Eric Trump on addressing gun violence, business in India

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INGRAHAM: I'm great and I'll be speaking shortly before the president tomorrow morning at CPAC so make sure to tune in. Welcome, everyone to "The Ingraham Angle" from Washington. I am Laura Ingraham.

We have a sensational show tonight and you are not going to want to miss a minute from start to finish so stay right here. The son of the president, Eric Trump, is here to discuss the big stories making headlines including calls to investigate the Obama administration and the push for new gun control.

Plus, a stunning new revelation on the Florida shooting, an armed deputy quickly arrived on the scene but apparently, he refused to confront the gunman or go inside the building. That's helpful.

And we'll also tell you how an alert security officer in another could have been a horrific situation may have prevented yet another school shooting.

And John Bolton tells us why China is getting even more bold and dangerous on the world stage.

But first, to woo Trump and win the 2018 midterms, the left exploits tragedy and demonizes the NRA. That's the focus of tonight's angle.

Last night at a CNN town hall, Florida Senator Marco Rubio walked into the lion's den with a fillet mignon in his back pockets.


SENATOR MARCO RUBIO, R-FLORIDA: If I believe that that law would have prevented this from happening, I would support it. But I want to explain to you why it would not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Senator Rubio, it's hard to look at you and not look down the barrel of an ARr-15 and not look at Nikolas Cruz. Can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA?

RUBIO: That's why I support the things that I have stood for and (inaudible).


INGRAHAM: Rubio was really gutsy to show up and to hear the kids out, but sure wasn't fun and he quickly became a punching bag for the crowd and questioners. There was booing, jeering, a complete lack of respect by teenagers as well as the adults in the room, who frankly should have known better.

Dana Loesch, then NRA spokeswoman received her own warm CNN welcome.


DANA LOESCH, NRA SPOKESWOMAN: Think of how far you all can go as a result of voicing your beliefs. You can shout me down when I'm finished but as other media networks would have covered it. Wait a second -- he should not have been able to purchase the firearm.


INGRAHAM: Naturally, the media lap up all these nastiness and there was basically zero criticism of the hecklers who showed zero expect for the public officials and the spokespeople who actually showed up for real dialogue. Maybe get something accomplished. Instead the people on that stage walked into a circus. Imagine if conservative students would have screamed at Democrat Senator Bill Nelson when he made this point.


SENATOR BILL NELSON, D-FLORIDA: Did you know that the state the governor's office gave financial incentives for the Colt Corporation to come to Kissimmee to manufacture AR-15s. The same one that wreaked such havoc.


INGRAHAM: OK. Well what Nelson conveniently left out was that despite the financial incentives, Colt never actually moved this AR-15 factory to Florida and think about this, what is so horrible about encouraging manufacturers of legal products to come into your state to create jobs?

So, is the governor, for instance, offered tax breaks to a distillery responsible for the actions of every drunk driver that happens to drink that beverage, I think not. Well, CNN was not alone in their completely politicized and bias coverage.

The AP, the Washington Post and many others in the media felt compelled to create "Cardgate." Yes, President Trump held a note card during a White House listening session.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There was a lot made of the notes that he had on a piece of paper sort of outlining the steps of empathy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As if the president had to be reminded to empathize.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There was this awkward photo today from the Associated Press showing the note that the president brought with him to talk to these kids and their families who have been through gun massacres.


INGRAHAM: Now this is how desperate the press is. The president holds an unprecedented open forum with students, teachers and shooting survivors and this is something they would have praised Obama to the hill for.

I mean, you never seen anything like what you saw yesterday, and I should hope that the president walks into an event like this, which is so emotional, everybody is watching, really prepared.

If he had no notes, they would have complained that Trump just winged it and he clearly just doesn't care at all about the kids. The anti-gun activists have every right to make their pitch to ban weapons if that's what they really believed.

But I'll tell you one thing, they are not entitled to their own facts. They routinely claim, for instance, that the NRA is against background checks. This was NRA's Wayne LaPierre at CPAC today.


