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  • Feb 16, 2017

    Smart eyeglasses bring sight to visually impaired

    Over the years new technologies and tools have helped some of the 23 million Americans living with vision loss. ESight’s smart glasses claim to enable people with macular degeneration, optic atrophy and Stargardt's disease to see and work

  • Feb 14, 2017

    2 Simple tricks for a sexier Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day tends to mean a lot of roses, chocolates and of course— sex. Fox News’ Dr. Manny sat down with Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a relationship expert on FYI’s "Married at First Sight" to talk about some of her insights and advice to help couples get the spark back in their relationship

  • Feb 01, 2017

    How floating naked may offer relief from pain, stress

    Could floating naked for an hour in a bath full of Epsom salt offer serenity? Floating, one of the latest alternative medicine trends is all about sensory deprivation and it may be the answer some people are looking for to ease stress and aches