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Justice Department

Department of Justice Playing Politics?

Is DOJ helping states ignore The Move Act?

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  1. Arizona and DOJ Headed for Supreme Court Showdown?

    Former top Department of Justice official on where SB 1070 challenge may take federal and state government

  2. Illinois Probed Over Absentee Ballots

    Justice Department investigating whether state sent ballots to troops on time

  3. Bombshell in New Black Panther Case

    Were top DOJ officials lying in voter intimidation case?

  4. DOJ Forces Dayton Police Dept to Lower Test Standards

    NAACP Advocacy and Policy VP Hilary Shelton on DOJ's decision on test scores

  5. Teacher Denied Time Off for Mecca Pilgrimage

    Doug McKelway looks at religious liberty in the workplace

  6. Voter Fraud Allegations Running Rampant

    What is the Justice Department doing to keep the system in check?

  7. Is Military Voting Act Working?

    Because You Asked: Current status of military absentee ballots

  8. DOJ Forces Dayton Police to Lower Standards

    Ohio city police department told to change recruit testing to increase diversity

  9. Administration Transparency Under Fire

    Rep. Darrell Issa leads investigation into botched border ops

  10. Alaska Refuses to Enact Health Care Law

    Gov. Sean Parnell says he won't implement law because it was ruled unconstitutional

  11. Controversy Continues on Arizona Immigration Law

    11 nations want to weigh in on SB 1070

  12. Friends in High Places?

    Wall Street Journal reports lawyers supervising voter fraud investigation are Obama donors

  1. Justice Department Joins Lawsuit Over Pilgrimage

    Teacher sues school district for denying 3-week vacation

  2. DOJ Investigates Military Ballot Case in Illinois

    State of Illinois missed deadline for troops to vote, Justice Department wants answers

  3. Michael Mukasey Rates DOJ's Discrimination Claim

    Justice Department sues on behalf of Muslim teacher

  4. Did Illinois Miss the Deadline?

    One county admits to missing military ballot deadline, Justice Department wants answers

  5. Obama Administration Won't Enforce Defense of Marriage Act

    Justice Department calls ban on gay marriage unconstitutional

  6. Impartial Guardians?

    Can the Justice Department make sure we get a fair and free election?

  7. Party in the DOJ?

    Senator Tom Coburn pens report on wasteful spending and frivolous parties at Department of Justice

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