WAYNE LAPIERRE, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, NRA: The National Rifle Association originated the national instant check system. It was our bill. No one on the prohibited person's list should ever have access to a firearm. No killer, no felon, no drug dealer.


INGRAHAM: I think, my friend, Jake Tapper, didn't focus on that last night, but nevertheless, the president tweeted his support of the organization today saying among other things, the folks who work so hard at the NRA are great people and great American patriots. They love our country and will do the right thing."

Well, this sent the low-brow lefties into paroxysms of outrage because they want our young people to think of the NRA as a reprehensible blood-thirsty organization, evil people who are in the words of one of the kids at CNN, terrorists.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Trump was pushing the NRA line today talking about emotional problems (inaudible) with guns --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's a traditional Republican way and that's the NRA way that the NRA bought politicians to say that.


INGRAHAM: Again, I cannot stress this enough, the Democrats and their leftist enablers in the media are positively desperate to distract you from all the good news that's happening around us.

Think about this a new poll out just this week by Gallup tells us that 45 percent of Americans are satisfied with our standing in the world. That's a 13-year high and it's also a 13-percentage point increase from just a year ago.

Small business confidence is way up, the economy is strong, and so all the Democrats can do in response is to create new boogeyman. Now it's the NRA. For a year, they've tried to peddle contempt for President Donald Trump, but today after all that work by the media and the left his approval numbers are higher than they were when he was elected.

The generic Republican versus Democrat ballot is also tightening. This is incredible. Some in the GOP have the GOP now within three points of the Democrats. The Democrats led by double digits just two months ago.

So, I say this, sure, the country still has problems, drug addiction and violence in cities like Chicago and Baltimore and the spread of MS-13 and now we know the need to improve the school safety.

But generally, things are getting better. They're getting better for more Americans and this is driving Democrats absolutely bonkers. So much so that they're even willing to exploit the pain of the young Stoneman Douglas High School survivors.

Now I'd like to say that I was surprised by this but I'm not. Many on the left, elected officials, professional activists and those who fund them have been doing this doing this kind of thing for decades.

In order to create the socialist utopia that they all envision, they have tried to convince the people, our people in this country, the citizens to sacrifice their individual rights, their basic freedoms for the common good.

A few more taxes here, a few more regulations there, and now they want to water down the Second Amendment on the false promise that to do so will be an end to all these school killings. We won't have any school killings anymore.

But I say we should be very careful here. The administrative state wants to take away guns using tragedies as excuses because they don't want the private individual to have personal power.

As Ben Franklin once wrote, those who would give us a sense of liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. That is the angle.

Joining us now for reaction is someone who knows the president, I'd say extremely well, his son, Eric Trump, who is an executive vice president at the Trump Organization. It's good to see you, Eric. How are you?

First time on "The Ingraham Angle" since we started. What's your sense about what's happening out there today? Your dad had this incredible event yesterday at the White House yesterday and the vitriol and vial that he received at the other end of that is tough.

ERIC TRUMP, PRESIDENT TRUMP'S SON: I'm proud of him. It's the toughest subject in my opinion. I just had a 5-month-old child and you I can't imagine being in the same room. This country is doing great on a relative basis. The economy is through the roof. Unemployment is lower than it's ever been before and African-American unemployment is the lowest it's been and the jobs are coming back.

Manufacturing is coming back. The markets are, you know, just raging 401(k)s are up. I mean, there are so many great things. You know, the vets are being helped and military is strong. ISIS is gone.

There are so many things that we can celebrate, and I agree that Democrats will use absolutely anything they can to take him down because they're afraid of all the successes. Now I'm not saying something doesn't need to take place over the tragedy that's happened but my heart breaks.

But I think you're right in that anything they can to undermine the man you saw the Russian hoax that they are doing and it's very, very sad and it's not beneficial for country.

