The NFL Network recently aired -- for the first time since it originally was shown live -- the complete game from Super Bowl I between Green Bay and Kansas City on Jan. 15, 1967.

Spoiler alert: The Packers won, 35-10, and a couple of players had big games, most notably quarterback Bart Starr and wide receiver Max McGee.

Starr completed 16 of 23 passes for 250 yards with two touchdowns and an interception while McGee caught seven passes for 138 yards with two TDs.

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As we head towards the 50th Super Bowl, those performances still rank up there among the best all-time.

Starr's quarterback rating is the 12th best in Super Bowl history (among 95 QBs who threw at least 15 passes) while his yards per attempt ranks eighth.


Quarterback Team Opponent Year Yds/Attempt
Terry Bradshaw Steelers Rams 1980 14.71
Jim McMahon Bears Patriots 1986 12.80
Jim Plunkett Raiders Eagles 1981 12.43
Russell Wilson Seahawks Patriots 2015 11.76
Doug Williams Redskins Broncos 1988 11.72
John Elway Broncos Falcons 1999 11.59
Terry Bradshaw Steelers Cowboys 1976 11.00
Bart Starr Packers Chiefs 1976 10.87
Colin Kapernick 49ers Ravens 2013 10.79
Phil Simms Giants Broncos 1087 10.72


Quarterback Team Opponent Year Rating
Phil Simms Giants Broncos 1987 150.9
Joe Montana 49ers Broncos 1990 147.6
Jim Plunkett Raiders Eagles 1981 145.0
Troy Aikman Cowboys Bills 1993 140.7
Steve Young 49ers Chargers 1995 134.8
Doug Williams Redskins Broncos 1988 127.9
Joe Montana 49ers Dolphins 1985 127.2
Joe Flacco Ravens 49ers 2013 124.2
Russell Wilson Seahawks Broncos 2014 123.1
Terry Bradshaw Steelers Cowboys 1976 122.5
Terry Bradshaw Steelers Cowboys 1979 119.2
Bart Starr Packers Chiefs 1967 116.2

And then there's McGee.

Most know the story about how he was rarely used in the 1966 season (4 receptions after just 10 catches in 1965) and didn't expect to play in the Super Bowl (and had a fun night out before the game), but thanks to an injury to Bowd Dower on just the second play, the 34-year-old was front and center.

McGee not only scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl history, but he also caught six more passes for a total of 138 yards (and added another TD on top of that).

The receiving yards mark wasn't broken for another 10 years and even in this pass-happy era, McGee is still 12th on the all-time Super Bowl list.


Player Team Opponent Year Rec. Yards
Jerry Rice 49ers Bengals 1989 215
Ricky Sanders Redskins Broncos 1988 193
Isaac Bruce Rams Titans 2000 162
Lynn Swann Steelers Cowboys 1976 161
Andre Reed Bills Cowboys 1993 152
Rod Smith Broncos Falcons 1999 152
Jerry Rice 49ers Chargers 1995 149
Jerry Rice 49ers Broncos 1990 148
Deion Branch Patriots Panthers 2004 143
Jordy Nelson Packers Steelers 2011 140
Muhsin Muhammad Panthers Patriots 2004 140
Max McGee Packers Chiefs 1967 138

Not a bad legacy for the first Super Bowl champions.

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