Republican victories in 2018 midterms are a sure bet if they play to win -- like Trump did

Heading into the 2018 midterm elections we have seen President Trump give Republicans all they need to win. In two years – while fighting off the fake news, paid protesters, and a wild goose chase “investigation” – Donald Trump signed into law the largest tax cut in American history, orchestrated peace between North and South Korea, and border crossings are at a forty-year low.

I could write several paragraphs on what we’ve witnessed under the Trump administration that should help the GOP win in November. But what is also helpful is there are key senate races in states that Trump won with authority: Montana, West Virginia, Ohio, the list goes on for key races we will be seeing this cycle.

But what the Republicans need to remember this year is one thing: traditional politics and strategies are totally meaningless in 2018.

Republicans need to play to win like Trump did. Despite what traditional polling places and the media says, a majority of Americans support Donald Trump. A very silent majority. And the Hollywood and D.C. elites are scrambling to figure out who these people are and figure out how to get them in line.

They are the coal miner from West Virginia who is fed up with career politicians who are bragging about their vision of shutting down every coal mine. They’re the worker in the rust belt of Ohio who used to belong to a union and work in a steel mill before their factory got shut down and moved to China. They’re the farmers in Montana who don’t want their tax money to go to abortions on demand.

This silent majority are the Americans who love God, their family, and our amazing country. They don’t want their morals, their job, or their lifestyle threatened by the government or any candidates.

This silent majority are the Americans who love God, their family, and our amazing country. They don’t want their morals, their job, or their lifestyle threatened by the government or any candidates.

There is more than just this silent majority today. Candace Owens has caused a tectonic shift in the political landscape. She has spent the last several months working seven-day weeks to wake up the black community – and it is working. On April 21, hip hop superstar and pop culture icon Kanye West tweeted “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.” Shortly afterwards, he tweeted himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Most celebrities back down and apologize after showing their support for the president. Instead of doing that Kanye has doubled down with his support of Trump and has met with Owens, all while the far left and the Democratic party is losing its mind. Why? Because they depend on the black vote to win any elections. The second a black celebrity such as Chance the Rapper tweets “Black people don’t need to be democrats” that’s a death spell for their hopes at elections.

Thanks to Candace, Kanye, and the fact that black unemployment is at an all-time low under President Trump, in the past week alone Trump’s approval rating among black men has doubled.

Here is what Republican candidates need to remember during the 2018 midterm:

Americans want jobs, and hard-working families that have been left helpless in the past decade due to awful trade agreements know that Donald Trump was right when he said we’ve been losing to China.

Americans want law and order followed in this country – they don’t want gangs and drugs crossing over the southern border. They want a candidate who makes a campaign promise to keep it – we need a wall.

Finally, Americans want a Congress that is going to do what its says it will do and that will work with and support the president. They are not, for example, content with a “skinny repeal” of ObamaCare, whatever that even is.

Republicans cannot afford to play to lose this election cycle. The future of this country depends on it. They need to take advantage of the achievements President Trump has handed them and take hold of the opportunity to win these key seats. 

Charlie Kirk is the founder and executive director of Turning Point USA, an advocacy group for young conservatives.