Levin: Mueller is investigating everything but collusion

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity."

All right. We have so much breaking news at this. Well, now, we're going to get you up to speed on all of it before we do get to our opening monologue. We have Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Gregg Jarrett, the great one, Mark Levin, a rare appearance, Tomi Lahren hits the street, it's pretty unbelievable. Also, exclusively, James O'Keefe with his latest shocking undercover footage that shows beyond serious privacy at Twitter. He will join us tonight. You don't want to miss an of that. And I will say, tonight's video of the day is probably the funniest one you've ever seen. It's all coming up.

But we start with sad, breaking news, a very disturbing report out of California. They're calling it a house of horrors. Multiple children found starving, chained to beds, in a home in southern California.

With the latest on this horrific developing story, our own Trace Gallagher.

This is beyond heartbreaking. You can't even imagine this happens.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Yes, it's horrifying, Sean. It happened in Perris, California, which is Riverside County, about 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Police say they got a 911 call early Sunday morning from a girl who said she had escaped from her home and that her 12 brothers and sisters were being held captive inside.

When authorities first saw the girl they say because of her emaciated appearance, she looked to be around 10 years old, but she's actually 17. What they found inside the home was even more disturbing. Several children were, quote, shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and foul-smelling surroundings.

Police assumed all 12 found inside were kids, but seven of them turned out to be adults, ranging in age from 18 to 29. The youngest victim, only two years old.

According to police the parents, David and Louise Turpin couldn't give a logical explanation as to why the children were in this condition. The Turpins were charged with torture and child endangerment, bail set at $9 million each. David Turpin's parents told the local news station they are, quote, surprised and shocked at the news. Of course Sean, a lot more information yet to come of the story in Perris, California.

HANNITY: Anything about the neighbors? Did they not know there were that many kids and that in the house and didn't see them?

GALLAGHER: It's a great question. And, right now, you've got news crews out there and you've got investigators combing the scene. The parents are now in jail. And we're going to find out a lot more about what the neighbors knew, if these kids went to school, and what the people in the community might have known about the family.

Clearly, they had parents who were very surprised at this. What the rest of the community knew about the kids and the adults, and if they ever finished schools, that's still to come -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Thanks, Trace Gallagher.

There's evil in our time. We will have more that developing story.

Also new tonight, Democrats, in total freak-out mode and they're actually trying to blame President Trump for Hawaii's missile warning false alarm debacle over the weekend. He had nothing to do request it.

Here's what happened, during a shift change Saturday, at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, one employee was conducting a routine test on the alert system. The employee then accidentally sent this live alert out to everybody's cell phone: ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.

Now, naturally, it created widespread doomsday panic. Some people running for shelter, drivers who are abandoning their vehicles, others desperately calling family and friends for 38 long minutes until the false alert was corrected. More than one million people in Hawaii thought they were in imminent danger, and that this, in fact, could be the end. Thankfully, it was not.

Now, the employee that sent out the false alarm has been reassigned. And I'm sure that person, according to all reports, feels bad. And I know some people want him fired, I do not. I'm glad that employee did not get fired. Sounds like an accident. Accidents happen. And Hawaii, they're working to try to prevent this kind of egregious error from happening again.

Now, of course, none of those facts in fact matter to the left. And, of course, Democrats. Hawaii congressman, Tulsi Gabbard, literally trying to blame President Trump. If the dog bites, the bee stings and you're feeling sad, it's Trump's fault. Take a look.


REP. TULSI GABBARD, D-HAWAII: This is the reality that people in Hawaii are facing. There's a nuclear threat coming from North Korea that could come at any time. This is the reality that our country faces. And why our leaders, why Donald Trump, needs to take action, negotiate with North Korea, get rid of the nuclear threat so this is not something people of Hawaii or this country have to live with. And this could have been a real threat coming in. And we better take this seriously. We've got to resolve this situation and get rid of this nuclear threat. Achieve peace so that this is not something that we have to live with as a new reality.


HANNITY: You see that, CNN? More fake news.

And, by the way, the Hollywood left, they are also blaming the president. This is insane. Jim Carrey tweeted out an image of a mushroom cloud and wrote: I woke up this morning in Hawaii with ten minutes to live. It was a false alarm, but a real psychic warning. If we allow this one man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican Congress to continue alienating the world, we are headed for suffering beyond all imagination.

OK, calm down.

And Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted: This Hawaii missile scare is on you, Mr. Trump. The real fear that mothers and fathers and children felt is on you. It is on your arrogance, hubris, narcissism, rage, ego, immaturity and your unstable idiocy. Shame on your hate filled self. You did this.

OK, he didn't. Now, pretty unbelievable, but predictable, totally unhinged, and more proof of the left in this country, they will blame the president. If you get stung by a bee, you have a hangover, it's Donald Trump's fault. Not yours, not the bees. Even though it's clear he had nothing to do with this.

Also tonight, controversy continues to brew over President Trump's alleged immigration comments during an Oval Office meeting.

Ed Henry live from the White House tonight with all of the latest details.

And Lindsey Graham in a little trouble, I notice -- Ed.

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, he's in the middle of this, Sean, no doubt. All of what you just laid out also coming as a growing number of Democrats led by Congresswoman Maxine Waters are announcing tonight that they're going to boycott the president's State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress later this month.

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, you see her there, colorful cowboy hat, who feuded with the president last year, says she'll skip the speech because of what she called, quote, racist and incendiary remarks about Haiti and various African nations.

Wilson declaring, quote, I have no doubt delivering a message of inclusivity and an agenda that benefits all Americans, President Trump's address will be full of innuendo, empty promises, and lies. That coming before the speech is written.

Never mind that the president insists he never said that, tweeting today: Senator Dicky Durbin totally misrepresented what was said at the DACA meeting. Deals can't get made when there's no trust. Durbin blew DACA and is hurting our military. That from the president.

But while Two Republican senators in the room, Tom Cotton and David Perdue, suggested yesterday that Durbin did not accurately convey what the senator said, another GOP senator, you mentioned him, Lindsey Graham, seemed to take a poke at his fellow Republicans saying his recollection has not evolved like the others and suggested that he rebuked the president in person for what he said.

Interesting because as the president insisted to reporters over this weekend, he's not a racist, before he had dinner with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, you see him there in Palm Beach, Florida, old tapes surfaced of Lindsey Graham using a similar slam on countries like Mexico while Republican Rand Paul came out to say the president as a businessman before he was in politics helped fund the eye doctors humanitarian trips to Haiti and elsewhere.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: No, no. I'm not a racist. I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed. That I can tell you.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: People coming across the southern border live in hell holes. They don't like that. They want to come here. Our problem is we can't have everybody in the world who lives in a hell hole coming to America.

SEN. RAND PAUL, R-KY.: I asked for donations before I went on the trip, and one of them was to businessman Donald J. Trump who not only helped with the trip to Haiti but also helped with a previous trip that we took to Central America.


HENRY: As all of this happens, more and more likely, we're going to face a government shutdown. The government runs out of funding Friday at midnight, which means that there's not a budget deal by then, John. They'll be a government shut down on Saturday, the one-year anniversary of the president's inaugural, Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Two points. One, the government never shuts down. Nonessential employees get a furlough then they get paid back. The government really does stay open despite of what the doom and gloom media.

HENRY: Sure.

HANNITY: By the way, did Rand Paul say Trump who wasn't running for president cared enough about people from Haiti that he donated money to help in these operations, and helped a couple of hundred people?

HENRY: He was an eye doctor before and still is, obviously. But before he ever entered politics, Rand Paul known as a doctor, went on these trips. And, in fact, he says that Donald Trump as a businessman stepped up and funded not just that trip to Haiti, but at least one other trip as well. So, these humanitarian missions that Rand Paul gets credit for, but he's trying to speak out amid this controversy to say that the president got involved as well.

HANNITY: I haven't heard that on any other newscast. Thank you, Ed Henry. We appreciate it.

All right. Without any further ado, it is time for tonight's breaking news. Important opening monologue.


HANNITY: All right. Tonight, evidence of rampant bias among special counsel Robert Mueller's team now emerging. We have been following this, we have new information tonight.

Sara Carter reporting Andrew Weissmann met with the Associated Press and journalists, he did it last April, to talk about the AP's investigation into Paul Manafort. The very next day, the Associated Press published a major story about Paul Manafort -- thank you, Andrew Weissmann -- regarding alleged money laundering.

Now, sources have told Sara Carter that in that meeting, the AP reporters, they promised to share documents and information about Manafort with the Department of Justice. By the way, a lot more on media collusion that we will be having in coming days. The AP, of course, denying that part of the story.

