Nintendo announced a new 3D handheld gaming system Tuesday, set to succeed the DS when it is released in Japan in the next year.

The new system, called the 3DS, was to be fully unveiled at this year's annual video game conference E3 in Los Angeles this coming June. Details were currently slim, but the announcement stated the console would incorporate 3D technology without the need for players to wear special glasses.

The 3DS will also be backwards compatible with all DS and DSi software. Nintendo said this new portable machine will "succeed" the DS series. As of December 2009, the DS console has sold 125 million units worldwide.

Rumors of a new DS console have been buzzing for a while now.

The latest instance came from President and CEO Satoru Iwata, when he reportedly told Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun the company was working on a DS successor that would have "highly detailed graphics" and use a sensor with the ability to "read the movements of people playing."

Another rumor suggested NVIDIA's Tegra processor would power a new DS hand-held. Both of these reports remain unconfirmed as of now, however.