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Eric Holder

Eric Holder vs. Rahm Emanuel?

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on report of White House battle over terror trial location

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  1. Outrage Over Obama's New Appointee

    President's recess appointment for deputy attorney general draws fire

  2. Radical Islam or Islamophobia: Which Is on the Rise?

    Lawmakers clash over dealing with domestic terrorism

  3. Will California Voters Legalize Marijuana?

    Ballot initiative faces vote in November

  4. Beck: America at a Crossroads

    Time to chart our course

  5. What Will Happen to Qaddafi?

    Coalition amps up attacks; what's next in Libya?

  6. President Rings in the New Year

    Obama mulls over unpleasant options in 2011

  7. Blowback from Recess Appointment

    All-Star panel on firestorm over James Cole

  8. The People's Choice

    New Year's edition of the Friday Lightning Round

  9. Honoring Martin Luther King's Legacy

    America marks 25th federal observance of civil rights leader's birthday

  10. Sharpton Speaks Out Against Radicalization Hearings Part 2

    Reverend argues Muslims are being targeted based on religion

  11. Power Play with Chris Stirewalt Digital Politics Editor on the latest edition of the Power Play blog

  12. School Sued for Denying Religious Pilgrimage

    DOJ files suit against Illinois school for not letting a teacher off for trip to Mecca

  1. Eric Holder To Fight Against Marijuana

    Attorney General to enforce federal marijuana laws if Prop 19 is passed in California

  2. Eric Holder Slams Arizona Law

    Attorney general blasts immigration law he hasn't read

  3. What's the Rush?

    Why are Democrats blocking GOP efforts to subpoena testimony for attorney general-designate Eric Holder ?

  4. Reps. Issa, Upton on 'FNS'

    Key Republican lawmakers talk oversight, Eric Holder

  5. Caller of the Day!

    Greg from NJ on Eric Holder !

  6. News Conference on Major Mob Bust

    Holder: 127 charged in 16 indictments; charges include murder, money laundering

  7. Obama Administration Won't Enforce Defense of Marriage Act

    Justice Department calls ban on gay marriage unconstitutional

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