Ann Coulter speaks out about DACA negotiations

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: Good evening from Washington. I'm Laura Ingraham and this is "The Ingraham Angle." We have massive news to share with you tonight. We have the DACA negotiations reaching a fever pitch. It's an issue so many of you care about and the president is not budging.

We are going to have the real analysis of what the Democrats and some of their pals in the Republican Party are trying to ram through.

And we are going to get into that explosive comment the president made in the oval office.

And first, Silicon Valley, came after conservatives and now they are coming after you.

By the way, Chicago residents revolt over the Obama Library plan. We have one of the men behind the pushback here with us tonight.

Plus, we have exclusive details on some of the most vial, heinous crimes ever committed by an illegal immigrant and we are the only show doing this story tonight. We have exclusive details about something that happened in Denver, Colorado.

But first, the Durbin-Graham-Flake DACA bill travesty, that is the subject of tonight's ANGLE. As I predicted this gang of six bill is a complete and utter joke. Earlier in the week, the president empowered Congressional leaders to come up with a bipartisan deal to address the status of the 800,000 or so DREAMers that President Obama through executive action protected from deportation.

Remember, there were some perquisites, build the wall, add more border agents and immigration judges, and end chain migration, and the visa lottery. But today, Senator Dick Durbin, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake unveiled their great compromise.

The moment I heard it was those three involved, I knew it was going to be bad. If you're wondering why the president has already in the words of Dick Durbin personally rejected the bill, I'll tell you why, it would increase chain migration violating one of the president's non-negotiables.

Number one, the DACA citizens get citizenship and can then sponsorship relatives and their parents for renewable three-year period. The money for border enforcement is as I predicted a pittance $2.3 billion is all Durbin, Graham, and Flake offered.

And by the way, only 1.6 billion will go towards the construction of the wall and double fencing, and what are they supposed to build the wall with, Styrofoam, for that much money. A real border wall is expected to cost about $20 billion.

And while Congress anguishes to find the money, by the way, remember we are going to rebuild Puerto Rico for about $50 billion and illegals cost us all in about $113 billion a year. So, do not tell me that we do not have the money to enforce our own border.

The bipartisan proposal placed new constraints on the Department of Homeland Security that will hamper the actual building of the wall, and this really tortures me. The visa lottery would simply be transferred to temporary protective status.

Meaning those visas would result to even more lower-skilled immigrants coming into the country. The bars even lowered for that group. So, I suggest that the great bipartisan working group sharpen their pencils and return to the table.

This will not do, no way, no how. Again, it would increase chain migration. It would lead to more immigration and it would spike the number of low-skilled immigrant workers. This is a bill that the president should love, right?

The president of Mexico that is. Republicans should run, not walk away from it. Just like in 2006, 2007, 2013, and 2014, open borders, bipartisan cartel tries to trick the American people every time.

Well, guess what? We are not Charlie Brown and you're not Lucy. But Donald Trump is not going to be led down this garden path on this, no way. During the presidential election, Lindsay Graham got 1 percent of the vote in his home state of South Carolina during the primaries, yes, 1 percent.

And Jeff Flake, himself, is so unpopular in Arizona, he was forced to retire rather than face the electorate. Let's face it. The immigration views of Flake and Graham are not popular, and the president should not tie his great political future to these walking anvils. They should just sink him right down.

For a real perspective on immigration, they president should listen to the voices of the silent majority that I heard loud and clear once again on my radio show today.


UNIDENTIFIED CALLER: These days you don't find one African-American on the worksite, in any Atlanta sub-division, it's a shame. It's all Hispanic, it's all illegal.

UNIDENTIFIED CALLER: Their equity price, again, is built on illegal labor, they are a plentitude of illegal labor, holding wages down for the Americans.

UNIDENTIFIED CALLER: A lot of guys think that, "Why don't you guys get off the corder in Chicago or Chicago is such carnage for all of this crime and all this gun violence. But, there is so many illegals in Chicago right now, it's so hard for anyone to get a job.


INGRAHAM: People know how high the stakes are right now and they are already living with the results of the open borders policies. By the way, that were supported by the same politicians pushing this bad deal on Trump.

America, my friend, is being and has been completely transformed culturally, economically, and electorally by illegal and chain immigration and by the way, MS-13 is still proliferating.

