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COHEN’S NEXT MOVE: A media frenzy, as pundits once again clamor to predict whether Michael Cohen will turn on the president. This latest wave of speculation follows a bombshell New York Times report which revealed that Trump’s former “fixer” secretly recorded the president discussing hush money payments to Karen McDougal. Still, Rudy Giuliani is brushing off the media pile on, saying that no payment was actually made.  

TRUMP’S RUSSIA WALKBACK: The media are slamming the president now that he has walked back his Helsinki comments, with many pundits saying they don’t buy the explanation that he simply misspoke. This reversal came after harsh backlash from the press- with commentators on both the right and left largely condemning the president for siding with Vladimir Putin over the U.S. intelligence community. Still, some of Trump’s most loyal supporters are defending the president, saying that when it comes to Russia, the press put him in a no-win situation from the start.

ZUCKERBERG FACES NEW CRITICSM: The media are piling on Mark Zuckerberg, calling the Facebook chief irresponsible for telling a Recode reporter that he will not block Holocaust deniers from the site. This newest wave of criticism comes as the CEO faces existing backlash from newsmakers who say Facebook has been too accommodating of fake news and conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, lawmakers are lobbing critiques of their own, saying the platform’s filtering systems show an anti-conservative bias. 

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