INGRAHAM: The obsession over the card he held in his hand, I wrote speeches in the Reagan administration, if it was impromptu we would give notes. They're saying your father doesn't really care. He doesn't know how to show emotion. He's not the comforter-in-chief that Obama or Clinton or Bush was. And you say?

TRUMP: Anybody who watched that press conference yesterday, you know, anybody who watched that town hall when they're seeing the emotion from the parent and teachers and again one of the --

INGRAHAM: But they're saying your father doesn't have that emotion. That's where they are right now.

TRUMP: I think you saw the emotion and you know what, if you read the points on the card, they were beautiful points. I want to hear you. I want to know the feelings each of you have because the feelings you have sitting in that room while the shots were taking place -- he was amazing yesterday. He was amazing yesterday and I was proud of him and quite frankly, I think it's the first step in healing a nation that's deeply troubled by what happened.

INGRAHAM: Do you think that we should raise the age of when someone can be able to buy semiautomatic rifles to 21?

TRUMP: Listen, I'm a big Second Amendment American, but I also think something has to be done. It's sad to see what's happening. I'm a big fan of background checks and other things. I also think there's a systematic problem in society that has to be addressed. How do you solve -- and I've struggled with this the last couple days, how do you solve the problem of evil in the society? That person was not right.

INGRAHAM: Well, we found out today the security cameras were not operating in real time. They were on a several-minute delay. A 10-minute delay or longer and also the security guard that was armed --

TRUMP: Those are the lay-ups. Those are the things that are not acceptable, but how do you solve evil in society. I think we need to do a better job. As parents, I think we need to do a better job. As society, I think we need to do a better job. On social media, I think we need to do a better job mentoring our youth.

There's so many aspects of this. So, yes, I think there's common sense things that can be done, right, that don't hurt people who really enjoy, you know, Second Amendment (inaudible) stands for. I also think there's societal problems that need to be solved.

INGRAHAM: We didn't have this problem when I was growing up. We had more guns in Connecticut where I grew up than we have probably today and fewer gun control laws and we have fire drills. That's all we have. Something's changed between the late '70s and early '80s and today.

There's a lot changed, and I don't know if legislation can change that. You guys have been getting a lot of heat for your brother's travel to India and business that he's doing there. He gave a speech on Indo-American relations and you're getting hammered.

Bob Menendez said I'm concerned that Mr. Trump, your brother's speech, will send a mistaken message that he's speaking on behalf of the president, the administration or United States government, not as a private individual.

But he's communicating official American policy. I write to ensure that the U.S. Embassy presence in India will have no role in supporting Mr. Trump or the organization during his time in India, New York Magazine and the rest of that nasty comments about this. Any conflict there given the business interests there on policy and --

TRUMP: What don't we get hammered for? My brother was over there. We have a bunch of buildings in India. He's talking how the Indian people are wonderful people and enjoyed his experience over there and everything else and then all of a sudden you have this.

These the first people that say that the First Amendment should be protected until you say something that they disagree with and then they want to rip you to shreds. It's not right. He gave a beautiful speech.

He talked about how wonderful the country was. We've been over there for many, many years with projects, you know, and this is pundit's talking points, but there's very little that we can do that we don't get attacked from and you were talking about it in your open. I think you did so very, very beautifully.

I mean, there's nothing that we don't get attacked for because quite frankly the Democrats don't have their own platform. They don't have their own leadership. They've got no good ideas. They've got no good bench of candidate.

They're petrified over what's happening in this country. The fact that people are putting more money in their pockets and all the great things that we talked about before. So, what they did --

INGRAHAM: They don't want happy voters.

TRUMP: They attack me. They attack our kids, our wives, my father, Jared and Ivanka. I mean, they do anything that they can to undermine our family because it seems like it's the only move that they have.

INGRAHAM: You have someone internally policing any potential conflicts, correct?

TRUMP: And we take it so seriously. We take that exercise so seriously.

