Watch a bare-chested Eric Cantona sing 'Will Grigg's On Fire'

"Will Grigg's On Fire" has become the most popular song at Euro 2016. Just about everyone is singing it, including Eric Cantona.

And Cantona made sure he unbuttoned his shirt before singing it, too. Naturally. (Start at 0:56)

Considering that pretty much the whole of Europe has sung the song by now, the competition for Best Rendition is tough. And still Cantona blew them all out of the water. There is only one champion.

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Maybe it's Cantona's beard. Maybe it's the cane. Maybe it's his refusal to button his shirt. Most likely, it's that he's Eric freaking Cantona and also that he appears unaware that Northern Ireland and Ireland are not the same country and team.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that this is the best rendition yet. And it's also clear that Eric Cantona Sings Songs needs to be a regular, weekly show. Have him sing "Panda."