Next Busch family member gearing up to race

While the Busch brothers have earned a pair of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championships, Kyle's young son Brexton appears to be next in line to carry the family name into the racing business.

Over the Christmas holiday, Brexton took his first go-kart ride with his grandfather. The ride took place on the same go-kart Kyle learned to race on as a child. The racing continued this weekend, as Brexton's Sprint Cup champion father took him around on the vintage kart.

And so it begins! My Dad giving Brexton his first go-cart ride on the same one I learned on. Merry Christmas!

— Kyle Busch (@KyleBusch) December 25, 2015

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Love my boys and the fact they both must think the floods r coming with their highwaters ☺️

— Samantha Busch (@SamanthaBusch) January 2, 2016