Daniel Henninger: Trump the Opera

John Roberts reports from Jacksonville, Florida


Political endorsements are a dime a dozen. Instead, we will give Donald J. Trump the grandest tribute to his unique presidential campaign—the world premiere of “Trump the Opera.”


Trump: Donald Trump

Crooked Hillary: Hillary Clinton

Lyin’ Ted: Ted Cruz

Little Marco: Marco Rubio

Low Energy Jeb: Jeb Bush

The Director: James Comey

Huma the Maidservant: Huma Abedin

Carlos Danger: Anthony Weiner

The Trump Clan: Ivanka, Melania, Donald Jr., Eric

The Clinton Cronies: John Podesta, Cheryl Mills, Terry McAuliffe

Spear Carriers: Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Billy Bush, Corey Lewandowski, Miss Universe 1996

The Mainstream Media Chorus

My Husband: Bill Clinton (Mr. Clinton’s performance is made possible by a special gift from the Opera Society of Kazakhstan.)

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