This is precisely what Americans rejected in the last presidential election, one of the major reasons Trump won. Nobody wants America to be the next --


INGRAHAM: I guess we decided to bleep that. It is what Graham and Flake are pushing that is so unpopular and it's so right. It's so common sense. Why were they also afraid to come on this show and defend their proposal? We get no call backs from any of them. I wonder why and that's The Angle.

Joining me now for reaction, from West Palm Beach, Florida is bestselling author, Ann Coulter, and with me here in Washington, D.C. is Mark Krikorian, the executive director for the Center for Immigration Studies, and also in Washington is Jonathan Swan, a national political reporter for "Axios."

Jonathan, let's start with you. I did some reporting before the show on what happened in that meeting without belaboring the point of what the president said inside, this bill does not go close at all in my mind to reaching those non-negotiables that President Trump has set out very clearly.

JONATHAN SWAN, NATIONAL POLITICAL REPORTER, AXIOS: Well, you saw it (inaudible). I looked up at the television this morning and it said, Flake: we have struck a deal on immigration. You couldn't have had a worse messenger for that deal than Jeff Flake for a start.

Secondly, as soon as I knew that it was Flake, Durbin and Graham, I said, OK, where is Tom Cotton, Purdue, some of these other people that the president wants to listen to. And the wedge they played out was Durbin and Graham are going to go to the White House.

They had it all planned out. They were going to meet with the president. They show up and go into the cabinet room and the doors swing open and in walks Cotton, Purdue and Goodlatte, and they freak, and they were like, OK. And the real conversation happens, which is obviously, the deal that was presented this morning.

INGRAHAM: Durbin and Flake, Ann Coulter, do they think the president -- they must think the president is stupid. They are going to walk into this meeting and try to buffalo Trump on immigration on these points? Jeff Flake didn't vote for President Trump and he wrote a whole book trashing him and he's like, I have the idea, Mr. President, we are going to increase chain migration and -- Ann, take it away.

ANN COULTER, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR: As you say, he's so popular in his home state. He can't run for reelection. These politicians, they are like drug addicts. I don't know what the American people have to do. Three times Congress has tried to slip through amnesty in the last 10 years in the dead of night.

Luckily, now people are paying attention and all three times, it was shutdown not by a major network, one particular politician. Somehow, leaked out, the American people shutdown Congressional switch boards.

We just put a reality TV star developer in the White House, some would say. He is not the typical president, why? Because he talked about Mexican rapists, and promised to build the wall.

I thought on November 8th, all these Republicans in Washington, (inaudible) like trucks of depends being sent in because they'd be so afraid of what the public were saying to them.

I mean, my final thing I would say about this is remember, Ross Perrot, have this idea -- just occurred to me when you were talking about where you'd have like national referenda on certain issues.

I so wish we could have a secret ballot, national referenda on immigration, in any amnesty, on DREAMers amnesty, for anyone on the wall, I mean, we think we did that on November 8th. But, wow, (inaudible) Republicans want their donors and the Democrats want the votes.

INGRAHAM: Mark, I actually am surprised. They didn't even try to dress this up as something that's different. It is actually worse than the gang of eight bill. It's actually worse than that was in many respects because it directly increases chain migration by allowing these 800,000 sponsor uncles, aunts, adult children, and the parents get to stay for three-year revolving, rotating periods of time.

MARK KRIKORIAN, CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES: I mean, when I read about this, it really seemed to me almost consciously contentious of what the president wanted to do. Look, the whole --

INGRAHAM: Do you think they are trying to blow it up on purpose?

KRIKORIAN: No, I think they think he really is a moron and they can push over --

INGRAHAM: I mean, it's unbelievable. They actually -- when he said, I'll do whatever you guys want -- but they have been working on this, Mark, for months and this is what these bozos came up with?

KRIKORIAN: You know, what was maybe really struck me was for 15 years, the whole argument for the DREAMers and DACA is that they didn't commit a crime. They came in as kids, weren't legally responsible. Well, this bill amnesties their parents too, who didn't come as children, who brought them here. I thought this was a joke at first. I have to admit. I did not think this was serious.

INGRAHAM: Now, Jonathan, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal from Washington State made a comment today directly at this issue of chain migration. Let's watch.


REP. PRAMILA JAYAPAL, D-WA.: This idea that chain migration is real, it is really only something that people who know nothing about immigration will say because chain migration doesn't, for the most, exist. It took me 18 years to get my citizenship. If I had tried to get my parents to come here as a U.S. citizen, it would have taken many more years.


