Boxing World Champion Sid Perez Found Dead



A world champion boxer who had been missing for months was found and reportedly died. No details were provided on the cause of his death.

The World Boxing Council told the Associated Press yesterday that former flyweight boxing champion Isidro "Sid" Perez had been missing but his whereabouts are now known. Perez's sister, Reyna Perez Jiménez, said she found him at the Forensic Medical Service in Mexico City, the WBC said in a statement.

A statement Wednesday from the Mexico City-based boxing group said that Perez had not been heard from since September and he had not cashed a pension check since then.

At the time, the council called the situation "very worrisome," but does not say whether a missing-person report or criminal complaint had been filed in the case.

Late Wednesday, the WBC confirmed on its website Perez had died. 

“We were informed that former flyweight world champion, Mexican Isidro Perez, passed away,” the site said. 

The Mexican citizen held the flyweight crown between 1990 and 1992. His record at retirement was 57-9-3.

The WBC has declared a day of mourning  to honor the fallen champion.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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