50 percent in the economy in terms of approval. So how do we get back to --

HANNITY: 48 percent in Zogby, 49 percent in Rasmussen. So I haven't check today or the last couple of days.

CONCHA: 48, yes.

HANNITY: I mean this numbers keep going up. It seems to me that people are now adjusting -- Donald Trump is a little different. His a disrupter. I think they like it and it will help him in the re-election. Things have gotten so bad -- I've watched you battle that idiot over at fake news, Acosta. If they want to call him a journalist, this is the same network that we saw go dumpster diving in St. Petersburg Russia and now they went to a jail in Thailand to interview a sex coach prostitute thinking they're going to crack open the Trump collusion story. Sean Spicer.

SEAN SPICER, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: First of all, before we get off the numbers, I just want to say congratulations on the ratings. Seems there's a nice pattern here with Sean to support President Trump doing really well in the ratings. Congratulations on your success. That proves to the network news that telling the truth and getting the story out is what viewers are really tuning in to see this days. With respect to Mr. Acosta, what this comes down to in the recent tweet that he sent with respect to Sarah Sanders, he said that she by not calling him didn't show courage. Let's be honest. Jim Acosta is a carnival barker in the press room that is clueless and classless. The day that briefing was taking place, Sarah answered over 40 questions. Because Jim Acosta didn't get his practice questions in, he feels that showed a lack of courage. On that same day, Sarah had two combat veterans sitting on stage that just met with President Trump who he thanked for their service. Sergeant John Peck and Sergeant Liam Dwyer. Both individuals were injured in Iraq separately, went back and reenlisted to go to Iraq. Both cases, both got further injured. Sergeant Peck lost both his arms and both his legs. Staff Sergeant Dwyer lost an arm. He has had over 50 surgeries. That, Mr. Acosta, is courage. That is courage. Don't talk about not getting a question being a lack of courage. Real courage will serve this country and act like an adult.

HANNITY: Well-said. Last word.

CONCHA: Fox News in the first four years of President Obama's conferences, 36 press conferences. He only called on Fox 14 times. So networks get boxed out depending on the administration. This is how it works.

HANNITY: Well said. Video of the day next.


HANNITY: One Virginia man found out that his son got in trouble for bullying. He came up with an interesting punishment. That is our video of the day.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My son finally got in trouble on the bus enough or he actually got kicked off the bus for three days, because he was being a little bully, which I do not tolerate, cannot stand, and therefore, he has to now run to school. We are right about 1 mile from the school, so all week he is got the experience of running to school. Since he is been running to school this week is behavior is gotten much better. His teachers have approved of his behavior this week. He hasn't got in trouble at school this week, where last week he was just absolutely out of his mind. This right here is just old school parenting.


HANNITY: he is going to drive snowflakes crazy. Time for a quick Hannity hotline.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sean. Love the show, but please stop saying unpeeled the onion. We were actually peeling the onion.


HANNITY: You are right, I'm sorry. Bad host. Kidding. Anything to say, 8772258587. We will always be fair and balance, let not your heart be troubled. Laura Ingraham.

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