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  • Ed Rollins

    Ed Rollins

    Fox News political analyst

    I'm watching the background of CPAC. Are Republicans going to do the right thing and get this homeland security thing completed? If they basically attempt to shut the gov't down or have too much rhetoric about it, it's going to backfire on them.

  • Judith Miller

    Judith Miller

    Fox News contributor

    I'm watching the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics Center and how long it takes them to do something about Dr. Wei-Hock Soon, who received over $1.2M to testify there was no such thing as climate change, which he failed to disclose in many papers.

  • Jamie Weinstein

    Jamie Weinstein

    Senior editor, The Daily Caller

    I'll be watching CPAC and many of the presidential contenders kind of test out their stump speeches. Specifically, Jeb Bush will be taking questions from the audience. It will be interesting to see how he interacts with the conservative crowd.

  • Maria Bartiromo

    Maria Bartiromo

    I'm watching Janet Yellen, who has her semiannual talk to Congress this upcoming week. GDP, consumer confidence, a lot happening. JPMorgan Investor Day as well.

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