Robert Massi

Robert Massi

Robert Massi joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in 1996 and currently serves as a legal analyst as well as host of Bob Massi is the Property Man, part of FNC's weekend lineup (Saturday, 12 p.m. ET / encore Sunday, 3 p.m. ET). The program highlights the various facets of the housing industry and features experts who break down current property trends and pricing deals. Massi appears weekly on Fox & Friends for his segments "Rebuilding Dreams" and "Legal Ease" along with appearing at other times on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network (FBN) for real estate and legal segments.

As a television personality, author, radio host and public speaker, Massi combines more than 30 years of courtroom experience with over 20 years as an on-camera legal analyst. He has built a reputation for being informative, charismatic and passionate about issues and rights. Over the years, Massi has provided analysis and reported on numerous high-profile trials including the Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, the Unabomber, OJ Simpson, Robert Blake, Warren Jeffs and Casey Anthony cases.

Massi runs his own law firm, Robert A. Massi & Associates, in Nevada, where he has been practicing civil litigation since 1980. He hosts the weekly "Inside the Law" segment on KVVU-TV (FOX) in Las Vegas, and began his television career at KLAS-TV (CBS) in Las Vegas in 1985. He is also the author of "People Get Screwed All the Time: Protecting Yourself from Scams, Fraud, Identity Theft, Fine Print and More."

Massi graduated from Mount Saint Mary's College and St. Mary's University School of Law.

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