INGRAHAM: Jonathan, doesn't exist at all. It's only 44 percent of all green-card recipients this past year were from chain migration, and another 23 percent, Mark, were from other family-based immigration, only 18 percent were jobs related.

SWAN: I don't even know what to make of that. My eyes were bulging.

INGRAHAM: But that's how the immigration in the United States has ballooned over the years and it's ballooned beyond what anyone had ever thought and Ann, you know, we have this story that we are going to get to next segment about something that just happened in Denver, Colorado.

Now, as you know, media outlets do not dig for immigration status on these crimes. So, you have to like call like three or four people, you get transferred and then finally, you find someone (inaudible).

So, we did that, we are going to reveal that in the next segment. But just the issue of crime alone is something that we have to keep front and center because that directly relates to the American people.

COULTER: Yes. Well, that's how "Adios America" became -- my book on immigration and it was only going to be one chapter and I looked up what would any country want to know about the people its bringing in, legal immigrants, we are talking about here.

How many are in prison and what countries are they from? The government specifically suppresses that information. The media is not asking any questions and then, they turn around and blow up on a comment like Trump's.

Well, from the information in "Adios America," actually Haitians do seem to be widely overrepresented in our prison system and Norwegians, really, quite under represented and I know there's only side of this debate wants to know the facts.

It's our side who keeps saying, can you just count? It is not that hard to figure out how many immigrants are in prison. Can you count them?

INGRAHAM: Right. There's a story coming out tomorrow specifically about Arizona, which will be hitting tomorrow. Jonathan, who has the president's ear on immigration in the White House? Stephen Miller is one of the last of the original Trumpites in the White House.

There's a couple of others, but not many just on this particular issue. Is Stephen Miller have influence? I know the president is his own man and runs his own show, but Miller is one of the experts on this issue?

SWAN: Miller has a lot of influence and he's really the only one in the White House who actually really understands this issue and studied it in a very careful way. John Kelly, obviously, cares about border, but he doesn't know immigration policy like Stephen Miller.

But you know, everyone obsesses over the palace intrigue and the in- fighting. This is actually one of those issues where Trump himself has very strong, hard wired instincts and has done for a long time, immigration and trade.

And so, yes, there are moderate liberals in there like Gary Cohn, Jared and Ivanka, who would be horrified by the comment he made today, but they are basically giving up trying to really -- I mean, they know where this is heading, the way the president --

INGRAHAM: And Mark, the president's instinct on this issue was always derided and reviled by the establishment. They call them racist, xenophobic. They are still doing it and they'll do it even if he agreed to something like this. They did it yesterday. So, the president sticks to his instincts on this.

If you want to get rid of chain migration, then maybe we have to do some deal on DACA, but it has to be very verifiable, have to be real triggers. It can't be this -- Goodlatte bill is a lot closer.

KRIKORIAN: It's a much better bill. There is no question. The president's instincts, the way I think about it is that he's sort of the man on the street on immigration. He's in the White House, but he's --

INGRAHAM: Listen to those callers, those African-American and two women. A young African-American male in Chicago and I didn't it was two, one woman and a man, and those are representative, by the way, the calls are in my show today.

These are people -- a lot of them like, I'm not even political. I don't even follow Fusion GPS, but on this issue, I've seen my opportunities shrink and I've seen the country change and we didn't vote for any of this. I'm not racist. I believe in immigration, but this is wrong.

And I'm telling you people are mad. I don't care what they say about DACA polls, people are livid about this. I think the president gets it, I really do.

Everybody -- by the way, great segment. Ann and Mark, stay right there. This conversation is continuing over something the president said, we referenced it in the Oval Office about countries where certain illegal immigrants come from and legal immigrants do not move.


INGRAHAM: President Trump has driven much of the mainstream media bonkers once again. Fox News is among a number of outlets that confirmed the "Washington Post" report that during an oval office meeting with lawmakers on immigration today that we were just talking about, Trump (inaudible) at that deal and said, I substitute one particular word here, "Why are we having all these people from blank hole countries come here?"

The president was reported referring to the countries of Haiti, El Salvador, and of course, that's the home of MS-13 and some African nations. CNN completely freaked out.


JIM ACOSTA, CNN SENIOR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: The president seems to harbor racist feelings about people of color from other parts of the world.

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN CHIEF LEGAL ANALYST: The president has racist views. I mean, you know, how long do we have to dance around that issue?


