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Ted Stevens

Ex-Sen . Ted Stevens Killed in Plane Crash

Former Alaska lawmaker one of five dead after single-engine plane went down southwest of Anchorage

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  1. Politics as Usual?

    Barack Obama promises 'change,' but is he the reformer he claims to be?

  2. Pet Projects

    Amid bailout crisis, lawmakers ask for $6.6 billion in earmarks

  3. Dennis DeConcini Remembers Ted Stevens

    Former Arizona senator saddened at news of former colleague's death

  4. 'Greatest Admiration and Love for Ted Stevens'

    Former Senate colleague Trent Lott responds to reports of Alaska plane crash

  5. Ted Stevens' Mistrial?

    Government's prosecution of the Alaska senator may be in jeopardy

  6. Ted Stevens Dies in Plane Crash

    Update on plane crash in Alaska

  7. Sarah Palin Offers Insight on Alaska Plane Crash

    Former governor describes adverse conditions in area where plane reportedly carrying ex- Senator Ted Stevens went down

  8. Corruption Charges

    Alaska Senator Ted Stevens pleads not guilty at arraignment to charges of lying about gifts he received

  9. FOX Week In Review 8/1/08

    Iraq progress, bombings in Iraq and Turkey, Karadzic on trial, senator arraigned, plane accidents, CA quake and fires, exercise pill, solar eclipse, Mars mission

  10. On the Campaign Trail: Scott McAdams

    Democratic Senate hopeful makes pitch to Alaska voters, discusses chances of victory in November

  11. Democrat Deluge?

    Democratic Party is banking on a big win in the Senate

  12. 'Dangerous Threesome'

    McCain makes prospect of Democratic supermajority part of his final case for the White House

  1. Former NASA Head Survives Plane Crash

    Sean O'Keefe makes it through deadly Alaska accident that claimed life of former Sen . Ted Stevens

  2. NTSB Begins Investigation Into Alaska Plane Crash

    Investigators comb wreckage of plane crash that killed former Senator Ted Stevens

  3. Look Back at Life of Ted Stevens

    Late senator's influence on state of Alaska and American politics

  4. Sarah Palin Remembers Ted Stevens

    Former governor pays tribute to longtime Alaska senator killed in plane crash

  5. Alaska Mourns Death of Former Sen . Ted Stevens

    Governor Sean Parnell holds press conference on plane crash that claimed the life of former Republican senator

  6. Rescue Crews on Scene of Small Plane Crash

    Sources: Former Alaska Sen . Ted Stevens on plane that crashed

  7. Just Saying No

    Senator Tom Coburn has become a one-man gridlock machine in Washington by standing up to the big spenders

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