Shoe Station, an Alabama-based retailer is extremely confident the Crimson Tide are set to end Clemson's unbeaten season and win the 2015 title. Just how confident are they? They have placed an order for 3,000 championship shirts that will become worthless if Alabama loses to the Tigers.

According to, Shoe Station's plan is all about staying ahead of the curve and allowing Alabama fans the opportunity to purchase memorabilia as soon as the results of the game are finalized.

"We love sports and appreciate the hard work of all teams, but we stock our merchandise based on consumer demand," said Shoe Station Executive Vice President Brent Barkin. "Since we are an Alabama-based company, much of that demand is for merchandise for U.A. This year, if Bama wins, 12 of our 19 stores will extend their hours to sell these limited-edition T-shirts."

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Considering Clemson is the top ranked team in the nation and has been playing up the disrespect card all season long, this seems like it has the potential to only add more fuel to the Tigers fire.