INGRAHAM: Jeffrey Toobin talking about dancing is not something I ever want to think about. Let's bring back Ann Coulter and Mark Krikorian and also welcome immigration attorney, Michael Wildes, in New York.

Ann, let's go to you on this issue of the blank hole countries because he said that Toobin and Acosta go right to the same old trop they tried in 2016, Donald Trump is obviously then harboring ill will towards people of color.

COULTER: Right. And don't change the channel from Laura's show, but this is the fondest night to watch CNN since election night. It is fantastic. That's not good enough. I do still want a wall so he's not going to win me back with his rhetoric again.

He said, he's going to build a wall a million times. But, you know, I think it's worth mentioning, this is exactly what all of the Democratic sponsors of the 1965 Immigration Act promised us.

Teddy Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, the "Washington Post," Emmanuel Selert (ph) swore up and down. This immigration act will not change the ethnic composition of America. We will not be overwhelmed by immigrants from Asia, Africa, Caribbean, from any one country.

They swore up and down. In fact, the 1965 Immigration Act and (inaudible) acted exactly the opposite of that. Basically, Western European immigration was shut down. We were overwhelmed with the third world.

Now if anybody complains about it, they call you a racist. Well, no, we are just saying -- was Teddy Kennedy a racist for saying it wouldn't do all of the things it did? No, it is not true.

We want westerners who can speak English. Just one thing on -- you were talking about how there not enough money for the wall. I was thinking as long as these countries are such fantastic countries, maybe we can cut off the foreign aid to all of them and use that for the wall.

INGRAHAM: All right. Tax remittances are shut down remittances to other countries altogether. I mean, they sent $20 billion out of the country, 50 percent tax, you get $10 billion right there. Michael, I want to go to you on this. Your reaction to the president's reported comment?

MICHAEL WILDES, IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY: I want to say thank you, Laura, for having me on again. I have to say just for context, I happened to have been the president's immigration lawyer for over 10 years acting on behalf of Trump models and Miss Universe and so forth.

A staunch Democrat, I still represent actually Mrs. Trump. I have to tell you that I was disappointed by the words and the tone. I did not believe the president to be a bigot. I think this is a contentious issue and the president should be speaking in a presidential capacity with better choice of words.

But the fact is the dialogue has deteriorated. We have unfortunately leaders in this nation in both houses that have not done anything to fix this broken immigration system that is festering.

And you know, family reunification was a hallmark of the 1965 Act. It's now been given the derogatory term of "chain migration". So, we have a lot of things to fix. Guys, let me just something, we have 50,000 lottery visas and we have 10,000 people getting EB5s where they put a million dollars and buy green cards effectively.

Yes, there is some things that we need to do. They want to drop brothers and sisters in exchange put in a merit-based special visa for entrepreneurs, I'm all for, you know, adding more venues to get legal immigrations. I don't think we want criminals and MS-13 here.

INGRAHAM: Let me get into because we promised our viewers we would share some information tonight that we uncovered today. I logged on to the "Denver Post" website, an interesting website. They report on some cool issues that I care about.

And crime is one of them and there was a major heroin bust in Colorado this week. There's a 61-count indictment against six individuals. Now, we called over and we found out that in addition to the main suspect, Flores Rosales, 47-year-old Cristobal Flores Rosales, Juan Meza, Mario Acasa Ruiz, (inaudible) Campos, and Jose Torres Espinoza are all illegal immigrants.

This was $264,000 worth of drugs including heroin. We know what heroin is doing to our youth and society and it is poisoning them. That's just one example and that's why it matters because their lives are affected and how many of these kids could have been DACA recipients if they had not been busted in a heroin wring? Michael, they could have DACA amnesty, could they not?

WILDES: Laura, get these criminals out. Get this insidiousness. The opioid --


INGRAHAM: Michael, why should our law enforcement -- Michael, this may work in your law practice, but not with me. These are individuals that are taxing our police, our district attorneys, our government services by poisoning our youth.

WILDES: If they are criminals, they cannot get DACA.

INGRAHAM: They are all valedictorians, right, Michael. Mark Krikorian, they shouldn't be in this country. They shouldn't be allowed in this country and they never should be here.

WILDES: They cannot get DACA if they are criminals.

INGRAHAM: Yes, because we caught them. How many didn't we catch?

KRIKORIAN: There are two points in the crime issue that are relevant here. You have the supporters of big immigrations, immigrants, if you add them altogether, they are not that much more or less likely to be criminals than Americans when you add them altogether.

