Justice From Justice -- What a Concept!

Judge G. Emmet Sullivan deserves the Profiles in Courage award for ordering the investigation of several prosecutors in the Senator Ted Stevens case. The Eric Holder administered Justice Department should get the runner-up award. Holder just announced that he's tapped Mary Brown to run the Office of Professional Responsibility. He's cleaning up eight years of mess. It takes guts to do what they did. Attorney General Holder's Department found notes that should have been given to Senator Steven's defense team. This is a department that was appointed by a Democratic administration which found notes that could have shown Senator Stevens to be innocent. Wow. Justice!! Imagine the thought.

It is time to clean up the system and not reward improper behavior from prosecutors who want win cases by cheating.

Then there was government overreach by the infamous Kenneth Starr with Susan McDougall. These folks put her in leg irons to do the perp walk so she would spill the beans on President Clinton.

And how about the mental torture they put my friend former Assistant Attorney General Webb Hubbell through by moving him from prison to prison when they found out he might have an important visitor? With the resources and the Federal government's "catch the big fish mentality" it is almost impossible to fight a criminal case and win in Federal Court.

Judge Sullivan stated on the Stevens case that "In 25 years on the bench, I have never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I have seen on this case". Maybe it is getting worse than in the Ken Starr 90's, let's hope not. It is time to clean up the system and not reward improper behavior from prosecutors who want win cases by cheating.

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