iPhone 6 launch this fall, report says



It's only been days since Samsung unveiled its latest flagship the Galaxy S5, so naturally Apple fans are eagerly awaiting rumors on the next iPhone. We've already heard that the iPhone 6 will likely sport a superstrong sapphire crystal display, and now comes word that the company behind that panel is signaling a fall launch for the device.

GT Advanced Technologies, the purported manufacturers of the iPhone 6's screen, said in a press release following its Q4 2013 earnings that the company "expects that 2014 will be a transformational year," and that it looks forward to "improving financial performance during the second half of 2014." Since Apple appears to be GT Advanced's most significant partner, 9to5Mac speculates that this anticipated revenue boost will come from a second half 2014 arrival of the new iPhone.

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Historically, Apple has launched new iterations of its flagship smartphone in mid-September, so this conclusion seems highly possible. This is despite other rumors of a possible May or June launch (the latter in sync with WWDC).

We've seen several reports that say the next iPhone will sport a sapphire crystal display, one that will supposedly be tougher and more scratch resistant that Corning's Gorilla Glass. The material is currently used as a cover for the Apple handset's camera lens to keep it from damage, and, if expanded to cover the phone's face, could make the device much more durable than its predecessors.

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The Galaxy S5 meets IP67 standards for water and dust resistance, but Samsung doesn't make any special claims about scratch resistance. The LG G Flex, however, has a material on the back that's designed to heal minor scuffs and scratches.

Along with a possible Liquidmetal design, the iPhone 6 is rumored to feature solar charging capabilities as well as come in two different sizes. Apple may also add optical image stabilization to the camera.