It's a good thing the grounds crews at Levi's Stadium has two weeks to get it ready for Super Bowl 50.

A painting snafu seemed to happen on Thursday in Santa Clara when the wrong end zone was painted with the Broncos color and logo.

You can see here that the Broncos end zone is being painted, while the other end zone had mistakenly already been done for them and erased.

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How come all the end zone pictures are just the Broncos for #SB50? Because someone painted the wrong end zone.

— Samuel Lam (@SamuelYLam) January 27, 2016

See the faint remains of 'BRONCOS' in the end zone? Grounds crew painted the logo on the wrong side. #SuperBowl50

— James Martin (@Jamesco) January 26, 2016

It looks like they got it right at the end of the day, and all it cost them was some extra cans of paint.