Here's what should be concerning to every American tonight. During the meeting with reporters, Andrew Weissmann, the number one guy appointed by Robert Mueller, the head of the Justice Department's fraud division -- and he then later, not long after, joined Mueller's investigation to look into Paul Manafort, the next month. And according to Sara Carter's reporting, Weissmann told his superiors about the meeting with the AP, and during that time, he wasn't working on the Manafort case and did not have access to documents related to it.

Here's the thing: Weissmann was discussing Paul Manafort with those reporters and then joined Mueller's team where he's leading the case against Manafort. Now, he was prejudging the case -- prejudiced. There's a massive conflict of interest. We obviously see what's going on here.

And then, there's Weissmann's disturbing history on top of it. Why would Robert Mueller ever appoint this guy that led the obstruction of justice case against Arthur Andersen Accounting and the Enron scandal? Back in the 2000s, tens of thousands of people lost their jobs. They're out of business. Thank you, Weissmann.

The Supreme Court overturned a ruling 9-0 in the case. Weissmann's job was a mess. And people also -- and, by the way, exculpatory evidence in one case that he withheld. And also responsible for putting four Merrill Lynch executives behind bars. You might not care about Merrill Lynch guys, but guess what, they were innocent, their convictions overturned this time by the fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. You would care if it was your family.

Did Robert Mueller, did he ever bother to check Weissmann's history? No, because he already knew it, they're best friends. And Mueller also didn't seem to mind that members of his investigation donated 50 grand to Obama, Clinton and the DNC, not one penny given to Donald Trump.

This is political bias. This proves the investigation has been and continues to be a total partisan sham and witch hunt, and an embarrassment, if you believe in the rule of law. It is so important tonight, and why I am saying, Andrew Weissmann not only needs to be fired but fully investigated. And Robert Mueller has a lot of explaining to do about his team of Democratic witch hunters. And they certainly need to be disbanded.

It is why the special counsel needs to be shut down once and for all. And, no, the president doesn't need to answer any of their questions because it's so fundamentally corrupt.

Congressman Jim Jordan, he is seeing what's going with Mueller's partisan probe. He is one of a handful of lawmakers that is interested in the truth. He's been asking the right questions. Take a look at the side of your screen. Congressman Jordan -- we'll scroll slowly -- a list of 18 imperative, crucial questions that need to be answered. I urge you to take a close look at these. And we'll bring it up later on the show.

Here's a few that stand out. Was the dossier the basis for securing the FISA warrant to spy on a presidential candidate, and on an opposition party and on a president-elect? And why won't the FBI show Congress the FISA application? We know the answer.

We just learned last week, sources telling me, that at first, the FISA warrant was denied to spy on members of the Trump campaign, very rare for that to happen. Then, the dossier was used to put it over the top and they got the FISA warrant.

We also need to know, did the FBI validate and corroborate that dossier? I'm being told that a Clinton supporter did. How would we trust them? These questions are the same ones we've been asking. Hillary Clinton bought and paid for it. She's going to have one of her sick, corrupt, cartel friends verify it?

Here's a key part. None of them have to do with Hillary Clinton's email server, by the way. This is just the 18 questions on one thing. It's only about the Clinton bought and paid for Russian propaganda dossier.

Let's see, we know for example that the Obama administration politicized, weaponized America's powerful tools of intelligence. Not the rank and file, just a few select at the top. Then there was spying on an opposition party, that would be Donald Trump. And what is being exposed is a massive abuse to the Constitution. We'll have more with Mark Levin on that tonight.

Now, think through this. Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, he is the person that created the fake news dossier, he is now being exposed. In a released congressional testimony, Simpson claimed that the FBI had a human source inside the Trump Organization that helped corroborate aspects of the phony dossier. Well, it turns out Simpson wasn't accurate in his testimony. Oh, lied?

Fusion GPS has since attempted to correct the record now by saying there wasn't an FBI mole inside Trump Tower. Was there or wasn't there? Instead, it was former Trump adviser, they say, George Papadopoulos. And that was blown out of the water because Papadopoulos, if you believe this highly suspect New York Times reporting, started the Russian investigation by getting drunk and then running into -- running his mouth to an Australian diplomat about having -- Russia having dirt on Hillary Clinton. Then, the drunk gossip, you have to believe, eventually made it to FBI and they reportedly then used it to start the investigation.

Oh, four levels of hearsay. It's, what, at a nightclub? Really? All the FBI needs to do to investigate a political party during a campaign, talk to a drunk guy at a bar? That's why we need answers tonight.

