Pats' Matthew Slater: 'It's ridiculous' to blame Gostkowski for loss

New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski is undoubtedly taking a lot of heat for his missed extra point attempt against the Denver Broncos on Sunday. It played a pivotal role in the game as the Patriots failed a two-point conversion in the final seconds, hoping to tie the game at 20.

While the missed kick was obviously a big play in the game, it wasn't the only one that doomed the Patriots. Bill Belichick doesn't believe that, and neither does special teams ace Matthew Slater.


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"This football team wouldn't be where it is or what it is without Stephen," Slater said Monday. "You guys have seen his body of work, not only this year, but throughout his career. So, for anyone to say that Stephen is the reason that we lost that game, it's ridiculous.

"We back Stephen fully. I still personally feel like he's the best kicker in our league. Those things happen. It's football. It's not a perfect game."

Gostkowski had mades 523 consecutive extra point attempts before Sunday's miss, which makes the errant kick even more surprising. He's arguably the best kicker in the league right now, but even the best miss at times.

Had it not been for Gostkowski, the Patriots wouldn't have won as many games as they did this season. He made 33-of-36 field goal attempts on the year, proving his excellence.