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Emily Jashinsky said the media should give Christine Ford's accusations against Brett Kavanaugh a fair hearing without presuming he's guilty.

Capri Cafaro said different outlets are latching onto different parts of the story depending on their bias.

Sara Fischer said Kavanaugh friend Ed Whelan's conspiracy theory naming another classmate as the attacker because fringe sites that picked it up are unlikely to walk it back as he has.

Susan Ferrechio said some are trying to merge the #MeToo movement with Kavanaugh's guilt or innocence because they don't want him on the Supreme Court.

Mara Liasson said these separate strands are being conflated and must be covered separately.

Katrina Pierson said Rod Rosenstein should be fired after the New York Times report saying he plotted against President Trump and that not all the paper's staffers are pushing out fake news.

And Shana Glenzer said it was "absurd and dangerous" for some Google executives to plan to tamper with online searches to oppose a Trump policy but that in the end nothing happened.

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