And, finally, we have a major update on the Uranium One scandal that no one else covers. According to reports, federal authorities have now announced an indictment in the Russian bribery scheme connected to the corrupt deal that gave Putin and Russia and those bad actors control of 20 percent of America's uranium supply, which we have short supply of.

Former shipping company executive Mark Lambert, he is now being accused of money laundering, foreign bribery, wire fraud for allegedly bribing a Russian energy official in an effort to secure the shipping contracts we have informed you about is so important. And this new information is only a smaller piece of the bigger picture of the corruption here. This indictment is only a preview of coming attractions.

Here to react to all of these stories tonight, former deputy assistant to the president, FOX News contributor, Sebastian Gorka, FOX News legal Gregg Jarrett.

Let's go to Weissmann -- let's go -- we reported last week, the Justice Department opened up, it's now been going on for months, an investigation into Uranium One. Is this the first of many cards to fall?

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Yes, probably is. And, you know, your opening monologue about Weissmann is right on point. If this guy actually exchanged information about Manafort, and then joined the investigation into Manafort, he's violating DOJ rules.

HANNITY: What would you do if you are Manafort's attorneys tonight?

JARRETT: I would do one of two things. I would file a motion to dismiss, which would trigger the judge to order Weissmann to show up in court and explain --

HANNITY: Immediately?

JARRETT: Immediately.

HANNITY: Would any judge accept this conflict with his track record?

JARRETT: Any good judge would not, which is why the second thing I would do is make a motion for order of inquiry, into the conflict of interest, and list Manafort and others like Rod Rosenstein as witnesses in the case because they are --

HANNITY: How soon can you expedite that?

JARRETT: You can do it within 30 to 60 days.


JARRETT: And if they are designated to be defense witnesses, they have to be removed from the case because --

HANNITY: Have to be.

JARRETT: They would absolutely have to be.

HANNITY: Am I over the target? Is this all as corrupt as I think?

JARRETT: It is corrupt. It's probably more corrupt than we know.

HANNITY: Sebastian Gorka, your take on all this. A lot of moving parts here tonight.

SEBASTIAN GORKA, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Look, Gregg outlined exactly the conflict of interest issue. But I'd like to put it up a bit to the strategic level. I know you've got Mark coming on, Mark Levin, the great one.

HANNITY: Thank you.

GORKA: I don't want to steal his thunder. But Mark Levin has nailed on it the radio today. He talks about this as a domestic surveillance scandal. That's what it is.

America doesn't have a secret police. It doesn't have an internal police force that spies on its own citizens for political reasons. At least it didn't until President Obama became the president.

We now have a story that you can read in the unclassified press about Russian disinformation material being paid for by the FBI and being used to get FISA warrants to spy on U.S. nationals who are part of a political campaign.

HANNITY: And opposition party candidates in an election year --


HANNITY: -- then spy on the president-elect.

All right. I want to ask an offbeat question.


HANNITY: If we know WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, and I've interviewed him five times, if we know he's the one guy that knows where he got the information from the DNC, e-mails and such, why hasn't Mueller contacted him? Wouldn't he be the one guy that you want to talk to, to find out if Russia gave it to him?

JARRETT: Yes, but that might actually help Donald Trump. And it's pretty clear that that's what Mueller and his team of partisans don't want to do. They want to hurt Trump not help Trump. They're not searching for evidence.

HANNITY: They don't want the truth is what you're saying. You're saying they don't want the truth.

JARRETT: No, they would prefer to subvert the truth.

HANNITY: I feel like I'm Jack Nicholson. You can't handle the truth. You're right.

Sebastian, last word.

GORKA: There are a handful of large political scandals in American history. JFK's assassination, then we have Watergate, and then we have the Pentagon Papers. I think this scandal will turn out to be one of the biggest political scandals in the history of the United States.

HANNITY: Sebastian, I talked to a high, high-ranking individual today. Won't tell you who. Said this makes Watergate, in terms of FISA surveillance abuses alone, look like kindergarten.

GORKA: I agree. This will be up there with the assassination of JFK, this is how big, this is the political targeting of your enemies using the intelligence services.

HANNITY: That's the key. They did it to win an election and then overturn a duly elected president. Good to see you -- you agree with that?

JARRETT: I agree. It's undermining electoral democracy and blatantly subverting justice.

HANNITY: Where's the media, Gregg? I'm not the only one --

JARRETT: It doesn't fit with their narrative.

