Sean Spicer says convention will be 'unbelievably safe'

RNC communications director addresses report Cleveland is taking out protest insurance for GOP convention


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST:  Of course, they`re getting ready for protests in California, but they`re also getting ready for them in Cleveland, the site of this year`s Republican National Convention.  

In fact, we`re told as well that they`re even taking out protest insurance just in case things turns south, and fast.  

To RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer.  

Sean, are you worried that things could get unruly?  


I think that we have a fantastic team out there.  The Secret Service is the lead when it comes to law enforcement.  They have done a phenomenal job, taking every precaution necessary, working with state and local officials.  

We are going to have a fantastic convention.  It will be unbelievably safe. And I think everyone who attends it will enjoy themselves.  And those watching at home will see a phenomenal process unfold throughout our entire convention.  

We are going to have a great convention.  And I think people are going to be really proud of the Republican Party.  

CAVUTO:  You know, while I have you here, what did you make of Ted Cruz and this Carly Fiorina announcement?  Obviously, he is trying to slow the momentum of Donald Trump, but just over the course of today, as you know, Sean, Donald Trump has picked up an additional, it looks like, 50-some odd delegates.  He`s closing in on 1,000 delegates, needing a little bit more than 237 to win the whole thing outright.  

SPICER:  That`s right.  

And I think you have got two different camps going right now.  Right?  One camp, Donald Trump, is trying to get to that magic number of 1,237 bound delegates to become the presumptive nominee heading into Cleveland.  

And I think the other two candidates, both Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich, are trying to figure out, how do they stop that from happening? And so announcements as the one yesterday are an attempt to make sure that they contrast themselves with that campaign.  It gives them one more surrogate on the trail that -- and a different profile.  

So, you know, look, each of these campaigns is going to run the strategy that they need or they deem best for their campaign.  But as we head into this crucial phase, as we get into the last 10 states, you are going to see, I think, a lot of exciting things happen in the next few weeks, because people are realizing that the eyes of the world are on our side and they want the attention that their campaign needs.  

CAVUTO:  I think every day we have you on -- and I always love having you on -- something happens.

SPICER:  Well, you forgot yesterday.


CAVUTO:  Something happens that is a Pepto-Bismol moment for you.  And I wonder how you and the party handle it.

First of all, with John Boehner saying some rather unsavory things about Ted Cruz, then Senator Cruz`s reaction.  Let`s listen to this.  


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  How about Ted Cruz?




SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  When John Boehner called me Lucifer, he is not directing that at me.  He is directing that at you.

And what made John Boehner mad is that I led a movement of the people to hold Washington accountable.  


CAVUTO:  All right, very little kumbaya-ing going on there.  What did you make of this?  

SPICER:  Well, think you and I have talked about this before.  

I would rather concentrate our firepower on Hillary Clinton and talk about the reason that she is so distrusted and the direction that she would take this country.  I don`t know whether it`s any of the folks.  I just think all of our comments, we should focus fire on them and talk about what makes our party and our candidates better than her.  So, I just am not a fan of that.  


CAVUTO:  What he is saying here is, he`s fueling an argument -- that is, Speaker Boehner, former Speaker Boehner -- that, left to his druthers, he would prefer Donald Trump and not Ted Cruz, saying to The Stanford Daily: "I have Democrat friends , Republican friends.  I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life."

How does that help anyone`s cause?  

SPICER:  Well, again, you`re not going get any disagreement from there.  

I think that we have got two -- we have got three candidates right now that want to head into Cleveland.  One of them may clinch that 1,237. The other two won`t.

I think each one of them and their supporters should focus on why their candidate is best, go out there and make those arguments, and focus -- and focus their messaging on that.  I really don`t think it`s helpful for the party when we`re attacking each other.

The only way that we`re going to win is if we grow the Republican Party, grow the conservative movement.  Each of the three individuals that is left standing right now has whittled down from that number of 17.

Frankly, it was a lot more than that when you look at the number of people who actually filed.  But the fact of the matter is, those are the people that our voters have chosen. And whoever that individual is that carries the mantle of our nomination, we need to make sure that they have got the stamina and support to win in November.  

There`s too much at stake, Neil.  And I think the idea that we`re focused on fighting each other just doesn`t help.  

CAVUTO:  It does not, but it makes your life interesting.  

Sean Spicer, thank you very much.

SPICER:  As always.


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