A few days after taking a playful jab at one of his harshest critics, Johnny Manziel let his play do the talking.

Manziel had a pair of deep touchdown passes to Travis Benjamin on Sunday, leading the Browns to a 28-14 victory over Tennessee and earning a virtual tip of the cap from ESPN analyst Merril Hoge.

Hoge was responding to a tweet from Manziel's agent, who sent a virtual wink and nod Hoge's way after the game. Hoge has had very few good things to say about Manziel's game in his brief NFL career, but that may change after he looks at the film of Manziel's first career victory as starter.

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The Twitter fun stems from Manziel's joke about Hoge's rather large tie knots on Friday when he was asked to address Hoge's latest round of criticism.

h/t: Fansided