HANNITY: Good point.

All right. Thank you both.

When we come back, Project Veritas' James O'Keefe, he's here tonight. Shocking new undercover videos that you must see showing one of the most influential companies in the world abusing power. And the great one, thank me, God bless us, Mark Levin coming up.


HANNITY: All right. Last week, we told you about Project Veritas and its undercover investigation into whether or not Twitter, 3.2 million followers, are targeting conservatives. We played you the hocking undercover video, one showed conversation with two Twitter engineers who explained the tech giant's ability to shadow ban users and how algorithms have been used to disproportionally target conservatives on Twitter accounts.

Now, we haven't independently verified but you get to decide yourself. Here's the video.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One strategy is shadow ban, so you have ultimate control. The idea of the shadow ban is that you ban someone but they don't know they've been banned. They keep posting. But no one sees their context.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE) Just because followers, who all be, like, guns, god, America. The American flag.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No one, yeah, really cares.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who says that, who talks like that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The majority of the algorithms are (INAUDIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would say the majority are the Republicans.



HANNITY: The Twitter spokespeople told us the FOX News Channel and the HANNITY show the individuals were speaking in a personal capacity, do not represent or speak for Twitter.

Now, the spokesperson went on to write that Twitter does not shadow ban users but does in some cases limit tweet visibility. It sounds like shadow banning -- based on the nature of the interaction and the quality of the content. Who decides?

Also tonight, this is beyond shocking, Project Veritas released their most shocking footage showing huge potential privacy abuses at the company. This time, current and former Twitter engineers admitting that employees view everything that you post on your server, including direct messages you think are private, create a, quote, virtual profile on you which they sell to advertisers and brag about looking at -- like pictures between you and your girlfriend, whatever.

Once again, take a look at the footage. You decide.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So what happens is, like, when you write stuff or when you post pictures online, they never go away. Like, they're always on there. Even after you send them, people are, like, analyzing them, to see what you're interested in, to see what you're talking about, and they sell that date --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who, like advertisers?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You talking about regular tweets or PMS?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everything. Everything you post online.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Even what you think is private.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They're analyzing it and --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hey, what? If I send some one a direct message y'all are going to look at it to analyze it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The machine is going look at it. Then we look at it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And they'll make a virtual profile about you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Advertising for money, we have to prove (INAUDIBLE) like the company that confirms this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because we actually bought a company because of this, (INAUDIBLE) so that other companies and other people's sites. So, when you go and see that ad, we get the information that you are purchasing this ad at this moment, on this Website. We have lot of information about you.





UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What if that fell into the wrong hands, how would you protect people from that?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's no way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is really big brother. I mean, like a level, like, it's higher level.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you have access to Twitter?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, when people are asking for this stuff, they can leak it. It happens.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And it's genie out of the bottle kind of thing at that point. Sure I can fire them. Probably sue them in many cases.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But the genie is already out of the bottle.


HANNITY: All right. So, we reached out to Twitter today for a comment on this new footage. In response, they gave us a link to their privacy policy posted on their Website and said we could use the same statement they shared last week with us, that the individuals in the videos were speaking in a personal capacity and do not represent or speak for Twitter.

All right, you see this book right here? He's author of this brand new book, "American Pravda", this is an important book. "My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News." James O'Keefe is with us. Let's start with the videos then we get to the book.

Ok, they're talking about shadow banning but it is worse. Direct message, this is expectation of privacy.

JAMES O'KEEFE, AMERICAN PRAVDA, AUTHOR: Twitter bills itself as a public town square. In today's video they're talking about looking at your private intimate messages between you and your girlfriend, your wife and they store on it the database, and they are sharing this messages, they are laughing at it, bragging about ruining relationships with this messages.

HANNITY: Bring to it divorce court?

O'KEEFE: Yes, that is what they are saying in the video. These engineers are on tape, I don't know how many people can speak in a personal capacity, and it's become widespread now.

HANNITY: It is unbelievable. You would think they'd get fired for his things.

O'KEEFE: Well, now they have learned IMO, they may be firing them quietly. It's important that you reach out for comments. We have nine engineers and executives on tape talking about shadow banning or censoring people so friends can't see the messages, now hundreds of engineers that go through private direct messages.

HANNITY: That is unbelievable. There is an expectation of privacy. Look, the media hates you, fair statement?

O'KEEFE: I would say understatement.

HANNITY: Ok. This is stuff Mike Wallace used to do and other media used to do. But it's expensive, you get sued a lot.

