Many people forget that there was a time not too long ago when Brandon Rush was a solid role player for the Golden State Warriors with considerable 3-and-D potential.

While the defending champs have a nearly flawless roster, there is one concern: Their lack of shooting off the bench.

Rush, in theory, can fill that void. He's a career 40.1 percent shooter from deep, and his size (6'6) and athleticism make him more than "just" a spot-up shooter.

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The Dubs are currently enduring a three-man battle between Chris Babb, Ian Clark and Jarrell Eddie to take up one of the team's final two roster spots, and it's as if Rush doesn't exist.

Rush felt the same way about the 2014-15 champion season. Though he is now a champion, Rush felt like he didn't contribute much in what he considers the worst season of his career.

"It was a bad year for me, an awful year," Rush told "It was one of the worst years I've ever had, individually.

"I enjoyed the ride. But I wanted to be a part of it. Honestly, the trophy . . . I didn't have a part in that. I'm still part of the team, but it doesn't feel the same for me."

Rush lost his shooting stroke -- he made 20.4 percent of his shots and converted only 11.1 percent from downtown -- and played a total of 271 minutes, logging 44 DNP-CDs (Did Not Play - Coach's Decision). The team success notwithstanding, it was a nightmare on a personal level.

So this offseason, Rush played in a bunch of pickup games in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and began to regain his confidence and rhythm. He wants to prove to people he can still be a valuable bench player and that his best days are not behind them.

"I want to get out there bad," Rush said. "This was one of the best summers I've ever had. I was just putting in work, getting my legs stronger. I'm ready to be the old B-Rush."

(h/t CSN Bay Area)