That might be true. We don't know because Ann said the data doesn't exist. They don't collect it. There are two points that matter here. One, illegal immigrants shouldn't be here. So, one crime is too many --

INGRAHAM: One life, one American life isn't worth it.

KRIKORIAN: And immigrant communities even though most of the people are perfectly innocent, they serve as kind of cover for rings like this. These guys were not operating in some suburban place.

INGRAHAM: I have to share another anecdote. This is very important. This happened about 10 miles from Washington, D.C. where we are broadcasting from right now. Go back to Valentine's Day of last year. A female MS-13 gang member, 17 years of age, had another girl in her grips and stabbed her multiple times, killing her.

She went on tape. The confession was tapped and released to local Fox 5 here in Washington. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You need to tell me what you did to here.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How did you kill her?



INGRAHAM: She said to her also, you will see me again in hell, don't forget my name. All reported and all admitted to. Another life that shouldn't have been taken and should have never of happened and Ann, you can take it away here, but I'm telling you, any destruction of life, property, rape, child abuse, DWI, why do the American people have to tolerate this. So, liberals feel better about themselves in their electoral chances and Republicans get cheap labor, why?

COULTER: Right. And they are not living in those neighborhoods. That happened last year?

INGRAHAM: No, that was this year.

COULTER: So, that's in Trump's America. So, you know, we do have to flash back to Trump promising --

INGRAHAM: Sorry, the confession was just released. The killing happened on Valentine's Day of last year.

COULTER: The parents of the children murdered by illegal aliens, Trump brought them up on stage, God bless them. It's the first time most Americans have even heard of them, and said over and over again, I won't forget you. I won't betray you.

These killings going forward, if Trump does not keep his promises on immigration by building the wall and deporting illegals, these are going to be (inaudible). Now this is on his record. The next Pulse Nightclub, that's going to be his and he better remember the people who put him there.

INGRAHAM: All right, guys -- real quick, Michael, go ahead.

WILDES: The dialogue has deteriorated sadly where you are giving the impression to everybody that most foreigners or immigrants are criminals. DACA recipients cannot be criminals, and I'm telling you right now scaring the hell out of America is not in good taste.

INGRAHAM: Michael, what if that were your daughter with 12 knife wounds in her neck? What would you be saying? Would you be coming on this show saying, oh, the poor DACA kids? I don't think so.

WILDES: Laura, how dare you use that --

INGRAHAM: How dare you try to make that argument? We did not say 800,000 DACA people --

WILDES: Laura, I'm a former federal prosecutor, I know --

INGRAHAM: So don't tell me.

WILDES: Laura, Laura, Laura, can I say something, or do you want to talk over me?

INGRAHAM: You need to get a new immigration lawyer. We are out of time.


INGRAHAM: You're wrong.

The potentially invasive tactics from Silicon Valley could affect all of you, up next.


INGRAHAM: Facebook, Twitter, Google are hardly friends of conservatives, but I use them all. But its own workers accuse Facebook of suppressing conservative news from its list of trending stories, very interesting. Twitter employees have allegedly admitted to censoring and banning conservatives. And studies show Google's algorithms product search results favoring Democrats and other liberals. How shocking. Now Facebook reportedly plans to put cameras and microphones in your home in one handy new device. No thanks. What can possibly to wrong?

For answers let's go to Steve Hilton, Fox News host of "The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton," he's in Silicon Valley, and in New York Kristen Ruby who is president of the Ruby Media Group. All right, Kristen, let's start with you. Why should we not be concerned, we'll start with the issue of fact checking conservative news sites and not fact checking more liberal news sites? "Daily Caller" is subjected to routinely fact checking and context comments by Twitter, and that's done regularly. That's the Google look. And yet Vox and other more liberal sites don't actually get that treatment. Is that fair?

KIRSTEN RUBY, RUBY MEDIA GROUP: Do I think it's fair? Absolutely not. So I think we should be concerned about this. However, I think this is really a case of what happens when you have smaller start-ups with not a plan really to think about becoming some of the largest corporations in the world. And so I think a lot of this is actually missteps and lack of planning. I don't disagree that yes, they are actually doing, this, but I do think that at this point, these are advertising revenue dependent sites, so people have the power to actually cut off and stop advertising with these sites instead of --

INGRAHAM: Wait a second. Ruby, Ruby, the problem is, for instance, Google, if they skew the analytics to hurt conservative media, that hurts conservative media's bottom line as well, does it not? That hurts their ad revenue because the analytics don't match the traffic on the site. That's the concern I think a lot of the conservative sites have here, and that seems just patently unfair. Very quickly and I'm going to go to Steve.

