Coming into Saturday's contest vs. Rhode Island, the Kansas Jayhawks football team had lost 15 games in a row. That's not a typo, the last time Kansas had tasted victory was Nov. 8, 2014.

Their opponent to start the 2016 college football campaign? The Rhode Island Rams, who finished with a whopping 1-10 FCS record last season.

Fast-forward to about 3.5 hours after kickoff -- and the drought is over! The Kansas Jayhawks defeated the Rhode Island Rams by a score of 55-6.

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What ensued was nothing short of epic -- the Jayhawks fans stormed the field!

KU students on field but goalposts stay standing.

— Jesse Newell (@jessenewell) September 4, 2016

What happened after the fans stormed the field was arguably even more epic -- the public address announcer single-handedly tried to salvage the dignity "of this program."

KU students rush the field. Are told by the PA to go back "for the respect of this program."

— Jesse Newell (@jessenewell) September 4, 2016

Of all the amazing things that happened during this college football opening weekend, this is in contention to be No. 1.