INGRAHAM: You're under the microscope so you have to take it seriously, the appearance of conflicts or any conflict. Manafort today -- it looks like Mueller is piling on new charges. The concern is trying to squeeze Manafort to expose the Trump campaign in this never-ending investigation. What are your thoughts on that?

TRUMP: Yes, I think it's interesting? With Russia, you know, they kept on digging and they dug, and they finally found themselves, right?

INGRAHAM: Now it's texts -- there are text fraud, Manafort.

TRUMP: I mean, it's really amazing, right? You see how crazy this dossier is being paid by everybody in government to slander my father, so they could investigate him, investigate -- I mean, they literally -- they dug so deep that they ended up finding themselves.

It's amazing how things come full circle. Listen, I was one of the very few people in the campaign. There was zero to do with Russia. You know why my father won because he went to (inaudible), Michigan, Wisconsin.

He worked a lot harder and he had a better message and he sold that to the American people and they ultimately wanted a businessman in Washington, D.C, not a career politician. That's why my father won. It had nothing to do with Russians. There were no Russians. It's a nonsense.

This whole thing has been a hoax and you know what, they caught themselves in the process. I really hope the Justice Department -- I hope they do something about it --

INGRAHAM: Is Jeff Sessions doing enough to investigate the Obama administration's involvement with pushing that phony dossier knowing who funded it and knowing what was behind it and who was behind it?

TRUMP: I don't know but I hope he is because it's sad and disgusting and I think so many facts have come to light and they're bad facts. They're bad facts for the other side. It's deeply troubling. We better be doing something about it otherwise there's a lot of injustice in this country.

INGRAHAM: We have a lot of unmasking of American citizens done by individuals and we don't know on what grounds.

TRUMP: I would love to see the list of who those individuals were.

INGRAHAM: You might have been surveilled, who knows?

TRUMP: I wouldn't be surprised.

INGRAHAM: Are you happy that you stayed in the business world and didn't go into the administration. People ask me that all the time and I know I'm doing the right thing now, but you see what your father goes through on a daily basis. He could be doing anything, and he decided to do this.

TRUMP: He made a tremendous sacrifice in his own life and for the country (inaudible) I'm proud of him. Listen, you know, half of me would like to be sitting there fighting by his side every day because that's the family we are.

You know how much we love each other. He's my best friend in the world. He's an amazing man and incredible president, but at the same time I love building buildings and I love real estate and I love covering that flank. I would love to be there protecting him every day but he's doing a good job and making me very proud.

INGRAHAM: What I don't like is when people say he doesn't care about the people. You know by whom. He doesn't care about the blanking people.

TRUMP: He did this for one reason, for the people. They were being forgotten. They were being left behind. Government was walking all over them and every single day when walked down the street I hear from those people, tell your father we say thank you.

He's doing an amaze job for this country and we owe him a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude and thank you for taking the punches that you guys do as a family for each and every one of us and that keeps us going.

INGRAHAM: All right. Appreciate it. Thanks for coming in. Good to see you.

Many have wondered why the armed guard, as we just mentioned, Eric and I talked about at the Florida high school didn't actually enter the building. Now we know and the answer is shocking. That's up next.

We have a lot more to tell you about how an alert officer actually -- looked like he foiled another shooting and what we can learn from that experience. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: There's an absolutely shocking revelation about the Florida high school shooting this evening. After a review of surveillance footage from the attack, now officials are detailing how an armed deputy on-duty at the school reacted to the mayhem.


SHERIFF SCOTT ISRAEL, BROWARD COUNTY: What I saw was a deputy arrived at the west side of Building 12, take up a position, and he never went in.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Was he there when the shooter was inside the building.

ISRAEL: Yes, he was.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And so what should he have done?

ISRAEL: Went in, address the killer. Kill the killer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How much time went by that he did not go in that he could have gone in?

ISRAEL: Minutes. I think he remained outside for upwards of 4 minutes.


INGRAHAM: Now the shooting lasted 6 minutes before the killer fled the scene. That deputy has now resigned. Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School junior, Ariana Klein, survived the shooting. She and her father, Andrew Klein, join us now from Parkland, Florida after attending yesterday the listening session with the president at the White House.

