Futures Forecast

  • Edward Rollins

    Edward Rollins

    Fox News political analyst

    8/28: Hillary's raising a ton of money this week. Trump basically has to go to a second commercial and hopefully, it'll be about the economy or something basically punish ordinary people

  • Jessica Tarlov

    Jessica Tarlov

    8/28: I'm looking to see more about this minority outreach Trump has been doing. We saw the horrific tweet about Dwayne Wade, the tragic passing of his cousin where Trump brought that around so that he's going to win the African-American vote

  • Alfonse D'Amato

    Alfonse D'Amato

    8/28: If WikiLeaks dropped some or all of the 30,000 emails that Hillary and her lawyers destroyed, that could be the atomic bomb that really, really is devastating to Hillary's campaign

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