Taxpayer Calculator -- The Votes Are In

All week long, FoxNews.com has been shrinking down the trillions of dollars America spends into numbers that make sense -- providing you with a way to look at your personal share of the nation's tax burden.

Stimulus Calculator | TARP Calculator | Earmark Calculator

The stimulus package cost $862 billion — an incomprehensibly large figure. So we broke it down with our Taxpayer Calculator and showed you the individual price tag — exactly how many of your own tax dollars went to cover the stimulus and other costly government initiatives, based on your current salary.

We also asked readers to vote on which programs they liked and were willing to fund. And now the verdict's in: By an overwhelming margin, you said you don't like how your tax money is being spent.

Some 93 percent of readers who voted said they opposed paying for the stimulus. Even less popular was the $109 billion TARP program: 94 percent opposed that. Costly and frivolous earmarks were the least popular item, according to our informal polls: 95 percent opposed funding the $890 million in earmarks created by the "Kings of Pork," Sens. Thad Cochran and Daniel Inouye.

Cap-And-Trade Calculator

The government's budget-busting climate-change legislation, the $821 billion cap-and-trade bill, was also opposed by 95 percent of readers who voted. That bill has passed the House and is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

NASA Constellation Calculator

But not every government program got the thumbs down; some were judged extremely useful. Seventy-five percent said they support funding NASA's $3.5 billion Constellation program, which will send astronauts back into space.

"NASA's budget is less than one percent of the federal budget," a user called DM wrote. "The return on that investment is immeasurable in the form of spin-off technologies, earth science, space science, communications, medical breakthroughs, specialized jobs, etc."

A user named Al concurred: "I would gladly pay more for NASA to do what it does. NASA is a force of nature on the educational pipeline of America. If we abandon the manned space program, the United States loses an edge it took 50 years and thousands of brilliant minds to gain."

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An extension on unemployment benefits that have cost the government $61 billion since President Obama took office was strongly rejected: 72 percent gave it the thumbs down. (A new $100 billion jobs creation package fared even worse: 92 percent opposed the bill.)

C-17 Calculator

For readers, there was only one very close call: the $2.5 billion purchase of 10 C-17 transport planes that the Pentagon neither wants nor needs. Forty-nine percent opposed the purchase, which was demanded by Congress.