You probably already knew that UFC champion, best-selling book author and rising Hollywood leading lady Ronda Rousey is getting pretty famous. But, did you know that the Rowdy one is Name-a-Baby-Safari-Llama-After-Her, famous?

She is.

According to a report from ace reporter out of Brazil, Guilherme Cruz, Portobello Resort and Safari in Mangaratiba, Brazil, held a contest to allow guests to choose the name of a soon-arriving baby llama. The guests chose Ronda's name.

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"Usually when an animal is born at the Portobello safari, an animal which has a slightly longer gestation, we select the two most talked names in that period as a tribute," a Portobello official told Cruz.

"In this case, Ronda was the name chosen by guests."

Ronda's name was chosen over 'Angel,' the name of a reportedly popular soap opera star in the country. It would appear that, just over a month after she defended her title and set UFC pay-per-view records in Brazil at UFC 190, the judoka continues to grow in popularity in the South American super power.

Can Rousey do any wrong in the eyes of her Brazilian fans? She shows up, knocks out their home-town hero, but still gets cheered, and has exotic baby animals named after her.

We guess nasty stopping power and a generous heart can get you a long way, in Brazil.