Baseball collector crushed on Twitter for crashing Fort Bragg game

It looks like someone crashed the Marlins-Braves game at Fort Bragg on Sunday night, and it's causing quite the uproar. Self-proclaimed baseball collector Zack Hample tweeted an image of a baseball he obtained during the special event, sparking a significant amount of criticism on Twitter.

Fort Bragg commemorative baseballs? Oh yes! Martin Prado just tossed this to me after the 3rd inning.

— Zack Hample (@zack_hample) July 4, 2016

I just snagged a baseball at my 52nd MLB stadium. So excited to be here at Fort Bragg!

— Zack Hample (@zack_hample) July 3, 2016

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Hample, who claims to have been to 51 different MLB stadiums and caught A-Rod's 3,000th hit, apparently was offering $1,000 to anyone on the U.S. Army post to bring him to the game as a guest. The game was closed to the general public, only to be attended by Department of Defense employees and their family.

.@zack_hample then why did you do this?

— RT Ohio (@RT_Ohio) July 4, 2016

Once word spread of Hample's tweet, the criticism came quickly. The 82nd Airborne Division's Twitter account had some advice for the baseball collector.

Delete your account.

— 82nd Airborne Div (@82ndABNDiv) July 4, 2016

And this is the real issue.

— 82nd Airborne Div (@82ndABNDiv) July 4, 2016

Others in the baseball community took aim at Hample, even the notorious Marlins fan who has a penchant for showing up to sporting events in the hopes of being seen.

@zack_hample Zack, that game CLOSED to NON department of Defense Employees and their family. Give any balls u have to kids and leave. NOW.

— Marlins_Man (@Marlins_Man) July 4, 2016

Looks like @zack_hample could learn a thing or two here.

— keithlaw (@keithlaw) July 4, 2016

It looks like Hample had been planning to attend this game for a few weeks.

My phone is blowing up. @MLB to play a regular season game at Fort Bragg?! Wow. You can bet your ass I'll be there -- stadium No. 52 for me.

— Zack Hample (@zack_hample) March 8, 2016

@bradrayborn363 I'm not making any plans that weekend in case I find a way to attend the game at Fort Bragg.

— Zack Hample (@zack_hample) May 9, 2016

Hample tried to defuse the situation, claiming to have given away almost all the balls he collected at the game.

I got 11 balls today and gave 10 away. As promised, I'll be writing an $1,100 check to Please everyone, calm down.

— Zack Hample (@zack_hample) July 4, 2016

But that attempt appears to have done little for his reputation.