RUBY: I agree with you. I'm not disagreeing on this point. I think it is unfair and I think they have to get their act together very quickly. And I think consumers really have the power to change by cutting off ad revenue for them basically.

INGRAHAM: Well, it is Google. I don't know how you're going to cut off Google. But Steven, on this particular issue, I've seen it. I've seen this happen. We know lots of people on Twitter are banned because they have conservative views that are provocative, but my goodness, what on Twitter isn't provocative these days? Look at my Twitter feed sometime. What should we think about this?

STEVE HILTON, FOX NEWS HOST: I think we should be really concerned, Laura. And before I dive into that, I just want to say, it's my first time joining you and I want to say how much I love your show.

INGRAHAM: Oh, thank you.

HILTON: You are a real champion for populism. This is a real populist issue because this is about the people versus the powerful, and there's nothing more powerful these days than these tech companies. And the reason we should be frightened -- there's two reasons, basically. First of all, exactly as you said, they want us to put our whole lives in their hands to show up to our homes in their self-driving cars, walk up to the front door and facial recognition software will open the door, we can throw away the boring old keys, walk into the kitchen and the smart fridge will have ordered your groceries and you stick them in that smart oven. All of that personal information, deep, deep personal data, who owns that? Not us. They own it.

And what's going to happen with it you don't know because the latest thing they've told us is that every single chip in every single computer in the world has actually got a design flaw which means it can be hacked by anyone.

INGRAHAM: Everything is hackable.

HILTON: There's an ideological problem, too. That's right, and they hide behind this notion of the algorithm that does all this in a neural, unbiased way, but the is that anyone who knows about these tech companies understands is that the algorithms are written by the people, and the people who work for these companies are overwhelmingly liberal, and that's a real problem because they are designing these systems that run so much of our lives with an ideological bias.

And it's worse even than that because they're not just liberal. They're liberal hypocrites, too, because while they politically shovel money into the pockets of Democrats who obviously want to raise taxes and increase regulations, they themselves, these tech companies, do all they can to avoid paying taxes and they spend millions of dollars on lobbyists to avoid being regulated. So they want everyone else to pay taxes, just not them, and they want other industries to be regulated, just not theirs. It's really dangerous and we've got to --

INGRAHAM: The best is when Mark Zuckerberg buys all the properties around his house and makes sure that he has a perimeter so he has a lot of security. What is the difference, by the way, between breaking and entering a house and breaking and entering the country? But that's not how it works. Guys, great segment.

And by the way, Obama's idea of a presidential library apparently includes no books or even documents. Up next, a few more reasons why Chicago may say no thanks to the plans for the Obama library.


INGRAHAM: OK, stay here because this is wild. Controversy is actually swirling around the Obama presidential library. It was supposed to be administered by the national archives, only the Obama presidential center is going to contain no books. It is more like a privately operated entertainment campus with a recording studio. He is still dining out on that Al Green thing he did years ago, that karaoke, and I guess he is going to have a workout room, a basketball court.

Now a growing number of people are objecting to its construction on what is historic parkland, and one of them is Charles Birnbaum. He's the chief executive of the Cultural Landscape Foundation. He joins us from West Palm Beach, obviously not Chicago, but he's spearheading this effort on behalf of a lot of Chicago residents. Charles, no books. We don't know where the archives are, the documents. Explain this.

CHARLES BIRNBAUM, THE CULTURAL LANDSCAPE FOUNDATION: First of all, Laura, thank you for covering this. This is a national story, and we at The Cultural Landscape Foundation are grateful that you have picked this up, so tremendous kudos.

You are right, it is not a library. What it is is a bait and switch. What Chicagoans were told when this went to the park board that we would actually have a library and the confiscation of parkland held in public trust for 150 years was offered up, and now what we are seeing is a private enterprise in the confiscation of public parkland. This pure and simple -- it is outrageous.

INGRAHAM: By the way, it is really ugly too. I'm sorry, it looks like some -- I don't know what it looks like. It looks like some kind of spaceship. It is not attractive, I don't understand it. Rahm Emanuel, it's a very short segment. I'm going to have you on radio tomorrow on this tomorrow, but I guess Rahm Emanuel said whatever you need, correct? Whatever you need to Obama, they wanted a, this big swath of land, whatever you need.

