Ryan Fitzpatrick has had himself an offseason.

After a back-and-forth stalemate with the New York Jets over his contract, he finally signed a deal in late July for one year and $12 million.

With that out of the way, Fitzpatrick pivots again to face his oldest foe of all: people thinking he's garbage -- specifically, the anonymous NFL coaches and front offices execs who collaboratively ranked him the 25th-best quarterback in the league in an ESPN poll.

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Fitzpatrick responded to the ranking in mock surprise on Thursday, per the NY Daily News' Manish Mehta.

"Where was I?!" Fitzpatrick asked when told about the ranking.

"That's pretty typical, right?" Fitzpatrick said. "It's amazing that I've been the worst quarterback in the league for the last 11 years and somehow I'm still in the league. It's amazing how that happens, but it happens every year."

In the tiered ranking, Fitzpatrick garnered a spot near the bottom of the third tier, which is described as "legit starter, but needs heavy run game/defense to win."

"Let's say each team puts their top three quarterbacks out there: 32 teams, 96 quarterbacks. And you line us up all in shorts and you puts ski masks on us and have us throw. I'm going to be in the 90th or lower [percentile], I'm sure."

But I almost pride myself on that, because I'm not a Combine guy. I'm not a guy that got recruited out of high school. I'm not a guy that was a first-round. I'm not a coveted free agent. I'm just a guy that comes in and works my tail off and tries to do my job."

Dan is on Twitter. Hell hath no fury like a Fitzpatrick scorned.