O'KEEFE: It's hard, difficult Sean. Upton Sinclair, the Chicago Sun Times, many of these muckrakers journalist of the 20th century actually did this, they used to do it, and it is gone. There's a new movie out "the post" Tom Hanks.

HANNITY: And you try to release all of the tape, selectively edit, right?

O'KEEFE: We release as much of the tape as we can without compromising our sources and method. But the media releases no tape and asks to us believe anonymous quotes and single source quotes.

HANNITY: Remind people how successful you were with acorn, going back to that you were dressed as pimp in the video.

O'KEEFE: We've shut down government organizations, we have gotten the CEO of NPR fired, states to change their voter I.D. Laws, we had expose border and security, congressional hearings, and Medicaid workers fired. Infiltrated CNN. We had infiltrated the Hillary campaign.

HANNITY: In a big deal, the "Washington Post" caught you try to implicate.

O'KEEFE: Sometimes you get burned but that is a sign of success. Undercover work, you use an alias to draw people out. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

HANNITY: But that is what they make a big deal out for you are a liberal you should be angry at this tape.

O'KEEFE: This book, American Pravda, I write from 1984, which is the year I was born by the way. The people don't want you to believe your eyes and ears. That was the state or Party's most essential command. We trust the American people, there is a conflict division.

HANNITY: American Pravda, Pravda was the communist newspaper the former Soviet Union.

O'KEEFE: It is a Russian word for truth. And (inaudible) is a Latin word for truth.

The difference with Soviet Union Pravda and the America media is people in the Soviet Union knew they were being lied to. In this country people don't believe how bad it is. And this story is a rollicking adventure story about a rag tag team of citizens of history.

HANNITY: It won't give a lot of history. And I will tell you, that your success speaks for itself. Look, I look at it as a badge of honor that I'm hated so much. I think you should, too. Don't look at social media, you reminded me in the book I said that to you. Also, make sure you got your eyes in cross with this.

O'KEEFE: We have, we have a dozen lawyers. It is expensive.

HANNITY: American Pravda. This is the book you got to read. My fight for the truth in the era of fake news. There is a lot of fake news. Good to see you.

O'KEEFE: Thanks Sean.

HANNITY: A great one. Up next, Mark Levin. You want to hear him next.


HANNITY: All right, joining to us weigh in on all of today's biggest stories, I call him the great one and he deserves it, and he is about to host a brand new show right here the Fox News channel. It's like pulling teeth to get him on my show. Life, liberty and Levin. Host of CRTV Levin TV. The great one. I'm so happy you got this show. I begged you to come on my show. But I don't want to waste our time. This FISA, you talk about a post-constitutional America mark. Your books on the constitution are phenomenal, must-read by anybody who cares about it. We're seeing a Presidential candidate fix a primary, who gets an exoneration before investigation with Comey and Strzok, I am talking about Hillary, who then tries to fix by bought and paid for by Russian propaganda. Then those lies are used to get a FISA warrant against the opposition candidate and incoming president and his team. That is not post constitutional, I don't know what Mr. Levin is.

MARK LEVIN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Couple of things about that. As an old chief of staff to an Attorney General at the Justice Department. First of all, let me say this, as an American citizen to watch this is repulsive, unconscionable, to watch the mob media do what they're doing. Last week we were told the President is mentally unstable. For months before that we're told he is colluding with Russians. Today we are touting he is a racist, so he is colluding with the Russians, he is mentally unstable, he is a racist. It is so outrageous what happen to that offer, Michel Wolff, three days ago he was the in thing, now he is gone.

What happened to the allegations about sexual misconduct that is all gone? Now something new, because a known liar, Dick Durbin, leaves a confidential meeting with the President and other Senators, he is relied on by the media because they want to rely on him, just like they wanted to rely on that author. They want to push this President out. Talk about the 25th amendment. Talk about impeachment. This is the pretorian guard media. The biggest scandal in our lifetime is staring them in the face. You, I and a handful of others seem to care about it. And it is this, the poetization at the highest levels of the FBI and the Justice Department. The holdovers from the prior administration. Not a question of Jim Comey, former FBI Director leaked. The question is how much did he leak. Not a question if he leaked classified information, the question is how much classified information? He was the Director of the FBI. The chief investigator who was hunting down Donald Trump. Sending texts to his girlfriend, because he is cheating on his wife. What I used to work at the Justice Department you did that you're out. You know why? They didn't want you to be black mailed, of all people, the Russians. Now we there's more texts that suggest he is been leaking to the media. Now we know. There's a report.

