What's your favorite app?

App Attack took to the streets of New York City's Times Square asking everyday people what their favorite apps are.


App Attack took to the streets asking everyday people what their favorite apps are. The clear winners repeated by visitors to New York City’s Times Square over and over again were popular apps—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

You might find some of the other choices more intriguing, however.

To find out what that song you just heard on the radio, several people mentioned Shazam. Simply click and the app listens to the lyrics and figures out the artist and song, and directs you to where you can download it.

Check out a new feature from Shazam called LyricsPlay—it adds full screen lyrics in time with music, so you can memorize your favorite song.

Here’s how it works:

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Download Shazam: iTunes
Download Shazam: Android Marketplace
Mobilewalla Score: 96 out of 100

For reading, you don’t have to own a Kindle, you can also download the app. It works in the same way, purchase ebooks through Amazon and download them onto your device.

Download Kindle: iTunes
Download Kindle: Android Marketplace
Mobilewalla Score: 99 out of 100

Keep track of workouts with RunKeeper—it maps out your mileage and adds a social component, allowing you to chat with other runners about races, courses, tips and more via facebook or right thru the app.

Download RunKeeper: iTunes
Mobilewalla Score: 28 out of 100

Don’t get stuck out in the rain without an umbrella—download Weather Bug for forecast alerts, and you will always be prepared.

Download Weather Bug: iTunes
Download Weather Bug: Android Marketplace

A popular app for keeping track of your finances is Mint. Create a profile with all of your account and credit cards and Mint will help you budget, showing you what you spend the most money on.

Download Mint: iTunes
Download Mint: Android Marketplace

If you are in a meeting and can’t listen to your voicemail, download YouMail, the visual voicemail to see a text readout of the message.

Download YouMail: iTunes
Download YouMail: Android Marketplace
Mobilewalla Score: 86 out of 100

Your smartphone isn’t all business, many use their device to play games on their own and against friends and family.

For example, Words With Friends, the addicting Scrabble-like game that allows you to chat with opponents as you play.

Download Words with Friends: iTunes
Mobilewalla Score: 96 out of 100

A few kids mentioned that they liked to play Temple Run, a treasure hunting adventure game.

Download Temple Run: iTunes
Download Temple Run: Android Marketplace
Mobilewalla Score: 99 out of 100
Download another cook into your kitchen with Cook’s Illustrated—the app helps you pick out dinner for the night, create a food shopping list, and follow along with demo videos.

Download Cook’s Illustrated: iTunes

Mobilewalla scores are based on a set of analytics, representing how successful; i.e.; how hot an app is at a given time; on a given platform; with higher values indicating hotter apps.