Sanchez does 'Starbucks Drake Hands'

Now that he's not busy yelling at Jets GM John Idzik and having season-ending shoulder surgery , Mark Sanchez seems to have some time on his hands.

And he's turned into a bit of a troll.

Sanchez, no stranger to getting made fun of for posting silly videos on the Internet , turned the tables on the creepy Starbucks guy whose attempt to woo a girl whose number he picked up turned into an Internet meme bonanza.

In case you've been under a rock, here's video of the man now dubbed "Starbucks Drake Hands" guy:

Well, in addition to being Exhibit A as to why you shouldn't send selfies to people who just gave you their number, this guy got roasted on the Internet by a lot of people. You can add Sanchez to the list.

Well, then. We're not sure there's too much to add after that brilliant number. At least we can confirm Rex Ryan's report that "Sanchez is not dead. "

Of course, Sanchez can post as many videos as he wants, he'll always be best remembered for this: