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TRUMP’S RUSSIA WALKBACK: The media are slamming the
president now that he has walked back his Helsinki comments, with many pundits saying they don’t buy the explanation that he simply misspoke. This reversal came after harsh backlash from the press- with commentators on both the right and left largely condemning the president for siding with Vladimir Putin over the U.S. intelligence community. Still, some of Trump’s most loyal supporters are defending the president, saying that when it comes to Russia, the press put him in a no-win situation from the start.

CHRIS WALLACE’S PUTIN INTERVIEW: Fox’s Chris Wallace scored an exclusive interview Vladimir Putin after his meeting with Donald Trump. He hit the Russian president with several tough questions during the often contentious sit down, asking why so many Russian opposition leaders get hurt or killed, whether Putin has compromising information on Trump and confronting the leader with a copy of the indictment of 12 Russian agents.

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