It's very good to see both of you. Thank you for joining us. I know how difficult this situation has been although we can't really understand it and what you've all gone through. You were amazingly poised yesterday, Ariana, at that White House event.

I watched every minute of it and I know the country is rallying and your reaction to this news that we just learned a few hours ago about how the security detail who had a weapon, didn't enter the building. You're reaction to that?

ANDREW KLEIN, FATHER OF STONEMAN DOUGLAS STUDENT: Well, you know, as a father and thank you for having us, it's maddening to hear that news. When you put your faith in the law enforcement to act and protect your children and then they fail to act, it's just inexcusable.

It highlights the other failures that led to this tragedy and contribute to the tragedy which is the breakdown at the FBI and failing to act on the tips that they had, the (inaudible) failures of the DSO.

So, I think that people need to be held accountable. This deputy's apparently been held accountable, but I think we need to continue to look at who is responsible for their failure to act in these circumstances.

INGRAHAM: Ariana, also in the investigation they found out that the security camera footage that I guess the officials on the scene at the time were reviewing, was delayed. So, they weren't getting real-time information about what was happening inside the building. There was a several-minute delay, so they were reacting to things that already happened which kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think? Arianna, your reaction.

ARIANA KLEIN, STONEMAN DOUGLAS SHOOTING SURVIVOR: Yes. I think it's disgusting a police officer was on campus and knew his job and for him not to enter the building where innocent children were being shot is disgusting. I think in regard to the technology department and the fact that the security footage was 20 minutes delayed should never have happened. That's one of the simple issues that everyone can agree needs to be fixed. We need to be proactive instead of reactive. We can't have the security footages being looked at after the matter.

INGRAHAM: Last night at the big CNN town hall event, there were a lot of raw emotions. One of the students who wanted to attend but didn't attend because he was upset to him it seemed like his question was being scripted for him and spoke tonight on Tucker's show. Let's watch.


COLTON HAAB, PARKLAND SHOOTING SURVIVOR: They took what I had wrote and they actually wrote the question for me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But not with your words. They put their words into your question. That seems dishonest.

HAAB: It definitely did and why I didn't go last night. Originally, I had thought it was going to be more of my own question and turned out to be more of just a script and she said that over the phone that I need to stick to the script.


INGRAHAM: Arianna, what's your reaction to that? CNN denies this, by the way, but they have a history of planting questions that Michelle Malkin and others have written about before in other events. But Colton Haab who gave that interview was emphatic about his point.

ARIANNA KLEIN: Yes. Well, I think the whole point of the town hall meeting was to hear the kids and hear what we had to say and for that to happen is inexcusable. Our voices need to be heard and he should have been able to ask any question he wanted to ask, but instead we have these networks that don't want us to give our real opinions and they want us to further their own agendas.

INGRAHAM: Andrew, it seemed like most of the students, Andrew, had the same opinion on what to do namely to ban certain weapons and trash the NRA and be really disrespectful to Marco Rubio and nasty things being said to Dana Loesch, who was there. But they all seemed to be pretty much in agreement as far as I could tell. There was no diversity of opinion among either the students or anyone else that I saw even in the audience.

ANDREW KLEIN: Laura, that's not surprising at all. I actually spoke to a CNN producer on Thursday, the day after the shooting, and the producer insinuated to me that they were looking for people who are willing to espouse a certain narrative, which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate, and I read that as being a gun control debate.

And unfortunately, I think a lot of the people talking about gun control don't understand what they're talking about because I'm a Republican, I'm a gun owner. I'm a responsible gun owner.

When we talk about gun control, it's not about taking away guns from people like me but keeping them out of the hands of the people who should not have them or irresponsible or a threat to society.

Last night, when Ted Deutsche kept repeating his mantra that he wants to eliminate any gun that can fire 150 rounds in 6 minutes, that's almost every gun that's out there. So, this supposed assault weapons bans, these other items they are talking about aren't going to accomplish anything along those lines.