The Trump administration, this is as of six months ago, page 125 leaked stories, one leak a day containing information potentially damaging to the national security. Leaks with the capacity to damage national security scored about seven times as fast as they did under Bush. And the majority of the leaks during the Trump administration, again, this is as of six months ago, 78 concern the Russian probe. Now, talking about the Russia probe we have a special counsel who is pointed to do what, investigate collusion. He is investigating everything, but collusion a special counsel does not exist to investigate financial crimes, whether some guy registered as federal agent or so forth. He is to investigate collusion. Where's your case, Mr. Prosecutor? What's it been, six months, eight months? Give us your collusion case.

Now in addition to him, we have this dossier. This isn't a dossier. This is 35 pages of crap that was put together by the fusion GPS. The Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC collaborated, used their money to use a law firm to hire this guy who then hire as British ex-spy who then works with among others the kremlin. That is collusion. They put this thing together and they work it and they give it to the FBI. Now, the highest levels of the FBI are excited to have this. They're even thinking about putting this ex-British spy on their payroll. What do they do with it? I know they used it.

HANNITY: I know they did, too.

LEVIN: To get a FISA warrant. You know how I know those Sean? Why won't the FBI Director or why anyone at the Department of Justice when they're asked say no it wasn't used.

HANNITY: Mark, Rod Rosenstein --

LEVIN: Hold on, now. That does not reveal classified information. Just say no we didn't use it. But they won't say it. So they did use it.

HANNITY: They absolutely used it. We confirmed last week they used it. I had one report that said it was pushed over the top. Rod Rosenstein went into Speaker Ryan's office according to my reports and begged him, oh, place don't make us turn over stuff. Here's the question, last question, you have a minute to go. We, the media -- this is why I want you on every week. We have a media that, oh, they put --

LEVIN: We don't.

HANNITY: They put Woodward and Bernstein on a pedestal. They did interesting work, good work, truth. Media that now is so biased, abusively so, complicit even. They talk about Watergate. Mark, this was about influencing a Presidential election. Using FISA warrants, Russian propaganda, Hillary DNC bought and paid for. I think it's bigger on a scale that we don't know yet. It will be bigger.

LEVIN: You know to get a FISA warrant you need to have probable cause that somebody is an agent or acting as an agent, in this case to Russia. Can Mr. Mueller, can anybody at justice tell us exactly what the Russian agent was on the Trump campaign? There wasn't any Russian agent. I don't know where the hell the FISA Judge is but they should be furious and should be demanding answers to this. As for the media in this country, we have free press. That is fine. We also have a stupid press. A very liberal press. A partisan press. When I watch this guy, Brian Stelter who I really or this Don Lemon or over there, the morning Schmo and Mrs. Schmo over there on MSNBC, you call that press? I call it a joke.


HANNITY: I won't give it away. They're part of the video of the day, part of the video of the day. Will you come on more often? It's not that much. When we come back.

LEVIN: Sure, why not, enjoy it.

HANNITY: Red, white, and Levin. Starting on Fox, Tomi Lahren next.


HANNITY: So last week Tomi Lahren told us that the people of the West Hollywood California were not exactly friendly when she ask them about immigration so Tomi went back to West Hollywood to ask people what their problem is with Fox News and people like me and her. Take a look.


TOMI LAHREN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Where do you get your news from?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not the biggest fan.

LAHREN: Where do you get your news?


LAHREN: Never Fox News?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm not really a big fan of Fox News.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just don't feel like I guess they're seeking to -- speaking to me.

LAHREN: Fox News is speaking to you right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Literally but as far as their message they aren't speaking to me and my peers.

LAHREN: You walked past me, you said there's Fox News, you had a reaction, and you saw the mic. What do you think of Fox News?


LAHREN: You had some thoughts. No thoughts I mean I am not trying to get you here, I really want to know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I tend to get my news from the middle not real liberal, not real conservative.

LAHREN: Have you ever seen my videos on Facebook.


LAHREN: What do you think when my videos come across your feed?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I give everybody a chance, I listen. I respect every opinion. Love will conquer all.

LAHREN: They told me this place is about love, tolerance, welcoming. But apparently not if you're a Republican, not the case. You see me out here, you know who I am, you call me Tomi that is fine, put it behind us. But you saw me with the Fox News mic. What do you think about Fox News?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't like it. And I don't really like a lot of your anchors.

