Rutgers president says he didn't sign off on hefty severance for fired basketball coach

Rutgers President Robert Barchi tells a New Jersey Assembly budget panel he hasn't signed a settlement agreement with the university's recently fired basketball coach.

Barchi also says he hasn't finalized severance packages for the school's athletic director and university lawyer, both of whom resigned during the coaching scandal.

Their payouts are reported to be worth between $420,000 and $1.2 million.

Barchi says he believes former Coach Mike Rice isn't entitled to a severance.

Rice was fired after a video of him throwing basketballs at players and uttering gay slurs was shown on ESPN.

Barchi says the only perk Rice left with is the right to purchase the same football tickets that he's held for 30 years.

Barchi is testifying before the budget committee, which is reviewing higher education spending.