Actor Scott Baio on New Reality Show, Commitment Issues

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GREGG JARRETT, "BIG STORY" GUEST HOST: This is the "Big Talker" now. Eighties teen heartthrob Scott Baio, he's 45 and still single. Hard to believe it, but does he have commitment issues? The actor best known for his roles on the hit TV shows "Happy Days," "Charles in Charge" and some others, has dated some of Hollywood's most desirable hotties, including blonde bombshells Heather Locklear, Pam Anderson, oh the list goes on and on.

But Mr. Baio, now middle-aged, can I dare say it, he can't seem to settle down. What's the deal? He's even decided to embark on an eight-week soul searching journey and undergo therapy sessions with a life coach, all part of his new VH1 reality TV series, "Scott Baio Is 45… and Single." With me now is the star of the show, actor Scott Baio. Great to see you.

SCOTT BAIO, ACTOR: Thank you. Did you just say middle-aged?

JARRETT: It's hard to believe — OK pal, but you are 45, so you know, I'm older than you, actually.

BAIO: Really? You look good.

JARRETT: All right, commitment issues, is that what it is?

BAIO: Sure, absolutely.

JARRETT: You're afraid to commit to just one woman because?

BAIO: Because, honestly, for a couple of reasons. The big reason in the show, which you have to watch as it all plays out, but another reason is it was, honestly and as candidly as I can, it was just easy to meet another woman. If a woman gave me aggravation, just jump over here or jump over there and move over here, and I didn't have to deal with anything. So it was just an easy life.

JARRETT: Well, plus, you probably had a bunch of girlfriends. We know you had a bunch of girlfriends. And then you'd see somebody else and go, oh, maybe she is better?

BAIO: Yeah and, you know, that's exactly what it is. You're looking for the next best thing.

JARRETT: But you're never going to find the perfect one, are you?

BAIO: No, but you look and I kept looking and in this show, I deal with all of that and I find out actually what my problem is and I realize it on this show.

JARRETT: And you have to go — I mean, you're sort of forced to go visit with some of the ex's.

BAIO: My life coach tells me to go — the show plays out more like a romantic comedy than it does a reality show because of the way we shot it and the style of it. But my life coach tells me to go back and visit these women from my past, kind of like that movie "High Fidelity."

JARRETT: And your past could be volumes of a book. I had my brainroom get on this thing. Here is your list: Heather Locklear, Leslie Ann Warren, Nicolette Sheridan, Pam Anderson, Brooke Shields. I mean, it goes on and on and on. But when you visit with these guys again, I mean, you have a vow of celibacy, right?

BAIO: Yeah, I have a vow of celibacy, but the interesting thing about that, I wasn't going back to them for the sex part.

JARRETT: Yeah, sure you weren't.

BAIO: I really wasn't. But the interesting thing about that was I got a chance to actually see myself because it's like if I said to you, what did I do wrong and what do you really think of me? That's a hard thing to do. It's a hard thing to ask somebody that question and these women were brutally honest. Some of them I thought were going to come after me physically. I'm not kidding. So it actually was a very interesting ride.

JARRETT: All right, look, you have got a current girlfriend, so you have to decide at the end of the show whether you're going to marry her or move on.

BAIO: Right.

JARRETT: What's wrong with Renee?

BAIO: Nothing.

JARRETT: Oh just whisper in my ear, nobody's listening.

BAIO: Nothing, there's nothing wrong with her. She's a great…

JARRETT: Then she's perfect?

BAIO: She's pretty damn close to perfect.

JARRETT: Then you should marry her.

BAIO: But the end of the series is a great ending and I just hope everybody watches.

JARRETT: All right. Are you going to talk to Erin Moran who was your co-star in "Happy Days," in that other program?

BAIO: Yep, we talked to her in episode one, which aired Sunday before last and she told me I had some physical issues.

JARRETT: Physical issues!

BAIO: Size issues.

JARRETT: Wait a minute. Didn't each of you lose your virginity?

BAIO: I lost my virginity to her; she was an old pro. Joking.

JARRETT: What was the size issue?

BAIO: Well, when you lose your virginity, there's one thing you use.


JARRETT: All right.

BAIO: I was 16. I was a late bloomer.

JARRETT: We're going to have to watch the show…

BAIO: Yes, you have to watch the show.

JARRETT: …to find this out. All right, quick question. You turned down the role of Maverick in "Top Gun," 1986. Tom Cruise took it. Bummer.

BAIO: I didn't do that.


BAIO: No, somebody — oh my gosh. Somebody asked me a question and I jokingly — but what are you…

JARRETT: It says right here in my research, Scott.

BAIO: No, no, I see it Gregg. No.

JARRETT: Fun facts about Scott Baio.

BAIO: It was a total joke. Somebody asked me what do you regret. I said, well I was offered the role of Maverick in "Top Gun" and I turned it down.

JARRETT: We love you, Scott. Thanks for dropping by. Good luck.

BAIO: It's a pleasure to be here. Thank you.

JARRETT: VH1, 10:30 Sunday night.

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