LAHREN: What do you think about Sean Hannity?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think that Sean Hannity is extremely interesting of a person.

LAHREN: What do you mean?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Interesting person. A guy with a lot of inner and outer demons.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Unfortunate person to have in this environment.

LAHREN: Isn't that weird that the area that is supposed to be loving, tolerant and welcome to everyone, is not loving and tolerant?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Welcome to the biggest anomaly.

LAHREN: You think West Hollywood is an anomaly?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Only when your views match their views.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Every news source is biased now. There's two sides to every story and then the truth.

LAHREN: You watch them all?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Then you get crazier.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I get my comedy from Fox News and my news from comedians.

LAHREN: I want to go back you called me Tomi, was that 100 percent respectful?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm sorry if that hurt your feelings.

LAHREN: if we are going to respect each other I mean I would never call you someone outside of your name if I don't even know you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Baristas get my name all the time wrong.

LAHREN: But you deliberately got mine wrong to be mean.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right. I'm sorry.


HANNITY: We don't have a lot of fans there. Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren, wait a minute. Did he say I have inner and outer demons?

LAHREN: Yeah. I'm not sure, I didn't really hear what your inner or outward demons were. But they also said you and I are both problematic, Fox News is problematic. Many of them don't watch Fox News. I think they're just guessing. I'm not sure Sean.

HANNITY: Did you get anybody that liked snugs I didn't see one person that liked us.

LAHREN: They couldn't be vocal about it. There are a lot of people even in West Hollywood that are supporters of this President but wouldn't dare wear a red baseball cap, not even "make America great again hat," but they wouldn't even wear a red hat in West Hollywood, because of repercussion (inaudible), wouldn't have friends.

HANNITY: I have a great idea for next week, go back to west Hollywood, sorry, I'm so easy to give the assignments here. I sit in the comfort of the studio. You have to go back and you have to wear a "make America great again" hat and offer them for free to people. That would be great. Are you willing to do that?

LAHREN: I will do it 100 percent. I am absolutely, you heard it here first, and I'm going back to West Hollywood. I have a Trump 45 jersey, we should do it to celebrate the one year of his inauguration. I think that is exactly what we should do Sean. Let's celebrate one year of President Trump and I'll go back to West Hollywood.

HANNITY: I have to get a signed. You have to get a hat and jersey signed first. You can say this is really signed by the President. And see what they do. Or we'll forge his signature to make fun, tell them the truth after. Because we don't have time. Then we could say would you like a Presidential signed cap. Then you could say it's not really signed after they give their response. I almost sound like fake news CNN.

LAHREN: How much extra security are you going to send with me?

HANNITY: I'll get you real one.

LAHREN: We will have a lot of fun.

HANNITY: Tomi, great work, thank you and we appreciate it. When we come back I will tell you the funniest video of the day we have ever had. This is hilarious. And the "Hannity" hotline. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: The best video of the day ever thanks to "Saturday Night Live" hilarious get mocking liberal Joe and liberal Mika. This is funny. Take a look.


"JOE SCARBOROUGH": President Trump is at it again. Using a deeply offensive word one uprising Haiti and some African countries. Joining me to break this down as chair for the center for African-American studies at Princeton. He is talking about Haitians, he is talking about Africans. In the question, when will they get to speak? One is at their turn? How long will they be silent? Thanks for joining us. What you want to do for lunch?

"MIKA BRZEZINSKI": I don't know.

"SCARBOROUGH": I know what you want. You are a steak Florentine gal.

"BRZEZINSKI": Yeah? Are you to feed me my need? You're a dirty dog?


HANNITY: So much better. Watch the whole thing. We will put it up on Hannity.com. All right. Time for the Hannity hotline, let us hit it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Somebody else may be to fill that 9:00 hour a lot better than you, (BEEP)!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sean, your monologue stinks. If you spend 30 minutes on a monologue. When you interview people, you interrupt them, you cut them off like a blooming idiot.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just watched the beginning of the show. You really are something. You are a cheap little thug with a big mouth, a bigger ego and four brain cells.


HANNITY: One, two, three -- I have four. This is brutal. But keep them coming. No matter what, no matter how many. (877)255-8587. Keep my ego in check. Let not your heart be troubled. That is all the time we have left this evening. If we will always be fair and balance, never be destroy-Trump media. We have been searching diligently for Laura Ingraham's hotline.

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