Damian Lillard's first job in this world is to play professional basketball for the Portland Trail Blazers. And he's really good at it! But if for whatever reason things change and he's forced to do something else, it's safe to say Lillard knows exactly where he wants to sink his teeth.

The two-time All-Star point guard has released a handful of rap songs over the past few months, and none of them are terrible. Lillard says he has way more where those came from, and is interested in releasing an entire album before the regular season starts.

Here's what he told Basketball Insiders:

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"Well, I plan on putting out a short album. I want to do it way before the season is even creeping up on us; I want to get something done early. But it's already done. If I do put something out, it's not something that I need to do now, it's already done. I recorded a lot stuff."

That's good news for everyone who listened to his previous stuff (recorded under the nickname "Dame DOLLA") and enjoyed what they heard. Links to those tracks can be found here.

(h/t: The Oregonian)