So, I agree we need to make some headway and raise the age to buy a rifle, I agree with the president on that, but beyond that a lot of these folks who are yelling gun control, gun control really don't have a great grasp on what they are talking about.

INGRAHAM: Andrew, let me just get this straight, so the CNN producer who called you right after the shooting said specifically what about the way they wanted to produce interviews and so forth?

KLEIN: As I recall, the producer said we're looking for people who want to talk about the policy implications about what happened in terms of -- she didn't mention guns but in terms of the policy implications for preventing future mass shootings, and if you know folks who want to talk about that, we'd like to speak to those people.

INGRAHAM: Very interesting. Arianna and Mr. Klein, thank you so much for joining us. Our prayers continue to be with the people of Parkland, and you guys are incredible. Amazing yesterday. Thank you so much.

KLEIN: Thank you very much.

INGRAHAM: And we have another big story. This is huge. China is getting bolder and more devious, and American countries doing business there are now getting hammered. John Bolton reveals the communists' disturbing new demands next.


INGRAHAM: China is putting the screws to U.S. and western companies daring to do business inside the country. A disturbing Wall Street Journal report warns today that Beijing increasingly expects western companies to engage in self-censorship, accept government control over information, and even punish their own workers for offending China. This is what Treasury Undersecretary for international affairs David Malpass said yesterday in D.C.


DAVID MALPASS, TREASURY UNDERSECRETARY FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: We're coming off a period of years where China was congratulated by the U.S., by other countries. They went to Davos a year ago and said we're into trade when in reality what they were doing was perpetuating and continuing a system that worked for their benefit but ended up costing jobs in most of the rest of the world.


INGRAHAM: Music to my ears. We have an administration finally calling out China.

Ambassador John Bolton is a Fox News contributor and he joins us now with more on this, gave a great talk at CPAC. Great to see you, Mr. Ambassador. How are you?

JOHN BOLTON, FORMER U.S. AMBASSADOR TO U.N.: I look forward to yours tomorrow.

INGRAHAM: Oh, gosh. You got any jokes?


INGRAHAM: Your reaction to this. Notice the reporting on this is getting more and more specific, and there's a lot more in the way of journalists now speaking out about the demands that China is extracting from U.S. companies doing business there.

BOLTON: It's really gotten quite extraordinary. It used to be they simply stole our intellectual property, took the patents, turned them into Chinese products and discriminated against foreign businesses in their court systems. Now they're actually demanding that western companies behave like Chinese companies, in other words, enforce censorship, do what we tell you to do, conform to the political realities. And this is a way of taking advantage of all of that western capital, all of that investment that has come. And I thought David Malpass summed it up exactly right. China pretends to be a free trade country. They are practicing mercantilist policies, taking advantage of countries like the United States that naively assume that just because they reach an agreement they actually follow what they commit to.

INGRAHAM: It's amazing that when you look back in the year 2000 with Bill Clinton standing in the Rose Garden with Allen Greenspan and they're cheering on the WTO, opening up to China, our most favored trade status going to China, they predicted all of this wonder. A new area of globalization, people predicting that China was going to become freer and more like the west. But now we're seeing some of these businesses, western businesses becoming more like China.

BOLTON: I am a free trader. I believe in it.

INGRAHAM: So is Trump. Trump wants to trade, he just wants it to be non- distorting the marketplace.

BOLTON: To actually do free trade instead of what China is doing. Everybody said China will now conform to these international norms, bringing them into the WTO will create these changes. They have simply taken advantage of it for the past 15 years.

And the difference between Trump and other presidents because he does believe in free trade is he just expects others to follow free trade practices as well, and China has not been doing that for a long, long time.