BIRNBAUM: This was actually land that the deal was made with the University of Chicago. Imagine when this competition was happening and Columbia University said we're going to take 19 acres of Central Park. They would have been laughed out of town.

INGRAHAM: It's just ridiculous. We are going to conversation this on radio tomorrow. By the way, bonus Angle coming up, CEOs who abandoned Trump back in August, gets what's happening with them now, where are they now? Coming up.


INGRAHAM: Welcome back. The summer of their discontent made glorious winter. CEOs and the Trump economy, that's the focus of tonight's bonus Angle.

OK, do you remember back in August when several CEOs on President Trump's two business advisory councils resigned over his comments after that Charlottesville protest, white supremacists, all that stuff going on there? Of course, leftwing cable hosts and journalists were positively gleeful last August when that was going down.

President Trump was losing his allies in corporate America. They ran for cover, those CEOs, at the first sign of trouble, and they caved when Trump haters made the absurd claim that Trump was sympathetic to white supremacist. Look at all those headlines. You can't even read them there are so many.

Typical of most CEOs in the modern era, they preen and they posture as morally superior, and then they try to outdo one another, I'm political correct, no, I'm more politically correct. They jumped off the USS Trump when they thought Trump sinking because they wanted to try to save themselves, so courageous. Well, naturally, the media ate it up.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's a bunch in the gut to Mr. Trump, a billionaire former CEO who ran as the jobs president.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He needed corporate America to back his claims that he was a businessman president who could get things done with their help. Now they have turned their backs on him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is a huge, embarrassing blow for President Trump. They are not afraid of President Trump anymore. At this point he has said so much but done so little, and we're so far away from his agenda.


INGRAHAM: Oh, tell us, Stephanie. But the real reason of course the press was giddy is because they thought the exodus of all those corporate chieftains made it certain that the entire Trump agenda would be over, finis. Could they have been more wrong? The truth is the president, despite his unconventional approach, has demonstrated that he's smarter and more in tune with the people than these business leaders will ever be.

In fact, they are now the ones cheering. Consider the recent news. In the wake the tax reform Wal-Mart announced today that it's raising starting wages for hourly employees to $11 an hour. It's also giving $1,000 bonuses to some of its hourly employees. Wal-Mart credited the salary hikes and the bonuses to the president's tax cuts. And by the way, they are not alone. Waste management, Comcast, AT&T, and many others have made similar moves. This is real money in people's pockets. Political this puts Democrats in something of a trick bag. The economy is humming, manufacturing is up, but remember what Nancy Pelosi said when that tax bill passed?


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: This is Armageddon. This is a very big deal.


INGRAHAM: Well, once again, she was sputtering on the House floor about it today.

PELOSI: In terms of the bonus that corporate America received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic.


INGRAHAM: Think about how elitist that is. Crumbs? A $2,000 bonus from waste management to 34,000 employees, Nancy? Maybe it is crumb if you live in Pacific Heights or Seacliff neighborhood of San Francisco and you're married to Paul Pelosi, maybe then it's a crumb. But for most people it is real money. And they say, by the way, that Trump doesn't have both oars in the water. Nancy has lost the oars and can't even find the water she is so out of it.

Now it must be a great relief to the Democrats that in their moment of confusion, their dear former leader, President Barrack Obama, is giving them tons of moral support and clarity as he chatted with Dave Letterman on Netflix.


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT: Prince asked Sasha invites to come up and dance, and she is an excellent dancer. Then Sasha pulls me up, which surprises me because she always mocks my dancing, but I have bad moves.


OBAMA: And I think the key is what we call staying in the pocket.


OBAMA: So you have to stay in the pocket.


INGRAHAM: I'm glad that he's reminiscing about all those taxpayer funded private concerts at the White House while his party scrambles for relevance. And meanwhile, back in the present, some of those same CEOs who abandoned Trump a few months back resurfaced yesterday and they are urging the president to grant amnesty to the 800,000 DACA Dreamers.

Here's my question -- why, Mr. President, should you trust them on that issue? They kicked you when you were down back in August. Let's face it, most of them talk about you behind your back and they voted for Hillary Clinton. Only the base stood by you during all the controversies, Billy Bush, Khizr Khan, travel ban rollout, and even post Charlottesville. As the immigration debate continues, do not forget who your real friends are. We'll be right back.


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