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Federal judge bans school's live Nativity show

Federal Judge Jon DeGuilo has issued an injunction banning an Indiana high school from performing a live nativty scene during their Christmas Spectacular


A federal judge has banished the Baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men from an Indiana high school’s Christmas musical.

U.S. District Court Judge Jon DeGuilio, appointed to the bench by President Obama, issued an injunction against Concord Community Schools on Dec. 2.

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The court order forbids students from presenting a live Nativity scene during the Concord High School’s Christmas Spectacular. The judge said that portion of the show is overtly religious in nature.

The kids in Elkhart have been staging a Christmas Spectacular since 1970. The show is modeled after the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.

“The living nativity scene impermissibly conveys an endorsement of religion and thus runs afoul of the Establishment Clause,” the judge wrote in his ruling.

There’s a reason the Living Nativity is “overtly religious,” your Honor. It’s because Christmas is about the birth of Jesus.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU of Indiana had filed a lawsuit on behalf of a family whose child is in the production. 

The FFRF and the ACLU are anti-Christian bullies -- vicious rabble rousers -- on a crusade to eradicate Christianity from the public marketplace. They will stop at nothing to silence followers of Christ. 

“Holiday celebrations that proselytize students are inappropriate in public schools,” ACLU attorney Heather Weaver said in a prepared statement.

The unnamed father and his child were offended by the inclusion of the nativity as well as Bible readings.

Weaver said the ruling “makes clear and ensures that all students and families, regardless of faith or belief, will feel welcome at Concord High’s winter concert.”

The school had already tried to accommodate the disgruntled father and child by removing the Bible readings – but apparently that wasn’t good enough.

They alleged in court papers that the inclusion of the nativity sent a message “that Christians are favored by the school while non-Christians such as themselves are outsiders.”

Judge DeGuilio determined the live nativity “conveys solemnity and reverence, as if the audience is being asked to venerate the nativity, not simply acknowledge or appreciate its place in the winter holiday season.”

The kids in Elkhart have been staging a Christmas Spectacular since 1970. The show is modeled after the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.

And until last August – there were absolutely no problems.

Supt. John Trout issued a statement saying they are “disappointed” but will comply with the judge’s anti-Christian order.

Once again a public school system is under attack from an activist judge doing the bidding of a bunch of godless bullies.

The school district needs to stand up for religious liberty and disobey Judge DeGuilio's unconstitutional ruling.

I mean what is he going to do -- throw Mary and Joseph in jail?

Then again, anything is possible in today's fundamentally transformed God less America.

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