INGRAHAM: And what's interesting is the Mueller investigation, and it's always Russia, Russia, Russia, and Donald Trump is finally doing something against this gigantic economic and military power, and how they've completely distorted the marketplace, taken advantage of us and other trading partners, and the media doesn't give him any credit for it. They're never going give them credit for it, but the people who were wrong about China, Tom Friedman, again, Greenspan, Clinton, all these globalists, they never say, whoops, I got that wrong.

BOLTON: So much for the rules based interview system that works well. And I think China has just exposed the hypocrisy of a lot of it. But let's not forget China also through the Confucius institutes and a number of other mechanisms, talk about Russian interference in the political system, they are normalizing our thinking about China as well. It's really quite extraordinary the extent to which they've gone. We need more on that side, too.

INGRAHAM: The communist philosophy, Ambassador Bolton, the good points, bread is really cheap, milk is cheap, transportation, health care for all.

BOLTON: Enormous equality.

INGRAHAM: Everything will be equal. It was so much fun to watch you at CPAC today. Great job as always.

BOLTON: It's a great event.

INGRAHAM: Fantastic.

And we might have been reporting another horrible school shooting tonight if not for our next guest. You are not going to believe this story especially after what we learned about that missed opportunity, perhaps, in the Parkland shooting last week. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: An alert security officer at a southern California high school is being regarded as a hero for thwarting an apparent shooting plot. Police arrested a 17-year-old student at El Camino high school after the security officer said that he heard the teen say that he was planning to shoot up the school.

Authorities then found handguns, two rifles, and 90 high capacity magazines at the teen's home. Just 90? Joining us now from L.A. is that alert security officer, Marino Chavez, and here in studio with me is Jim Hanson, a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces and now president of the Security Studies Group. It's great to see you. Marino, tell us what happened. You are just being hailed as a hero today given what happened last week in Parkland. How did you have the foresight and tell our audience what occurred.

MARINO CHAVEZ, SECURITY OFFICER, EL CAMINO HIGH: Well, it's a Friday afternoon at El Camino high school and the bell rang after lunch, so I'm watching all the students going back to class and walking around. And then I overhear a student state that, watch, there's going to be a shooting on this campus. So I got just part of what he had said. So then I walked up to him and questioned him again and asked him, OK, what exactly did you say? And of course he is denying it. So I escorted him to the office and questioned him. I called the assistant director to the office. I called the counselor and I'm questioning and questioning him and he finally admits it, and said yet I said I guarantee you within three weeks there'll be a school shooting. He goes, I'm just kidding. I don't mean nothing about it.

So then I tell you, you can't say that just like you can't say a bomb on a plane because you'll be escorted off the plane.

INGRAHAM: Right. And so then authorities went to his house and found all those weapons.

CHAVEZ: Right. So I called the sheriff's department, they came down, talked to him, investigated him. They took him into custody and they checked the home and they found the weapons.

INGRAHAM: Why have they not identified him, by the way? They've haven't identified him by name. Is there's a reason for that?

CHAVEZ: Because he's a minor. He's under 18 years.

INGRAHAM: Minor. He's 17 years old. He could be charged as an adult in a plot to perhaps blowup the school, be looking at his social media.

Jim, I've got to ask you about this. Marino did what the FBI did not do when they had actually seen these comments on YouTube and got the tip on the FBI line. So a security officer at a school hears it and says whoa, this is not right.

JIM HANSON, PRESIDENT, SECURITY STUDIES GROUP: Why is why armed security at schools is a great idea? The argument against it is absurd. The idea that somehow this does not help is crazy. Whether or not the guy in Parkland failed in his duty for whatever reason to protect those kids, that doesn't invalidate the concept. There's a famous saying from the wild west-- God created men, Samuel Colt made them equal with the peacemaker. The left has made one crazy with a gun more equal because now they're the only one who is armed on too many campuses and we need to change that.

INGRAHAM: Marino, El Camino is a small school compared to Parkland, 200 students compared to 3,000. Are you an armed officer or unarmed?

CHAVEZ: Unarmed. And there's about 265 students approximate.

INGRAHAM: So you are armed or unarmed, sorry, I couldn't hear that.

CHAVEZ: No, I am not armed. No ma'am. No, we are not armed.

INGRAHAM: Would you prefer to be armed or you're not comfortable with that?

CHAVEZ: I used to be an armed officer before I started with the school district. Yes, armed would be better. I could do more for the school district because if they're shooting in the campus --

INGRAHAM: What are you supposed to do now when someone gets into the building? You prevented a school shooting. I'm sorry, I'm going say it. People say well, he might have. No, you prevented a school shoot. What would have happened if that kid who for some reason we're not identifying because he's a snowflake, what if he had gotten a gun, what are you supposed to do, throw things at him? What the heck are you supposed to do?

HANSON: You do what the football coach did in Parkland and you run at an armed gunman and use your own body as armor to protect kids.

INGRAHAM: So that's Marino was supposed to do. Marino, the teachers and the parents and frankly the students, if they're not indoctrinated by CNN or other organizations, someone like you who knows how to use a firearm, the president said that today, people who know how to use firearms, who are adept and confident in their use, should be armed at a school. Do you agree with him?

CHAVEZ: I agree a lot of with him because a lot of officers have the training so they're the ones that should be, should be standing outside in the quad, in the front of campus, showing off the uniform, showing that we are not an easy victim, that we will shoot back if you come and attack a student on campus.

INGRAHAM: I want Marino armed, not with his great mind. That was good, but we want you also armed with a firearm. Jim and Marino, thank you so much. What a great panel.

And by the way, guys, the media love Canadian leader Justin Trudeau. But people in India are having second thoughts about his visit. The golden boy, the pretty boy of the left now with a Bollywood nightmare, ooh, next.


INGRAHAM: Canadian prime minister cutie pie Justin Trudeau is giving the world a lesson in how not to conduct international diplomacy. That's so mean. Trudeau, he's the photogenic darling of the left. And he's accustomed to getting the rock star treatment abroad. It changed during his current eight-day trip to India. Indian Prime Minister Modi he usually greets visiting heads of states with a hug at the New Delhi airport, but Trudeau was treated by a junior agriculture minister. And it got worse from there. When Trudeau and his family first wore this traditional Indian garb at some of the public events, the press was mildly receptive, calling the outfits festive. The Bollywood threads are festive, but when Trudeau kept wearing them for three days running, critics began calling them fake and annoying. One politician said we Indians do not dress like this every day sir, not even in Bollywood. On day four Trudeau reverted to wearing suits. But he defended his fashion choices.


JUSTIN TRUDEAU, CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER: We have to both deepen and broaden our historic friendship. And that is what this week has been all about, engaging with all facets of Indian society.


INGRAHAM: OK. Well, Indian critics called the visit a slow-moving train wreck. And that was due to more than a fashion faux pas.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But this morning we woke up to the news that a convicted Khalistani terrorist had been invited to the Canadian high commissioner's dinner for Justin Trudeau in Delhi this evening. It was an absolutely PR disaster for the Canadian government which within hours of the story breaking was forced to take back that invitation.


INGRAHAM: The Khalistanis are a Sikh separatist movement in India. So critics say that Trudeau made the trip to appease the sizable Sikh population in Canada. That might explain why he was scheduled to spend only a half day on official state business but found time to hobnob with actors, play cricket, and visit the Taj Mahal. He's actually quite good at recreating.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How's it going?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not too bad. Any day I can get on the water.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You call this work. You know.


INGRAHAM: Come on. That was an excellent adventure, wasn't it?


INGRAHAM: If there's one thing you can take away from tonight's show, remember what Andrew Klein said, the father of one of the students from Parkland. He said when CNN called him right after the shooting, it was evident to him that CNN was pushing a policy agenda and that's what they were looking for in their guests. Remember that's what he said. It wasn't just one student. Colton Haab has said that. Now the father, Andrew Klein, said the same thing.

I'll be speaking tomorrow at CPAC around 9:00 a.m., 9:15, so make sure to tune in.

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